Which BEST FRIEND inside DOLLHOUSE Wins Escape Room in Real Life! | Rebecca Zamolo

– Peanut, Blackjack! – Right now our dogs are missing. – Why didn’t you lock the door? – Dana, she’s coming to help us. – Here. – They were using our dogs
to trick you to come here so we could trap you. This is the key. You guys, the key works. 3, 2, 1. Peanut, Blackjack? – No, no, no, no, no,
bad, don’t close the door! – Oh no, oh no, Rebecca, Rebecca. – Peanut and Blackjack aren’t here. – Yeah where’s the dogs? Look at, they even have a dog stairs. – Dog stairs, that means
Peanut and Blackjack could be here. – Rebecca, look at where we’re at. – This is crazy. – Do you remember this? – You guys remember when we
spent 24 hours in a dollhouse. Daniel and I ended up in this room, we did like an escape room
to get back out, remember? – Yeah, look for the dogs. – You haven’t been here before but Daniel and I have. – This is a bedroom guys. – No, no, no, do you
remember the dollhouse you rescued us from? – Of course. – This is the other part you never saw. – Right now, it looks like we are back in the dollhouse where I spent 24 hours. We had a key from the bunker
that took us into this room. We thought we were going to find our dogs, Peanut and Blackjack, that the GMI took. They’re not in here. – How is the bunker and
the dollhouse connected. They were connected the whole time? – If the GMI said the
game master isn’t real, then all of the tunnels were made up too. Then we’re in this weird game right now. – Okay, okay, okay. – It’s locked. The clones were here last time. The quadrant kept the clones in here, it was like the incubation room. – Right. – I have no idea, I’m so lost right now. We saw Ro Pansino, and we saw– – We saw Kurt, we saw Lizzy
Sharer, Carter Sharer. There’s a bunch of dolls. Do you hear that? Somebody’s, here, someone’s here. Come look. – Careful, careful. Best Friend will Rebecca – Daniel, Zam Fam, look. – Which best friend will
Rebecca Zamolo choose? – What? That was weird. – Which best friend will win? For Rebecca Zamolo, me? – That’s not bad, best friend. – Wait, at the GMI casting, I had to improve a scene, you know guys? When I went in disguise
and they said that we were pretending to be Rebecca
Zamolo’s best friend. Do you think that’s just
a coincidence, Zam Fam? What do you think that means? – Hey, let’s go ask them,
see what’s going on. – Whoa, whoa, whoa. – No we can’t just go out there. Then the GMI’s gonna
find out that we’re here and we’re gonna be trapped
in this dollhouse again for 24 hours. – What are we supposed to do then? – Maybe we can go in disguise out there and they won’t know. Maybe something’s in here. I bet I could wear one of these. I just need to dress like a doll. Look, I’ll just grab this. – Rebecca– – Yeah. – And I can’t be in any
of this stuff can we? – It’s all girl’s clothes. – Okay, there must be something. – Tuxedo T-shirts. That could work. – These are boy-ish. You guys could where these, just put these on. This doesn’t look too boy-ish. – We could say the GMI sent you. – Okay. It’s the only option we have I guess. – Yeah, should be better
disguise than just T-shirts. – Guys, hats. Is there any thing else. Oh, jewelry, I have jewelry. This will work you guys, so let’s get changed really quickly. – Okay. – Daniel, I’ve worn this before. This looks very similar to how
you looked in the dollhouse. – It’s a different dress, but it looks like the same accessories. They’re dressing everyone the same here. – Okay Zam Fam, so here’s the plan. We need to go out and get
information from these girls and find out who they
are and why they’re here. – And find out where our dogs are. – Yes, we need to rescue
Peanut and Blackjack. – And we need a way to
get out of here too. That door’s locked. – So the most important thing
is we need them to think that we are part of the GMI. Fingers crossed that this works you guys. Okay, you guys ready? Okay Zam Fam, make sure
you are subscribed to have notifications on and give a big thumbs up so we can rescue our dogs. – It looks like they’re putting on makeup. Just play cool you guys. – RZ Twin, what are you doing here? – I am here to check on you guys, to make sure everything’s going
okay here at the dollhouse. – What happened to your red eyes? – Oh my red eyes? – I put in my brown contacts
that the GMI gave me. – Yeah, good. – Who are those guys? – Oh, they are the butlers
