What to Wear on Vacation – Resort + Travel Lookbook with Beyond Proper in 4K

hey guys it’s Riann and today I’m going
to be sharing with you a couple of
outfits from Boston Proper I am such a
huge fan of Boston Proper especially
their beyond travel line so this first
outfit as you can see is this super fun
tie top that’s in black and white I
thought it was just so interesting with
the tie in the front and then this
opened back in the back and I paired
that with a pair of these palazzo pants
from the Beyond Travel collection which
are so incredibly comfortable they’re
probably the most comfortable pair of
pants I have in my wardrobe I love that
this outfit can really do anything it
can go from day to night so so easily
and it’s incredibly comfortable so I
never feel like I’m being restricted but
I still look so chic and put together in
it and I absolutely love how fun it is
this next outfit is mainly comprised of
this off the shoulder dress from the
travel collection I love this so so much
it’s so hard for me not to put this on
every single day in fact I was starting
to wonder if my neighbors thought I only
had one dress because I reach for this
all the time I love that I can just
throw it on and I look super
sophisticated and dressed up and yet it
is so incredibly comfortable one of the
things I absolutely love about the
Beyond travel collection is that these
fabrics don’t wrinkle so when I am going
on a trip I can just throw this into my
bag and then when I pull it out of my
suitcase I’m ready to go I love that I
can just throw this on and immediately
look totally put together
this last outfit has been a favorite for
me recently also I love how chic this
white top is and the boatneck neckline
is so incredibly classy and gorgeous I
just think it’s so comfortable and it’s
tailored in such a way that it’s
incredibly flattering for bottoms I have
on a straight leg pair of pants from the
beyond Travel Collection this outfit is
so so comfortable but it’s so chic and
elevated and I think that’s something
that’s really hard to find is a
comfortable outfit that’s also
incredibly chic and so that is why I
absolutely love the beyond Travel
collection from Boston Proper because it
delivers on all of those things the more
pieces that I try from this collection
the more pieces I have to have from this
collection because I just always want
everything in every color and I want
every design that they make these
clothes are so durable and well made and
they’re perfect for traveling which is
something that you guys probably know I
do a fair amount of thank you guys so
much for watching this lookbook I hope
you got some outfit inspiration
definitely go and check out Boston
Proper especially the beyond travel
collection because it truly is my
favorite if you want to keep up on my
travel photos definitely go and follow
me on Instagram and I’ll talk to you
very soon
bye guys


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