What is wagering? | Beginners Guide |

A wagering requirement is a minimum spend condition imposed on players by an online bingo
site when they offer a bonus of any kind to be achieved before being able to make a withdrawal.
It does not mean you have to deposit all this money they are talking about,
it means if you are lucky enough to win you will have to keep spending your winnings until the figure has been met.
The minimum spend will either be a multiple of the bonus, or of the bonus plus any associated deposit.
If you got a bingo bonus it will have to be spent on bingo tickets only.
Casino and slots games and sites also have wagering requirements for the bonuses they offer
and these tend to be much larger than those on bingo sites, usually anything from 20x to 99x bonus.
Stakes on some games might not count in full towards the wagering requirement.
For example, if I stake £1 on Slots, £1 may come off my wagering requirements. However, if I stake £1 on Roulette,
the site may only allow 20p to be deducted from my wagering requirement. It’s best to check the terms and conditions to clarify this on each site.
Another thing to look out for with first deposit offer is where you can spend your bonus money.
Some sites will only allow you to spend the bonus in specific bingo rooms,
whereas others may give you slots or instant games bonus as part of the deal.
On most sites any winnings made whilst working towards a wagering requirement will be
applied to your bonus balance until the wagering requirement is met.
You won’t be able to withdraw any cash from your bonus balance,
but you will be spending that bonus to work down the wager requirement.
So you are probably asking “Is there a way of avoiding wagering requirements?”
In sense, yes.
Some sites allow you to say ‘no’ to bonus offers, to avoid wagering requirements.
However, they usually require you to spend all of your deposit to comply with money laundering regulations.
Some sites don’t have wagering at all, however these sites are very few and far between.
Wagering requirements can differ from site to site, so our advice is to always check the terms and conditions when signing up to a bonus offer.
If you’re still unsure then simply visit our reviews page for more information.
Best of luck.

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