Why PC Games are so poorly optimized these days and how it can change

Hey Guys, this is wikiforce and today we are
going to discuss about how system requirements
for pc games is getting more and more ridiculous
day by day.
I was shocked when i had to run FC5 and AC
Odyssey at 1080p low for smooth framerates
with my 750 ti.
They need to optimize games alot better and
use compressed texture for visuals rather
than raw files.
Same can be done with Audio / Cutscenes so
that overall size is smaller and it would
then effectively help in reducing system requirements.
It’s no rocket science or anything extravagant,
just common sense.
When i really want small file size images
in GIMP, i just set picture quality to 70%
and still don’t notice any difference so game
developers can at least compress it to 90%
quality without loosing any noticeable visual
developers these days only seem to focus on
console side of things resulting in poor optimization
for pc games.
They should start giving some more priority
to pc version of games now as it’s the biggest
gaming platform and growing faster than ever
windows is another reason behind poor performance
of games on PC.
Ever since Vista, Microsoft has added too
much bloatware and unnecessary features present
in windows such as Cortana, Windows Store,
File History etc.
Windows 10 is over the top resource as it
consumes 1.5GB RAM at idle and doesn’t even
like 7200rpm HDDs so an SSD is recommended
for it which not everyone can afford (especially
for higher storage sized ones such as 500gb
or even 1tb) and it’s not everyone’s priority.
Microsoft have ruined it even further since
Anniversary and Creator’s update by adding
even more bloat, and worst thing about it
is, you can’t disable automatic updates so
need to wait for those sluggish and slow time
consuming updates installation before you
can enjoy your favorite games.

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