here to help you guys. Yup, to serve you. – The butlers? – Yup, you guys are here to help. – Here to serve. – I’ve seen him, but who is he? – Daniel, they’re
talking about your clone. – Oh, Matt, I mean, who are you? – Um well, I think– – I don’t know. – They’re lining up. – They’re just standing there. Wait, listen. It’s the GMI. – It’s slime time. – Slime time? – I haven’t even made slime in that long, I mean I guess in some videos
for 24 challenges, but. – They’re just sitting there. – They just said Slime Time, they’re not doing anything though. – That’s weird. – You guys, they were
doing makeup and look. They have my merch, it
was which best friend will Rebecca Zamolo choose? – That’s what they were cheering. – Which best friend? – Maybe these people made it before you. They got casted into this role. And I don’t know, Zam Fam,
let me know what you think. I think we need to go
figure out what’s going on. I’m gonna go over there okay? – Okay. – So it’s Slime Time,
what are we waiting for? – We need our slime supplies. – Yes, and that is why I
brought the butlers here to get the slime supplies. Butlers, could you please get the slime. – I love slime. – Okay. – Yup, yup, they’ll be
right back with the slime. – What do we do? – I don’t know? We also need to set up spy cameras. – Okay so while we’re making slime then I guess that’s what we’re gonna do. – Where are we going
to find slime supplies? There’s literally no slime supplies. – It’s over there, where it always is. – Oh, that’s right I
forgot to tell the new guy about the slime supplies
that are obviously over here. Yup they’re over here. – She’s pointing that way. – Oh! – Yes, they got it. – Perfect. – Time to make some slime. – There’s only three, RZ Twin – Oh, that’s okay, I’ll help them. – Oh. – I am an expert because
I know Rebecca Zamolo and she makes slime. – Oh my gosh, what does she look like? How does she do her hair? I do mine like she does hers. – We’ll get to that once
we start making the slime. I’ll tell you more about Rebecca Zamolo. So butler, if you could please
give the bowls and spoons to all of the best friends. – Okay Rebecca so we have– – You mean RZ Twin. – Yup. I’ll be over here,
hanging out with Daniel, enjoy the slime. Slime time. – Yes, I’ll take it from here. Yeah. Okay Slime Time is a great time. Rebecca really does like slime so this is very important that you
guys make the right slime. There we go. – Why don’t you keep teaching, I’m gonna check in with butler 2. – Yup. – Super tiny spy camera up there. I think we need to do another
one on the other side. Go back, I got this. – Okay, you guys can
start mixing the glue. Just mix it with the spoon. That’s how Rebecca does it. – Oh! – Like this? – Yup, exactly. – What about like this? – Oh that’s great too. – How about this? – Oh I want to do it like that. – Oh yeah. So now, you’re gonna want
to add some shaving cream. So just put some shaving
cream in and mix it. So use your shaving cream and mix it. It’s a DIY How To tutorial for slime. You have to take the lid off. Start mixing. Just mix it around. Daniel, what do I do? – You gotta find out why they’re here. – Yeah, you’re right, okay. – I know you guys have seen me before, but I forgot what your names were. I wanted the butlers to know. – I’m Alice. – Hi Alice. – I’m Zoe. – Hi Zoe! Has anyone told you you
look like Zoe Deschanel. – Yeah. – Yeah I figured, you look really like you could be her twin or something. And what’s you’re name? – I’m Denise. – Denise. – Denise sounds familiar. – Oh hey butler. – Oh hey. – I just thought everybody
should have a napkin. – Everything’s all set. – Everything is covered. – Okay, keep mixing you guys. You’re getting really close. Come here Daniel. Did you hear? Denise, what’s Denise? – The girl at the casting. She said there was a
friend that joined the GMI. She disappeared, she went missing and she posted randomly on Instagram. She hadn’t seen her. That’s why she was trying
to get into the GMI. – You think that’s the same one? – I don’t know. Zam Fam, comment if you
think that is the Denise. And go back to that video of the casting and see what that girl said exactly. Go back and let me know. But let’s get back. You’re right, time for the activator. Butler, maybe you could add some activator into their slime. – Okay. – So we’re gonna grab the stay flow. – Oh, you guys got aggressive on the glue. – We love having a butler. – That’s why I brought
