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Hey guys, I just wanted to go over poker rankings
with you. These rankings apply for just about any poker
game you are going to play: hold em, or five card draw, seven card stud, or any of that. Basically, I got a deck here all rigged out
to get the cards I want to come out. I want to let you know your rankings. First up, we start from the bottom. We have a no pair. Alright and basically you would be playing
for high card. With the case of no pair, whoever has the
highest card would break whatever ties. Generally, you can count on this hand winning
like, never. Every now and then you might get lucky with
an ace high or a king high. Next hand, is one pair. You get two of the same value. Then everything else is the same. Anything else is everything else. With the pair whoever has the next highest
card would break the tie there. It doesn’t happen very often. But, every now and then it does. Next up, is two pair. You have the pair of queens and ace. The highest pair takes preference. So, if you had a pair of queens and eights,
somebody else had a pair of jacks and tens, then because you have the queens, you win. This would be the hand higher than the one
pair. Next up, three of a kind. In this case we have a three of a kind jacks
and a five and a two. A lot of times new players make the mistake
of thinking that you have got two pair then it’s a bigger deal than having three of a
kind, but three of a kind always beats two pair. It does not matter the game. Next, is a straight. A straight is five cards in sequential order
regardless of the suit. In this case here you have the straight that
goes up to the eight. The case of the players that with a couple
of straights whichever has the highest one, ace’s being high, would win that pot there. This is a straight and it is better than the
three of a kind. Better than the straight, we have a flush. A flush would be five cards of the same suit. It doesn’t matter what their values are. In the case here, we have an ace high flush. The high card takes value here, so if somebody
else has an ace king high flush, since he has the ace, he would win. Then that beats a straight. And what beats a flush? Is a full house. A full house would be three of one value and
then two of the other. On this case, this would be called kings full
of tens. This is a very, very powerful hand and usually
if you have hands like this or stronger, you will more than likely win whatever pot of
poker you are playing. In the case of multiple full houses, the precedence
comes to whichever the one you have three of. If you have three tens and then kings, then
the tens would be dominant. If someone else had three jacks, say then
you would lose that. Here kings full tens beats a flush. Better than a full house is four of a kind,
also known as quads. Basically, four of the same thing. You get all four in all suits of the same
value and most poker games nobody will ever be able to tie you so you will never have
to worry about that but then obviously four tens would beat four nines or something like
that. A very, very powerful hand. When you get to this scenario, unless you
are extremely unlucky you will almost always win with four of a kind. Next highest from there is a straight flush. This is five cards that are in sequence and
of the same suit. So in this case we have a seven high straight
flush. These hands are very, very rare to come by,
but when they come, it is going to be money for you. And then that would beat the four of a kind
and everything else below that. And the highest type of straight flush, you
probably already know is the royal flush. All five cards from the ten to the ace in
sequence, of the same suit. No other hand can beat this one. Those are our poker hand rankings.


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