Wild Planet Luxury Jungle Resort, Devala Nilgiris – Review by Tech Travel Eat

Namaskar. Welcome to another episode of Tech Travel Eat
You might have understood by now where we are now.
WIld planet resort, Nilgiris. In the hills of Nilgiiris. Its a luxury jungle resort here. Wild Planet Resort.
Its even known as Wild Planet Devala. You are going to see some special places here in this and the next videos
There are lots of activities here. Lets check out each one of them. So welcome to the Wild Planet Devala.
Now we are standing the front of the hill top cottage. This cottage is on the top of the hill.
Another speciality about this place is that it has been done in wood finish. You can see its fully in wood.
Another specialty about this room is the view of the tea garden, mountains, forest etc.
Swethat, a main activity of this resort is trekking.
The trekking here is climbing that mountain that you see there
That would be an awesome experience. We shall do that in another episode. Now lets see the interior of the room
Look at the roof. Its so pretty. Its completely done in wood.
They have done it in the holiday style home finishing. I liked it very much. Its a different type of architecture.
You have seating arrangements, complimentary fruit basket and a beautiful view from the room
You can feel the positiveness fo the forest from the balcony. The tea estate looks pretty from here
Its a pure jungle resort.
Correct. You should remember this is right in the middle of a forest.
Yes. Thats true
Another beauty of this room is the bed. Look at the bed
Yes. Nicely done.
They have done it so well. Another thing I have noticed here is zero plastic use.
They do use plastic but to a limit.
You can see the bottles here too. Water is filtered and they fill it in bottles.
Tea coffee amenities are all available here. Complimentary snacks and a mini bar too.
Even the lights placed in the room are beautiful. They have used antique type creations here
The bathroom is so big that you can run around and play. Its that big
You have the bathroom on one side and a dressing room on the other. But both are in one room.
You have the shower area and the toilet separate.
Another specialty here is that the amenities you have in the bathroom are covered in paper craft.
Thats to avoid plastic.
Less use of plastic. Even the soap are in such cases.
Its made of Vettiver. You have it loofah too.
The showers here are like rain shower.
Its Jaguars.
Water comes from all these ports.
What are these pots?
They are ceramic wares. Its their shampoo.
Oh. Like you store medicines.
Wow! Thats nice
Very good quality shampoo, body wash. Can feel its good aroma too.
The hill top cottages are found around the reception or lobby.
Thats the reception
The restaurant comes above that. If you take these cottages, it would be easy for you to go to the restaurant to have food.
Each cottage has a different view. In this area you have a forest view.
Other side shows you a tea garden view. There are different views at different angles.
There are lots of activities here. You cannot cover seeing the whole place in a day.
Because if you want to go from one room to another place, you will need a vehicle.
You have a phone in the room. You just have to call the reception. In 5 minutes, the vehicle will come.
To go to the restaurant or pool or any activity you will have to call the vehicle.
It is not allowed to walk outside the resort after 6pm because its a forest area all around.
To avoid the risk, they have put up that rule. You can travel in a vehicle to anywhere you want.
If you are coming here, come just to stay here. Do not go to see any other place.
Check in at 1pm and check out the next day 11am. But I would recommend you to stay for atleast 2 days to enjoy the place.
Now lets go to explore the other places and activities in the resort.
To show you all around the resort we are travelling in a jeep. There are lots of vehicles here to go around
You wont reach anywhere if you are planning to walk the whole place so do use the jeep.
Now we are standing in front of the valley view cottage. Thats whats behind us. This is the less expensive room here
Its a premium property. So dont worry on the rate you give here. Its really worth 1005
The food, transportation, activities are all included in your rate. Your lunch, breakfast and dinner is included.
Now lets go and see how the valley view cottage looks.
Yes.. Lets check it out
This room is quite spacious. Normal bedding.
All the facilities that we saw in the other room is seen here too. Tea coffee maker, water, fruit basket.
Mini bar, TV. They have made an elephant here too. Sit on the bed and see how comfortable it is.
Its the same bed in all the rooms.
The view from the balcony here is awesome.
You can see the swimming pool from here. Just close by is the big pond. Thats where the kayaking is done.
Further down is the forest view. See how beautiful it looks. Those cottages seen there are a different type.
They are made like the Kenyan tents. We shall go there and look into it.
These cottages are done in a special structure. its covered with hay roofs.
Its just awesome
Here in this room the wardrobe is outside. You have a small bathroom but convenient. Its compact sized cottage.
