WORLDS Most Expensive 2 STORY Box Fort Hotel (24 Hour Challenge)

this place is super luxurious though huh
welcome to the box fort hotel whoa this
is insane guys look at this diamond
portrait of myself
it’s time for me to enjoy a nice dinner
at this marvellous hotel that I paid so
much money for not wait to see what the
chefs have cooked up for me wait up I
demand my dinner now please
chop-chop so sorry for the wait my sir
your banana ellicott yummy enjoy I spent
$800 on this so it should taste amazing
time to eat
exquisite fun job to the chef that’s off
to him and then me a little give your
filling right and then we had all this
slime and went all over the box
okay well the hole I got I got over my
once I get and what can I get you sir do
you do you have anything like chicken
nuggets I didn’t see anything on the
menu which is one week’s meal classic
chicken nuggets and fries kind of talk
is that it’s just a fancy hotel what
type of hotel do you think this is what
do you mean what’s wrong chicken nuggets
and fries chicken nuggets word I I feel
faint I must go back to my room I’m
going to have to ask you to leave mr.
retinol please don’t go I’ll be back
when you get this rift wrapped out of
you you sir need to leave right now and
never come back to this hotel
are you fine by you it y’all I’m leaving
I don’t want to be here anyway
I don’t need your fancy dancy hotel okay
I’m leaving it’s not good enough for
Papa Jake anyway Oh some of it hi I
couldn’t help but hear you were being
kicked out of the hotel I think I might
have a proposition to help you out with
your problem your pop Jake right yeah
master box for builder what what why are
you in this bathroom since they won’t
like you in this hotel I’ve been looking
to invest in my own hotel and you could
build it I have plenty of tape rolls and
all you would need to do is run the
hotel and village no funny business
whatsoever build my own hotel yeah that
is just fancy hotel who’s boss I can
make my own hotel my own rules and
you’re willing to fund this whole
project I am master box for building you
know what yeah okay I’ll I’ll do it I’ll
take you up on this offer I’ll build the
best hotel this world has ever seen
Oh wonderful I’ll supply the funds right
away and you stop building and yes no
funny business whatsoever okay perfect
I’ll start working on the plants right
now Thank You mr. haha the best
strengths again he didn’t suspect a
thing and we are back with a brand new
video and today we are gonna be building
a box for hold look buddy what are you
just working on my frosting no you got a
good word it’s it’s building a hotel
today Logan we’re building a box for
hotel but build our own hotel yes Logan
that is right it is gonna be called the
poppagrande maybe we could put your name
in there too but yeah guys we’re
building our very own hotels thanks but
guys before we jump into this I’ve got
some important Papa Jake news this is in
in Papa jack news I’m reporting live
from outside did you know that poor Jake
has three channels we have Papa Jake
versus Logan where he takes on Logan and
crazy challenges and Papa Jake games
where we play games like fortnight and
Roll blocks if you’re not subscribed to
all these channels you might be having a
bad time back to you Jake but Logan we
need to start building this hotel which
means I need my box for building kit
watch this buddy and there we go that
was pretty legit we got a lot more
building to do something
thousand years Oh dad the box for hotel
love is built it is up and running in
operation it’s two stories red carpet
you’re you like I feel like a fancy
movie star coming in here but I guess
all there is now is to vlog our
experience in the hotel I don’t really
know what to expect I don’t even know
what someone gonna come out here and
welcome or no idea we get a room ladies
and gentlemen welcome to the box port
hotel the most luxurious hotel known to
the world can I interest you in an eight
piece musical about our marvelous hotel
ah nah nah we good we don’t we don’t
need a whole box fort old we don’t need
a whole musical okay uh we just want to
stay in a hotel overnight yeah oh okay
well why don’t you come inside and we’ll
get you registered into your rooms
follow me
there you go yeah place is super
luxurious now ah
welcome to the box fourth hotel now I
assume you two would like a room so let
me just call upstairs and see how we’re
doing on our inventory we are extremely
both most of the time yes Harvey this is
my pet looking for two rooms for two
marvelous guests all right we have two
grand suites ready the price for each is
$10,000 in the dollars tonight built
this place come on
fine I guess I’m getting a $10,000 night
room did you take cash I’m not taking a
$10,000 hotel room what’s the cheapest
you got the cheapest room in this hotel
because we aren’t exactly that kind of
hotel that offers cheap rooms well I
could offer you the box for $100 a night
but I mean that’s not what we’re all
about you
$10,000 a night standard okay well
here’s my $10,000 $10,000 Suites you
