White Terrorist Bingo: Planned Parenthood Edition

– B, he was a loner, OK.
G, he had a dog.
G he had a dog.
O, he wasn’t a Muslim.
O, he was not a Muslim.
I, quiet, soft spoken.
I, quiet, soft,
– [Franchesca] Oh!
I have bingo!
– All right, let’s hear it!
– So I did the Planned
Parenthood terrorist,
so B, the media calls
Robert Lewis Dear a shooter
instead of a terrorist.
I the Daily Mail interviews a lady,
she describes him as “very quiet.”
N, white privilege free space.
G, New York Times calls
him a gentle loner.
O, he killed a cop and
managed to stay alive.
B, he must be mentally ill
from a girl on my Facebook page
that I used to go to high school with.
That’s bingo!
– [Caller] Why don’t you play
doubles, so what you’re gonna need
is the white terrorist card
and the police brutality card
in order to win.
– [Franchesca] Here, oh, OK.
I’ve got B, demonize the victim.
CNN’s headline says “Abused
and in and out of foster homes,
“Laquan McDonald’s tragic life.”
I, cop feared for his life, it
says in their initial report
that Laquan lunged at the police but then
the dash-cam footage
shows that he was clearly
walking away before they
shot him 16 frickin’ times.
N, police cover up, the
cops deleted the video
from the nearby surveillance
camera at Burger King
that showed the entire thing going down.
G, previous complaints
against the cop that shot
Laquan McDonald, 20 complaints,
10 for excessive force,
I’ve got tons of stuff here
for Eric Garner, Jamar Clark,
Walter Scott, (mumbles)
and the list goes freaking on and on.
– OK! That’s more than
enough, I believe you.
Did you cover the black
on black crime free space?
– Yep, I’ve got the Youth
Awareness Peace Rally
held at North Chicago High
School this past summer,
The Peace Up, Guns Down March
just this past October, and of
course you can’t really count
the black on black crime argument
without mentioning Chicago’s
Finest, Ameena Matthews.
She’s an interruptor with
the cease fire group.
She actually goes into the
middle of gang disputes
and mediates so that they
don’t escalate into violence,
it’s incredibly dangerous work,
but it actually has incredible results,
and there’s also a documentary about it
called The Interrupters
that is so good. (laughing)
– OK, now you’re just showing off.
What about an All Lives Matter rally?
– Oh, I do have
Trump supporters beating up a black guy
and shouting All Lives
Matter, does that count?
– You know what? I’ll take it!
That’s bingo!
– [Franchesca] Yes!
– That’s a wrap everyone, we’re done here.
We’ll just continue to
demonize black people
and humanize white
terrorists, all while not
taking responsibility for
our nation’s gun problem
and lumping all Muslim people together
as dangerous all in
the name of patriotism.
Everybody loses, except white supremacy.
– This isn’t really fun at all, huh?


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