So the bathroom is also compact. But you have all the amenities here too.
Just that its not big and spacious as the big room The things are the same at both the rooms.
You have the same ceramic wares here too. Now my job is camera man.
The valley view cottages are also good rooms. It comes in the middle of the tea gardens like you see here.
There are lots of places to click photographs here. Lots of pics that you can post in instagram and facebook.
This is one of the beautiful places to sit and relax.
Lots and lots of places to freak out
You have good privacy too. Its very quite and peace here too
Mobile network is not available here. You get only bsnl here. You may get Jio here or there but cant use it properly
You can go and sit at the reception and use wifi. Its a place far from outside world.
Yes. That is Wild Planet Jungle Resort.
A big attraction of this resort is its swimming pool. Look how beautiful it is. Its got forest all around it.
The view of the forest and tea garden is awesome and in between that the pool is in the valley.
You will be able to see the swimming pool from all the rooms here. The pool is built in a brilliant location
Its a big pool so we can swim a lot and enjoy in it. If you are coming in a group, you can play water polo also
If its sunny you can sit under the hay huts here.
Isnt is a beautiful place?
Jungle log house. Just like the name, its a jungle stay. There are just 3 rooms of its kind here.
We get the feel of staying inside the forest. They have 3 cottages here. Its best for couples because you get 100% privacy.
The log house is away from all the buildings in this resort. Lets go and check it out.
Look at what we saw here on the way to the log house. Its a giant squirrel.
How pretty it looks. A special colour too.
He is having his food and posing for me too.
Poor thing. Its plucking leaves and having. Swetha, can you see it?
We just came to see the room. There are lots of wild squirrels and variety of birds here
They say that there are hornbills also here. Lots of birds to see if you look into it.
Its so nice to hear its sound itself. It was nice to see the wild squirrels fight too
So this is our jungle log house. Its built in a wooden structure.
Not only the finish, the structure is also like that. Lets check out what we have in it.
Lets get in. Yes. See how lovely it is. You can really feel the forest here.
Please go in…
Wow! Its awesome! Its best for honey mooners.
Here you dont need an AC but you have an AC and a fan in the room.
I liked the bed a lot. I am sure they are comfortable. They have used very good linens here.
Look at the table. The table also looks different.
Here also you have all the amenities. TV, mini bar and all.
This is the shower area and a small toilet.
SO the biggest bathroom we have seen is the one we saw first.
This is the best room I liked from what I have seen here. Its so quite and calm here. You can enjoy the nature and get the feel of a jungle resort here.
That is surely achieved here in this jungle log house here.
What you see behind me is the luxury pavillion. It has been built in the model of Kenyan tent house
But its a cottage. Lets go and see how it looks. I heard they are very intresting rooms. Lets go and check it out.
They have built it in a very good way and the view is also amazing.
Wah! This is awesome! What is this? Its really a tent!
Look at the fan. It looks like a luxurious tent. Look at the wood they have kept above and the spotlight on it.
This is too good.
There is another thing I have felt. Doesnt it look like a studio?
Yes, it is. Look at the fan!
They have a stage like here. You can dance if you want.
This room is so spacious. Its awesome in all ways.
What are these?
Film reels
They are gear levers
They have all the facilities here. I think this is the bathroom door. They have the same on it too.
Look at the bathroom. Its a variety type. This is surely a variety.
Look at the wash basin and the mirror. Isnt is superb?
Its awesome. That theme based tent was fantastic. What you see on top of that mountain is our restaurant and lobby
The first rooms we saw are on top of that mountain and this is on top of this mountain.
You can understand one thing that they haven’t cut any trees here to build all these. The view here is surely to be called out as an awesome factor.
Amazing and brilliant!
Look at the way they have fenced this area. They have made it protected because what you see beyond this is forest
Thats nice. I have a tip for those choosing this room. 401-408 rooms have the best view
Not that the rest dont have but the best is from 401-408.
This is so good.
That was awesome and superb!
I saw you doing that.
Thank you for taking the video of zip line.
You are welcome.
You have lots of indoor games like carroms, chess etc. There are lots for kids to enjoy here.
Is that snake and ladder? No its something like that. Carroms, chess, table tennis etc.
You have an outside court here for football and cricket. There’s a horse too horse riding.
How about going for a ride?
There are timings for all the activities. Morning its trekking time. You have to go at the time and do them.
If you contact the reception they will guide you for all. All the activities are included in your stay rate.
