Why Are There Jokers In A Deck Of Playing Cards?

Hey, I’m Josh Clark,
and this is BrainStuff.
And I’ve got an answer to
a question that’s probably
in your head at all times–
what exactly is the Joker
card in a deck of cards for?
I mean, think about it.
If you lose the Joker, it
doesn’t affect any other kind
of game– Crazy 8’s,
Old Maid, Go Fish,
all of the important games.
If you lose the Joker,
who cares, right?
Well, before we
answer that question,
consider this– the modern
52 card deck of playing cards
that we play with and know and
love today actually evolved
from the old Tarot decks.
You got the Major
Arcana, the Minor Arcana,
minus the knight cards, and you
have our modern playing card
Somewhere around
the 15th century,
somebody took the
Tarot and converted it
into playing cards, and said,
hey, let’s play some Poker.
Now, it wasn’t until about 1860
that the Joker first showed up.
See, there’s a
game called Euchre,
and it actually plays
an important role.
Under British rules
of Euchre, there’s
a card called the
imperial bower, or boer.
I don’t know.
And that’s like the trump card.
It’s the one that you
throw down and you’re like,
I win, Euchre’s over.
Eventually the imperial bower,
or boer, morphed into the Joker
we know and love
today, and that’s
where the Joker came from.
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