World Series Of Poker $1,500 MONSTER STACK Tournament!

do you find something comical about my
appearance when I’m driving my
automobile yeah
it’s no disguise
it makes no sense it doesn’t fit if it
doesn’t fit you must acquit and we’re
back 2019 World Series of Poker at the
Rio today is a $1,500 monster stack
event day 1 a 50,000 starting stack
blinds start at 100 100 500 big blinds
way more than we need we’re gonna be
playing 11 levels today I believe so
we’re gonna be here for almost 14 hours
how is that legal no idea but if you
want to win that’s the price you got to
pay I’m willing to put in the work let’s
get the reward
compare the year last year
I’m under the gun with East King offsuit
make it 600 action folds to the big
blind he puts in the call flop comes
King seven four with the seven four of
diamonds we have the ace of diamonds he
checks to us I bet six hundred any check
raises to 2,200 pretty rare for someone
to be bluffing here you know
stone cold they either got a combo draw
or two pair type of hand so we’re gonna
proceed with caution and put in the call
the turn is a queen if he was value
raising King Queen you now got there he
bets 4200 I think top top is still a
little too strong to fold being this
deep and in position so I put in the
call the river is an off suit eat pretty
much a brick unless he has the old five
six I stare at him and he bets 14,000 a
big bet really polarizing his range
what are his draws that he missed versus
his value hands he’d continue this way
with all of his set combos fours and 7s
if he was doing this with diamonds a lot
of times he’s just gonna give up on the
river and what two diamond type hands
are even available that he would barrel
with this line jack ten of diamonds
makes some sense I have the ace of
diamonds so he doesn’t have that if you
have the King of Diamonds
he’d probably check so eventually I look
at his breathing and he seems pretty
somewhat excited but not fearful and I
fold I asked to see one he shows me the
five of diamonds I asked if the other
ones the six of diamonds and he nods an
agreement and I believe him
some tabletalk a few hands later reveals
that he did in fact have the five six of
diamonds nuts on the river straight
flush draw on the flop good for you and
I get some thin value in a lot of spots
triple barrel for value with Queen Jack
on a queen high flop that was nice and
we have about 60,000 on first break
feeling good it’s not even 100 degrees
out today this could be our day
if you got a massive Princess Leia on
your back with blinds at 100 300 300
let’s play a few small pots chip down a
little bit to around 50,000
with blinds at 100 300 300 I have about
50,000 my stack under the Gunn lamps I’m
under the gun plus three with pocket
sixes I’d limp along could raise cut off
call small blind calls big blind calls
we’re five ways to a flop flop comes six
five four we got top set one Spade two
diamonds a lot of draws out there small
blind checks big blind puts in a bed of
seven hundred could call could raise
after under the gun folds I think we’re
gonna raise it to twenty one hundred
there’s a lot of drawers out there we’re
trying to get that value he could have
bottom two he could have a straight
drawn flush draw small blind cold calls
actions back to the big blind he does a
little lip grimace like a it’s not happy
about it and then he makes it eighty
seven hundred this is horrible news
that’s the old reverse tell I think I
just have to put in a call in position
hopefully we hit a full house on the
turn and stack him he has about 42,000
behind flatter folds we’re off to it’s
hurt to ten of Spades to floss drawers
out there he thinks for a while and says
two words all-in what do you do with the
second set in this spot he could have a
straight he could have two pair he could
have a combo draw
if we call and wrong we have 2500 behind
it means something if we’re behind we
can always boat you got to get lucky to
win tournaments I’m not here to make big
folds we got top set I call in he shows
7/8 off suit the river is a deuce we do
not boat and we double him up and we now
have under 10 blinds good double pot bet
do I suck too bad to ever hold and we’re
out and we’re out in case you’re
wondering we’re at the new hostess
Twinkie themed booth outside of the Rio
get your Twinkie today enjoyed
moderation just another day at the Rio
$10,000 main event
another year another $10,000 contributed
to the main event champion the wind five
hundred and fifty dollar $100,000
guaranteed prize pool
I predict more like a two hundred
thousand dollar prize pool gonna capture
about fifty thousand dollars of that
prize pool
I love prize pools let’s get some of it
eighteen thousand starting stack blind
started 100 100 here at noon we’re going
to play every hand dealt what I mean is
we’re gonna get dealt every hand with
blinds have 100 300 300 I’m under the
gun with East the King of Diamonds and
make it 700 to go middle position guy
who just lost most of his stack shoves
all in for 2,900 of course I call of
course he has pocket fours and the board
bricks out and we double him up
only hand of note pretty boring low
blinds no action that’s one reason to
lay reg get right in the mix when
there’s a lot of action so we have
15,000 going to 200 400 and 400 two
hours at a time
one-day event it’s gonna be a marathon
let’s stay focused
pretty car did pretty boring pretty
frustrating with blinds at 400-800 I
opened to 1600 off of 15k stack under
the gun with East queen of clubs action
pulls the big blind who shoves all in
for 12,000 we don’t like it but we put
in the call he shows ace Queen of Hearts
and it’s a chop pod but blinds at 500
1000 about 10 minutes left before
re-entry is over and we go on break big
Caucasian male aged 60 opens to 2230
year old guy from hungry on my right
rips just under 20,000 chips from the
small blind I’m in the big line and
looked down at pocket sevens before I
can act original RAZR asked for a count
dealer doesn’t give him one he asked for
a count again I guess he doesn’t know I
have cards somehow dealer says it’s not
on you so I ask for a count I don’t
think he’s angling I think he gently has
a tough decision if I call it off with
sevens here he’s never gonna continue so
we would be heads up sevens are doing
pretty good against the small blind
shoving range so we put in the call
having him covered by 500 ships original
razor folds we’re up against King five
of Hearts we read him right let’s hold
here’s the video
I’m glad your that’s a favorite and I
bust the very next hand and I’m out of
the wind 550 the age-old debate of get
here on time versus late reg we’ll use
today as a sample size of one Mac slate
reg would have been infinitely more
profitable because I’d still be in for
five hundred and fifty dollars with 18k
right now and I would have saved four
hours of my life and not have to deal
with the discomfort of playing at a
poker table full of miserable rags and
Europeans could still re-enter but it’s
4/20 so it’s time to blaze it on home
see you guys next time we’ll probably be
at the Rio


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