But you will have to pay and extra Rs 200/- for horse riding. Lets take a small ride on the horse and come.
Whats its name?
Dont fall down.
Ok.. lets go.. come on..
They have kept this on our back so that nothing happens to us if we fall behind. Its to protect our back bone.
Anyways good thing. Let me also go and have a ride and come.
Our Jamshad said he shall show how to horse ride. Will you go fast?
As I can on this. Ok lets see.
Oh. Look at the way he goes. Its like riding a bike.
The horse knows the speed too. He is not sitting on the horse, he is somewhat standing like.
So you might think its easy to do it but its not. You need to expertise on it.
We have trained him to go slow. He used to take part in the Mysore race before.
He would be fed up going slow now. This horse has won 5 times in races. So he is a hero.
If the guests are interested we conduct fight matches in the evening.
We have a board there. We write the names on it and conduct the match at 5pm. We have the jersey for it.
If there are 8 we play 4’s or if there are 10, we play 5’s. So we conduct the match accordingly.
So if you come in groups its good. Or you can even make groups from here. There will be many to play.
I hit a goal where there is no goal keeper
This is a place where children below 10 years can play from. There are kids playing there
This is the boating place for small children. They can row the boat themselves. It wont be deep here.
I can see the bottom. So its safe.
You can stand there and poke.
No need. Its easy. Just with archery. You just have to stand here and then shoot.
But thats not where you have to stand.
Ok. Now I am going to do monkey crawling. You have to hang on this wire go upto there and come back.
I am not sure if I can go upto there. But anyways its a fun task. You need good strength for your hands to do this.
You should face this side and hold this rope and go.
Dont leave me.
You should always keep your legs straight. Be in a lying position as much as possible. This will go halfway
Once it stops there you have to hold the wire and crawl and go backwards. Then leave your hands from there.
You will come this side and then crawl the rest again.
If you stretch your legs it will be more easier.
Have I reached?
Oh yes!
My hands are aching.
Thats a super experience. You need good strength for your hands.
Yogaraj is going to go and come back soon on this floating bridge.
I have heard he is an expert for this. I cant go on this so lets see him go and come .
Shweta is standing down.
Do you want to do this?
Look at the way he is going. Thats awesome.
Wow! Expert. Ok now come back.
That was fantastic. Superb dear.
A small boy did it. You have everything here that an adventure park has. There are lots of varieties here.
You will surely enjoy all this. Now let me get down these steps. I climbed up easily but now scared to go down.
Shweta is a going to do kiaking.
Do you have any experience doing this?
Not at all.
Dont worry. Its just 15 feet deep. Go and come.
Balance yourself. Dont fall. Go slow.
How was the experience?
I did it. I am not Sujith Bhakthan. Now you go and come.
Enough. Come back.
Good. So you have seen the activities they have here. Isnt it superb?
Whats happening here?
Saw fishes coming.
We have around 55 thousand inside this.
They look like guppies. There are not guppies but like that.
They grow big. Its just been 2.5-3 months since we put them in this.
There are 20000 nutter fishes in here.
You can see the wide spread of food behind me. Its buffet. You get this 3 times a day.
All the 3 buffets are included with your room rent.
Since they have people coming from all over India, they have Jain food also here.
A wide variety of food for vegetarians here.
Like how Shwetha said, you have as much as non vegetarian dishes here just like vegetarian dishes.
Food is very tasty. I am not simply praising them. You will understand when you come here.
You can check the reviews to know more about the food here. There are lots of items here.
They have a very good spread just like we had in Le Meridian. Isnt it Shwetha?
They have a very good spread for breakfast, lunch and dinner. No compromise on food!
You would have understood how beautiful this resort is after seeing this video.
Isnt it? Yes!
They have so many activities and lots to see around. The best thing I liked here is that its nature friendly here.
Good staff, good food, good service, good quality room… All over its excellent.
No complaint to say about them. Its just awesome.
If you are coming then this is surely a place you have to try. Wild Planet, Nilgiris.
The rent starts from 10,000/- onwards. You can check their website or online booking ports to know more.
Honeymooners, couples, families, bachelors and all kinds of people can come here and enjoy.
I dont feel like stopping the video. But we have to. Remember that you cannot look around the resort in a day
You need minimum 2 days to enjoy the whole thing They have trekking and forest walk as activities here.
We shall see you guys with that video tomorrow. TIll then this is Sujith Bhakthan and Shwetha signing out from Wild Planet Jungle Resort.


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