Wonder Woman – HISHE Review (SPOILERS)

Hey Everyone! How’s it going? I just saw
Wonder Woman and I got back and thought, “Man! we gots to another review! What’s this you
say? Two reviews? So close together? That’s not normal!
What happened to you? Didn’t you used to make how it should have ended videos? I’ve been making how it should have ended videos for 12 years actually… I haven’t stopped now. but anyway I’ll update you on that stuff at the end, because it’s a ladies
first homey! And you’re not here to listen let me talk about my stuff you
want to talk about Wonder Woman. so what do you say? Let’s get to it! WONDERWOmaaaAAAAAAAN! She’s gonna punch the violence out of you! Wonder WOOOMAAAAAAAAAN! and Captain Kirk
is her new boo… all right Wonder Woman! The movie we were all
looking forward to but also expected to self-implode and burst into flames and
squeal a depressing embarrassing death because we had crossed our arms long ago
with all this previous Wonder Woman silly business and started to lose faith
in this character ever having her own movie is finally here! And guess what? It is awesome actually DC finally delivers the Wonder Woman
you’ve been hoping for directed by Patty Jenkins and written by
these three dudes… huh It is so good, you guys. It hits so many important beats. If
you wanted a timeless origin story You got it. If you wanted something that makes
you excited for Wonder Woman in the Justice League… You got it. If you wanted a strong female role model for the world to look up to… You Got It! If you wanted awesome sweet action sequences… You Got It! If you wanted a movie that has a great message… This is almost a perfect superhero film and I hesitate saying the word almost only because even
though I really appreciated everything that was said and done this film there
are some things at the end that I would just wanted a little bit more but coming
from a guy that makes how it should have ended videos for living I doubt that
comes as much of a surprise so my short review is guess what go check it out
Wonder Woman is classic and beautiful and awesome! Gal Gadot… Is that how you saying? that’s what I said! she completely has my
vote and honestly I didn’t think I would like her when she was first cast I
thought yeah I mean she’s hot and she kind of looks like Wonder Woman but
she’s so skinny! I mean shouldn’t Wonder Woman like have… muscle tone? like an Amazon? and Gal G adot shows up in this movie and she’s like “Sit Down! You don’t know me!” Kaplow! there’s all this cool fight choreography and she straight puts me in my place. she’s awesome. Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman has arrived and she has raised the bar that the rest of the Justice League will have to live up to in my opinion
because in all honesty Wonder Woman is good enough that it doesn’t need the
Justice League tie in. The tie in is there but there wasn’t an overly obvious
handoff to the Justice League and I really like that. There isn’t an after
credit scene. Warner Brothers is like, She don’t need no stinking after credit scene! So my quick review is: I enjoyed it! Go check it out! But if you want to talk more details then lets talk spoilers. I can’t believe Chris Pine becomes Green Lantern at the end! How awesome was that?!
I’m kidding that doesn’t happen sorry Wonder Woman becomes Green Lantern. I’m kidding! she dies… No that’s… okay whatever. spoilers ahead
people what do you think of the backstory? I enjoyed it duh. Little Diana’s growing up on Themyscira all cute with a desire to punch things. she’s
surrounded by all these strong female warriors. Her Mother’s like, “no Diana you
will not be a fighter it’s too dangerous!” and then immediately whispers into
her sister’s ear, “Train her harder than anyone has ever been trained before ever!” And her sister’s like “Aw yeah this is Sparta!” Kaplow! I thought that was cool and it
really sets up who diana is and where she comes from very well. what do you think about Chris Pine? I thought he was a good choice for Steve Trevor. I thought him speaking in a German accent was kind of weird. But he has a lot of funny parts I
love how they portrayed the lasso of truth being painful to resist.
