What is Habbo Hotel?

FEMALE: Tonight we bring you an exclusive
interview with a man who went undercover
to seek out the mastermind behind the craziness
and creativity of the world’s largest hotel.
FEMALE: Personality-packed parties,
crazy contraptions,
spectacular snowball fights and
thousands of imaginations running wild.
These are just a few of the reports from people
who have ventured inside Habbo Hotel.
Here now is a man who has
seen it all first-hand.
Tell us, how did you find your way inside?
MALE: It was so easy.
There are all sorts of ways to get there…
Millions of people check in every day.
-OK, so set the scene.
You’re in the lobby.
It’s time to assume your new identity.
At that moment, what’s
going through your mind?
-That this was getting fun! I got to make
my Habbo any way that I wanted–
–size, gender, skin color,
whatever I felt in the mood for.
Finally, I get to try out that
green mohawk I’d always wanted!
-Now, once you entered, tell
us what you encountered next.
– It’s just like any real hotel.
You get a room when you check-in.
The difference is, it’s the only hotel
where everyone gets to decorate their own room
any way they want – with millions of items to
choose from and purchase in the Habbo catalogue!
-At this point, you were all alone
in this gigantic hotel.
-Well, not for long. I bought a pet…
and, wherever I went, new friends
started noticing me right away.
They showed me all around. Next thing
I knew I was bouncing off walls!
…becoming a superstar sports hero…
…and afterwards enjoying
a cozy dinner for two.
Everywhere I went, it was like I
was a celebrity…just for being myself.
I even met a few real-world celebrities…
-But wait. What viewers want to know is:
Did you finally discover the mysterious
genius behind all these
clubs, games and events?
-The answer was right there all along:
There is no mastermind!
Everything in Habbo is created
by other Habbos just like me!
We’re what makes Habbo Hotel so cool!
-Viewers, you heard it here.
A stunning revelation,
sure to send shockwaves through
the world of social games!
The genius of Habbo is its users:
Habbos just like you!


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