What is free bingo? | Beginners Guide |

Free bingo is a popular marketing tactic used by many online bingo sites to
persuade players to sign up, make a deposit or come back to the site.
It is also used as a reward for loyalty or spending a certain amount around the site.
The free bingo games and prizes on offer vary from site to site. Prizes vary from a few pence to hundreds of pounds.
New players and depositing players are usually the ones that get to feel the benefit of the free bingo games on offer.
Newbie rooms are one of the most common forms of free bingo you’ll find as a new player at a site.
Some are all free, but others are a mixture of free and small stake games.
Access to these rooms is limited to just a few days after registration and/or making your first deposit.
If you’re going to be busy over the following few days from joining,
then it’s probably worth holding back on that first deposit until you’ve got a few days free,
such as at the weekend, if you want to make the most of it.
Free bingo rooms where you don’t have to deposit are actually quite rare.
The vast majority of sites that offer free bingo, do so for funded players or VIPs only.
Just like with the newbie rooms, you may find that depositor freebie rooms have limited access for a few days after each deposit,
so again timing that deposit to when you are free to play is very important.
Speaking of timing, don’t expect free bingo to be available everywhere, every day, 24/7.
Some sites don’t offer any free bingo at all and those that do only have them open once or twice a day,
for a short amount of time, or with periodic games every hour or so.
Jackpots are usually very small, with hundreds of players often competing to win pots as low as £1, which is sometimes paid out in bonus.
It’s therefore important to think of free bingo as a nice little extra to your regular play, not as a route to make big money.
Free bingo offers really do differ greatly from site to site,
so be sure to visit the promotions page before you sign up to see what each site has to offer.

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