Filthy Peasants!
Trying to drape yourself in fineries!
[Sheriff of Nottingham]
Last chance?
My hand is on the card.
Ok, Howie Mandel
[Players start with 6 cards containing either legal goods or illegal contraband…]
Discard 4 contraband. I don’t know how this keeps on ending up in my dock.
In your dock?
-Yes, my dock -You docking?
[Each player can then discard unwanted cards as they gather their goods to take to market.]
I got the cheese.
-1, 2, 3, 4 -Don’t be a cheese miner
He’s being a cheese block.
-Dammit! -Yeah, he’s cheese blocking pretty hard
I need some of that cheese.
[Then each player puts the goods (or contraband) they’ve chosen into their merchant bag.]
-Load the merchant bag! -Now we can put stuff in the sack
Load ’em up, load ’em up!
[Each round one player is Sheriff.]
Alright y’all know what time it is! It’s sheriff Thirty! Load up them bags cause I’mma check everybody!
check everybody! [It is then each player’s choice to declare (or not declare) the bag’s contents to the Sheriff.]
Three what in here?
Three… apples
[The Sheriff can then inspect any bag they choose for contraband.]
But you know who has put down a bit of contraband over here: Boze! Boze, let me see your bag.
[If the contents of the bag match the declaration and contains no illegal contraband, the Sheriff pays a penalty…]
This is the game you must play.
Shall we dance?
Let’s dance!
[Let the bribery ensue!]
-Sheriff, -Five, and I won’t check your bag.
How about three?
How about four?
[Board AF]
Hey everyone, welcome to Board AF again!
Back to Board AF… again!
Today we’re playing Sheriff of Nottingham!
You guys want to start with Mari?
-Sure! -Yeah, let’s start with Mari.
Mari will start as Sheriff, everyone go ahead and draw 6 cards.
The one Sheriff that I think of is like a Robin-hood sheriff.
The sheriffs are never really like good guys, like they’re not very popular characters.
-Speaking of characters, -Uh, yeah, let’s introduce.
I’m playing as a shifty gypsy woman who carries contraband stuff in her skirt.
And I got big boy named Barney.
You could be Shifty the Gypsy.
Shifty Gypsy.
I’m playing as Pierre la Pierre.
That’s a callback, guys.
Super accurate though.
Watching Grandtheft Smosh, I do a very stereotypical but also inaccurate French accent.
I’ll be playing as Wilbur Bilbur.
That’s his name, his name is Wilbur Bilbur.
He looks Italian
Umm… Im playing as world Two link or he sold the master sword and went into a life of crime
Ohh no.
Oh, so everyone always check Wes’s bag.
Because he’s a criminal.
But don’t do that.
So the first phase, is the uhh market phase. That is when anyone would discard any cards they want to. You can discard up to five cards from your hand and pull new cards
Alright so we’ll start with you, you can discard up to five cards.
so at the end of the game somebody can be named either king or queen of either the apple, cheese, chicken or bread.
that means whoever has the most amount of cards in each of those categories, actually scores extra points.
so strategically if somebody has given away two chickens and you’re gonna become chicken king, you probably want to pick up those chickens. so that’s a part of strategy you’ll probably be seeing.
Alright and I’m going to discard some meed and bread
Im going to go ahead and grab this bread
and this cheese
Oh you want to be chesse king huh
Dont act like you know me
you dont know me
it was
Im going to discard nothing immna keep all my cards
Immna Discard apples and pepper
and immna draw two off of the the top
Alright everyones good


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