them, to help you guys. – It’s so white. – Fluffy slime. – It’s fluffy slime. – She loves this? – Yeah. – I’m gonna make this just for her. – This is interesting. – Zoe, let me help you really quick. Zoe, tell me about yourself. Where are you from? – I’m from Wyoming. – Amazing, okay. And how did you get into the GMI? – I got a coin and I came here and now I’m gonna be
Rebecca’s best friend. – I want to be Rebecca’s best friend. – No I’m gonna be Rebecca’s best friend. – You know what, maybe Rebecca will have multiple best friends. Zoe, I was wondering,
what did you do before you joined the GMI? – I don’t know. I don’t remember. – You don’t remember? Like you just remember from right now or what about the casting? Did you do anything before that? – I don’t, I can’t remember anything. – Oh that’s okay. Why don’t you keep mixing the slime, I’m gonna help the other people. And I got to wash my hands,
yeah, just keep mixing it. Comment your guys’ favorite slime by way. Daniel, did you hear that? She doesn’t remember anything. – I wonder if they had cerebral analysis, do you think I should ask them? – Ask them about that, yeah. Find out about the other girls though. – Hey Alice, wow, that’s
really good slime. Can I see that? Rebecca is going to love this. This is great. But she’s gonna love all
of them, don’t worry. So Alice, oh your arm? – My arm. – Yeah the barcode,
where did you get that? – The GMI gave it to me. You have one too RZ Twin. – Oh yeah, yup. – So Alice, where are you from? – I’m from Florida. – Florida? How did you get into the GMI? – I got a really cool email about being Rebecca’s best friend. – What, that’s me? – Me too. – I think we can all get along though, I think she might have more than one. So you got this email, did you get any thing
else, it was just an email? – I got a coin. I’m not sure who. – Who gave it to you? You’re not sure? Oh okay. – Okay. – Okay, yeah totally normal. Let me just wipe my hands. Okay keep making that slime. – Why did she act like that? – I don’t know but do you think I should talk to Denise now? – Yeah, yeah. – Okay. – Time for tea. – It’s tea time. – Tea time? Where are they going? – Tea time last time, when we were 24 hours in the dollhouse. We have to ask more questions,
we need more information. – Let’s find out. – RZ Twin, you can sit here. We saved it for Rebecca. – Oh yeah, I’ll sit in Rebecca’s seat. She was supposed to be here? – Yeah. – We’ve been waiting for her. – You’ve been waiting for her? – Didn’t Ro sit here last time. – Yeah, she was hear last time. – Where is the food? – Let’s have the butler serve the food. – Oh yeah. – Oh Butler. – Yeah butler. – What’s happening? – Serve the food, they want food. – Yeah got it. What are we having? – I think the stuff is
maybe out there, right? – What do you guys usually have? – We have cookies, pinwheels and tea. – It helps with he CA. – Wait, CA? – Butler 2, good job with the– – Cerebral analysis. – Oh, CA. – You guys know about
the cerebral analysis? – Yeah, it’s that thing you put on and then you see colors. – Yeah, yeah it went black, exactly. – You said the tea helps with it? – You feel much better afterwards. – We drink it here all the time. – Oh, okay. – Have a little, maybe a little
bit after I have that food because I’m just really hungry. – Drink the tea. – Yup, I’ll drink the tea as soon as I eat because this looks really good. – This is my favorite tea. Wait, shouldn’t the butler
be pouring the this? – Yeah the butler has
experience pouring tea. – Okay, okay, okay. – Pouring tea. Would you like a spot of tea? – It doesn’t sound good. – I think that that’s good butler. – So can we just eat? – I’m kinda hungry. – To Rebecca. – Yup, to Rebecca. You guys haven’t met her yet, but you’re gonna be her best friend. – Don’t, don’t, don’t. – It’s so good. – Bulter, we need some plates. – Okay, I thought you had
plates under your cups. But here’s another one. – Those are saucers. Haven’t you done this before? – First time being the second butler. – Eat it with your hands, like this. As RZ Twin, I’m telling you
this is a new challenge. – Maybe that’s how Rebecca eats them. – She never uses plates. – What is going on right now? – They’re really good. – Rebecca, that’s like you’re third one. – They’re really good. – Maybe you should get some information. – Oh okay. Yeah, so how long have you guys been here, in this dollhouse? – 24 hours. – Wait so you’ve been here for 24 hours? – No, we just repeat the same 24 hours until they pick the best friend. – Oh, so you keep doing 24
