Oh my god, I almost lost my shit
[intro music]
Whats up you guys my name is Ryan Thomas Woods
And today I’m here with my good friend Alyssa
And today we’re going to be doing Innuendo Bingo!
innuendo bingo
I don’t speak words
so basically if you don’t know what Innuendo Bingo is
its listening to audio clips
with water in your mouth
and the first to laugh, spews water into each others faces
we tried to find some Christmas clips that were really funny and sexual OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT
but, like, christmas… there’s no sexual clips
so we just decided to take some of our friends who are on youtube
and take their videos and roll with it
are you ready?
Are you ready for this Alyssa?
We’re going to put into the diaper
melt it in the microwave
and the other person has to eat it out of the diaper
and it’s suppose to look like shit
so you’re essentially eating shit from the diaper
wouldn’t be the first time!
he said it wouldn’t be the first time he ate shit
I can’t even see, its in my eyes
I got myself wet
1 point for me
1 point for gryffindor
It wasn’t even funny
i wasn’t laughing at you
I was laughing at the little squirt of water out of your mouth
It’s so thick
it’s so thick
It’s so big I can’t even
wait a minute
[sexual noises]
I can’t get in there any further
but I’m going in hard
How are you –
I’m like choking on my water
I was too
You keep getting it on yourself
God damnit!
I suck at this
I don’t like big dicks
and I’mma tell you guys the truth, its the confessions of Monik Anderson
And i’m about to go as deep as possible as i can go with this video
Now imma tell ya’ll I don’t like big dicks
[high school musical song plays]
We’re all in this together once we know…
Go nuts with a big ass dick. causing problems i dont need dick in my back after sex
that a problem, for me
I feel the most prittiest right now
Ya bitch!
Oh yes
Oh i popped the top of my pumpkin
eww what does it smell like?
That smells like your booty call
oh my god
oh my god
oh god
oh thats disgusting
Not on my carpet Soyer
That gets me every time
im running out of water
Dont speak unless your spoken too
What are you talking about? my boyfriend smells my pants all the time.
[Laughing] That smells so bad!
Dont put your hand there!!
Dont put your hand there
Well i’m not out of water, you are
ok and i think alissa won this challenge
so ya if you enjoyed this video
make sure you give it a big thumbs up!
as it really helps a bish out so help a bish out!
and make sure you leave a comment down below not only who one but who looks the most prettiest
soaking wet.
i think my nipples are showing.
so im just saying i might win this
we fillmed a video on Alyssa’s channel where we did the whisper challenge.
and it was allot of fun!
it was hilarious so make sure you go click on face, ill leave a link down below aswell
and go send her some love
subscribe, like, comment, all that fun stuff
also if you like this challenge make sure you come back in another two days for another christmas collab challenge or video
whatever it is , its going to be funny so make sure you come back
so ya thanks for watching and ill see you on my next video BYE!

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