What Legalized Sports Gambling Means For You

What does the Supreme Court decision against
Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act
mean for you the sports gambler?
The answer, a lot.
You can come out from under the table, your
gambling life is about to be legal all over
the U.S. and you’ll have many more joining
you in gambling now that it’s legal.
Nevada was the only state where you could
legally bet.
Now, any state can choose to have legal sports
Some have already passed bills to legalize
sports betting.
New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, West
Others have introduced legislation to do so.
Pretty soon all over the U.S. you’ll be able
to walk into a place of gambling business
in your state and place your money down.
Licensing will need to take place, bills passed
but online betting options are expected as
well within each state that chooses to have
sports wagering.
Which means, going to a game you might be
able to bet on the action right from you seat.
Will he bunt?
Who will score first?
Actually I’m not going to go home early now
that I just saw the point spread on the stadium
LED screen.
Time to study those odds.

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