hour challenges over and over? – Yeah, it never stops. – I’m hoping they choose someone today when they come. – Oh wait, the GMI’s coming today? – They come every day. – So they’re gonna be in here? – Yeah. – Yeah. – Okay, Daniel, I mean
butler, did you that? – Yeah I did, did you hear that butler 2? – Loud and clear. – Okay. – Clear over here. – So maybe we should, hurry up? – Yup, we can hurry up. – We can find out more information. – Yup, because it’s really good. – I’m gonna start searching
around for some stuff. – Find out about Denise. – Oh okay. – So Denise, how did you
get into the casting? – So someone gave me a coin, I went to the casting place
and yeah, now I’m here. – You want to be Rebecca
Zamolo’s best friend? – Yes, that was the whole point of why I went to the casting. I want to be Rebecca’s best friend. – But I’m gonna be Rebecca’s best friend. – No I’m gonna be Rebecca’s best friend. – Okay, you know what,
I have another question. Do you know anyone names Lisa? – I do! Sorry, I don’t know a Lisa. – Wait but, I thought you
did, you said you knew a Lisa. But you don’t? – I’ve never heard of her. – So did you sign a contract? – We all signed a contract. – Oh yup, I did too. – What happened when
you signed the contract? – It’s really indescribable. So like, this crazy thing happened where– – They’re here! – They’re here. Wait the GMI? GMI? Guys, guys, we need to hide. – You guys, this was a surprise, so just don’t let them
know we’re here, okay? They know I’m here, but I’m
supposed to do something before. – Come here Daniel. – Okay, okay, we gotta hide. – Daniel. – Matt there. – Okay, in here. – Hide, hide, hide. – Hello ladies. Today is the big day. – Yes, one of you will finally be chosen to be Rebecca’s best friend. And that person will deliver
Rebecca’s dogs back to her. – Peanut and Blackjack? – Daniel did you hear that? They know my dogs’ names. Those girls have never met them. – And why do we need to do this? – To earn Rebecca’s trust. – But they’re gonna
deliver the dogs today? – So we’re gonna get
Peanut and Blackjack back. – Oh and thank you for the butlers. They were very helpful
with tea time today. – The butlers, they’re gonna
find out about you guys. They’re gonna know we’re hiding here. – Time to post on Instagram. – He’s answering the
phone, I think it’s Mr. X. Daniel, now is your chance. Climb up there and hide. – Yes, we are picking up
Rebecca’s new best friend today. – Yes, yes, that’s right, a post a day keeping the away. – Yes sir, we are aware of him, he’s been in hiding for some time. We think it’s a possibility
that he has a new mask. – Ow, Ow. – We have not seen RZ Twin. – Okay goodbye. – What is so funny? Tell me. – No one’s here. We need to look into this. – We’ll be back in ten minutes with our announcement
of who will be Rebbeca’s new best friend. – Guys what’s going on? – It’s happening. – Where’s Rebecca? – Rebecca? She’s down there I think. I can’t believe they didn’t find her, she was right there. – Rebecca. – Matt. – Hey, you– – I hid back. I can’t believe they didn’t see me. That was close. Did you see that, they weren’t telling where I was and then they snapped
their fingers or something and they told where I was. You guys, we need to get out of here. – Okay. – They’re coming back. – Okay but how do we get out of here? – Let’s ask the girls. – Zoe, let’s say you
wanted to get out of here, how would you get out? – Yeah like escape. – To the real world? – Yeah. – Yeah. – Yeah definitely the real world. – First door on your left. – Oh perfect, okay. – Thank you. – The door’s locked. – Oh. – There’s a key in the back room hanging from the candles. – Easy. – Candles? Okay. – Guys did you hear what
they said about the mask? – Yeah on the phone, they said
something about a new mask. The gamemaster, maybe that means that the gamemaster is real, right? – Whoa, whoa, whoa. – Did you just say the gamemaster is real? – Guys, guys get to the back room. We need the key. Go, go, go, go! Matt, Matt, is that door! – Go go go! Close the door! – Okay Zam Fam, we need
to find the key in here and then we need to escape to the outside. Make sure you’re subscribed,
have notifications on and check out the video right here where we went to the GMI’s bunker. You guys, look for a key! Candle with a key!


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