will not regret this luxury okay here is
your golden key card access it with your
room and all the mint ”tis come free oh
okay thank you
it was pretty nice here’s my hundred
here is your key card it’s a bit oh yeah
okay enjoy your really gentlemen and if
there’s anything I can help you with
just ask about your people thank you
very much I guess we’ll be off to our
rooms now just follow the elevator both
your rooms are on the second story above
us okay wait for me all right come on
get inside
okay well he said a second story so I I
guess we go here shaky in the elevator
that’s the luxury talking kind of weird
music – if you ask me I guess we’re here
whoa all right doors opening in ahead
and check it out this is my room and
that’s your room
wait wife my door so small don’t know I
guess because it’s the hundred dollar
room and what where’s your key card slot
I don’t even think it has one oh look
the doors the doors open oh we’re gonna
get in there Ike honestly I I don’t know
but I’m gonna go to my room login so you
you enjoy your room this is the golden
key card so I guess we just put it in
here oh okay and it’s unlocked
let’s check this thing out oh okay now
that looks pretty nice this is insane
guys look at this just go to your oh man
this is I’m still off this because I
security reasons and stuff guys check
this oh well they were not kidding about
our own cuts important go it’s literally
my face on a painting
Chinese poetry to myself wait hold on I
get to get the lights on in here uh-oh
oh okay hold on hold on okay Google turn
the lights on
oh that is sweet but yo guys that is
definitely on the list that makes this
room worth $10,000 let’s see what else
is in here the bed look at that
Oh keep in mind we’re on the second
story of a boxboard hotel and I’m just
chilling in like a queen-size bed I mean
okay fine it’s not it’s not like a
queen-size bed but this bed is also just
notice my very own Google home assistant
we got Papaji YouTube videos playing in
this hotel room I’m gonna give Logan a
call and check out what’s going on with
him I want to see what’s happening in
his room hi Pepe can you put me through
to Logan’s room okay thank you that’s
that’s weird okay Logan Logan doesn’t
have a phone in this room all right I
have no idea what’s going on in Logan’s
room right now but I mean I’m sure it
can’t be that bad
guess I’m just gonna put my head on this
pillow this is my self-portrait that
doesn’t look anything like me there’s
not that much to do in this room I mean
it’s pretty much empty so maybe I’ll
just take a nap
this is the menu that I have on the iPad
here and we have access to everything
there’s coffee tea desserts burgers
sandwiches literally anything we could
want in order to this hotel room so I’m
kind of feeling like Italian tonight so
maybe I’ll maybe I’ll go here and order
some Italian food and get ourselves some
pasta this is probably the worst hotel
room I’ve ever seen I don’t even have a
phone how am I gonna get room service
what bloop bloop yeah my name’s Brooke
blue I’m your smart home device right he
said each room has a smart home device
and I guess I got a bloop bloop bloop
are you just gonna stare at me all day
bloop bloop I don’t wake until you say
my whiteboard so you’re just gonna stay
like that rope broke hey Google tell me
a joke what sound do porcupines make
when they kiss
ouch huh bloop bloop play me music bloop
playing top 40 by blue blue ah was
written in my hotel room win button um
do you V ok bloop bloop just stop bloop
bloop just stop I am starving okay bloop
bloop what can you get me can you get me
room service
bloop bloop gonna get it all right guys
so I got my hotel box for food here and
I don’t even know how the chefs are
cooking in this hotel but check this out
wow that is nice so I got the broccoli
and chicken pasta with some nice tonic
water so I think I’m just gonna sit here
eat this up enjoy it and get ready for
not sure what Logan’s up to but I’m sure
he’s having fun in his room as well
he loves room service local carrier
chicken this is chicken
they’ve been served you called this
chicken this is not chicken brats this
isn’t cooked this is just a slice of ham
yes you have the $100 meal plan would
you like to order another piece of
chicken no I don’t want another slice of
yours I’ve had it with this hotel room
bloo-bloop thanks for all your help I’m
I’m leaving I can’t do this anymore
so I finished dinner and now I’ve gotten
all cozied up inside the box board hotel
so I think I’m gonna chill out watch a
movie on the TV and head to bed I’m sure
Logan’s enjoying his room just as much
as I had been but this is quite the
luxury hotel
so Allah I’ll update you guys in the
morning the Baron has returned glad to
see my hotel is up and running
Papaji did a fine job now Pepe are the
plans going according to plan
yes I’ve constructed Papaji to go to his
room and he’s in there right now
perfect tomorrow morning we’ll be paying
him a little visit and finally we can
put an end to Papa Jay


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