When does gambling become an addiction?

[Snyder] I don’t gamble.
[Lottering] No, I don’t.
[Norton] I don’t gamble but I have friends that do.
[Twala] Ya, but not a lot.
I do gamble at times.
[Manyathola] No, I’ve never gambled.
[Gqomola] When it gets to a stage where,
It has become an addiction, like you can’t control yourself.
You know, you’re always itching
to gamble.
[Abrahams] I think it becomes a problem when
They start winning, when they win a little bit of money.
And then they, it’s like an adrenaline.
They always want to go and win some money.
And when they lose they still go back.
The disadvantage about gambling, it can become addictive, right.
And people start spending their money.
And what they end up doing, they start spending more money
And then don’t receive any money back.
And it becomes a big problem because people lose money.
And they can’t support their families. It’s like an actual addiction.
When lose all your money and you can’t stop.
When you sit at a table, and you throw all your money down.
You should always take a friend with you to tell you to cash out for the night.
When gambling becomes an addiction, is when they end up wanting to sell their homes.
And wanting to sell their cars, and just everything goes.
Their whole life turns into a rut.
And then it’s a major issue obviously.
[Snyder] And then all they do is depend on gambling.
[Lotterring] To think that’s it going to make it better.
You get tricked to be addicted to it, you see.
So, you know, at first most times, the first players
they normally like get lucky.
So now, as soon as they get lucky
they want to come more and more and more.
It’s like a drug addict, you see.
The more you get it, the more higher you want.
Ja, I think when you start to be addicted whereby
you’ve reached the point whereby you have to sacrifice your assets.
You can go beyond your budget, you know.
It’s more addictive when whereby now
you also starting to spend your on own money.
Like on a savings, or you starting to ignore priorities at home.
Like things that you’re suppose to be doing for your family
or for yourself.
Started using money now only for gambling.
Instead of like the most important things.
Yeah, I do. My mommy.
My mother is.
One of my neighbours, in fact two of my neighbours because they’re twins.
Quite old ladies, two ladies.
So they always go to the casino.
And I’ve heard,
that they spend their pension money there.
It’s quite sad.
I know, my aunt, but I can’t say her name.
But my aunt is addicted to gambling.
There’s this lady in my road that’s addicted to it.
All her life
Ja, I definitely do know people who are addicted to gambling.
People who are close to me.
Ja it is an issue.
I used to know some certain people who use to be addicted to gambling.
But I don’t know anybody close to me who is addicted to gambling.
I don’t know any physical place.
However, let’s say if I was in a position to actually
take someone to a place, I would look online.

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