He’s Diana’s tour guide to the outside world in a way so they share a lot of
funny bits but on the non comical side I thought they developed the
relationship with him and diana pretty well. Their relationship moves kind of fast
but most movie relationships do what do you think about the supporting cast? there are a lot of sidekick characters in this movie they often act only as
comic relief like Steve Trevor’s secretary but there’s also his team of
war misfits? Is that’s the proper description? war misfits? that’s what they
feel like. they all have struggles and accepted their current way of life but
Diana sort of gives each one of them a sense of purpose which is pretty cool
Wonder Woman encourages everyone she talked to do even the ice cream guy! You
should be so proud! I liked that joke a lot. What did you think about the villians? so there’s like two evils at play in this movie which made it interesting. the evil of humanity that Steve Trevor is fighting is represented by the Germans
with doctor poison and Ludendorff while Wonder Woman is looking to defeat an
even bigger evil the God of War Ares she believes wholeheartedly that she can
end all war by killing him and this adds a really interesting dynamic when she
has to face the idea that all mankind is ultimately flawed. O f the three big
villains I’d say that Ares was the most disappointing and I’d even question if the
casting of that role was the right choice. While David Thewlis does sinister pretty well… he doesn’t really come off as
“godlike” to me and it was really tough to buy him in
the role of Arres once the final battle got underway even with all the fake
armor and muscles to me he was far more effective as the ghost-like figure that
Diana couldn’t reach through the window but he transforms into this Lord of the
Rings looking armor and it turns into the usual who can hit each other the
hardest fight sequence. In a lot of ways the climactic battle scene was the least
impressive part to me but it had its merits. Wonder Woman had to come to terms with the idea that humans might not always
deserve to be saved which was driven home when she stared down dr. Poison at
our most vulnerable. Maybe we don’t deserve to be saved but Wonder Woman
believes that we should be saved. One of the scenes from the climax I found most interesting was Steve’s goodbye moment with Diana where you can’t hear what’s
being said. He gets on the plane and sacrifices themselves to stop the gas
from reaching its target but that’s not the interesting part. What’s interesting
is we don’t know the words that were actually said because the sound is
dampened from the explosion blast. then when diana is fighting Arres she
thinks of the goodbyes a second time only this time we actually hear the
words they are saying. And the words are her screaming “I can do it! Whatever it is I
can do it!” and he says” no I can save today” “You can save the world! I love you you!” You are meant to think this is what actually was said in that scene. But I think
really she never heard the real words and the dialogue we hear is what she
believes was said. Diana says a couple times in the movie “what matters is what you believe” and she believes that love is the answer. And that’s what gives her the
strength to fight on. And I kind of think that’s the point. Honestly more than
anything this movie worked so well because they really got the character of
Wonder Woman so right. she’s the perfect amount of good and passion and power that we’ve always wanted to see so even with a cheesy line here and there, Wonder Woman completely sells the rest of this movie A nd her moral compass is exactly
what we want to see in ourselves and in every human.
so seeing someone with such strength and conviction is inspiring! And that was the
point. Steve tells her in the film you can do nothing or something and I’ve
already tried nothing. there are several scenes in this film where often people
are choosing to do nothing when the world is at war and in despair I don’t
think Diana has ever tried nothing she was created with the desire to do
something from the very beginning even when she was a little girl she was
determined. and that speaks to an audience that has witnessed a lot of hurt in the real world right now. We desperately want a hero that wants to do something about it and we’ll lead the charge she isn’t reluctant she’s unwavering she points out what is broken and
immediately goes to fix it. I think this movie works so well because deep down we all want Wonder Woman to be real. And isn’t that what a superhero movie is
supposed to be all about? ok those are my thoughts on Wonder Woman as always I hope you enjoyed them and I hope you enjoyed the film as well. Please let me
know what you thought of the movie in the comments below cuz I love getting to
read what your favorite parts were as for other how it should have ended
news if you’re curious about what’s going on in my world. I’m going to be a
daddy! Which is really weird to say out loud. so I guess I’ll just say, “I’m
Mary Poppins y’all!” So that’s kind of a big deal for me right now but if that news doesn’t excite you in the least you might be more interested in knowing about these other little babies we’ve been making for you as well
lego batman, moana, kong. so those are coming out real soon hope you will enjoy
them those were also in development before guardians of galaxy hit theaters
in case you were curious about that the guardians is also obviously on the list
too and I already know what I want to make with Wonder Woman so just toss that on the list as well. But I do apologize that things have been a bit
slow by our usual standards I know you guys have been waiting for knew how it
should have ended but I’ve got to put family first and
animation is a slow process so sometimes things got to take a little time. I hope
you guys understand. alright that’s all for now thank you guys so much for
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