We went through the SPY HACKER’s CAMERA ROLL to Reveal his True Identity! (Game Master Challenge)

– Welcome back to the
Matt and Rebecca channel. We just escaped from
hide-and-seek with the Red Hood because Daniel wanted
to hide cameras in here, so we could figure out
what was going on for E3. But then Matt saw a phone
and he snuck back in there. – [Daniel] He’s got the
phone, he’s got the phone. – Okay, so if that’s Q’s phone, I think we need to go
through his camera role, right Daniel? – [Daniel] Yeah, yeah, I think it’s Q’s. – Okay, oh, the Red Hood! – [Daniel] Where, where, where? Oh, go hide.
– Go, go, go, go, go. – Hide, hide! Oh no, did she seem him, you guys? – [Daniel] No, no, no. Wait, wait. Oh, oh no. – [Rebecca] Come on, Matt. Matt! – [Daniel] Hide, Matt, hide! Go, Matt, go! – [Rebecca] Oh my gosh. Daniel, it’s gonna go back into lockdown. – [Daniel] I know, I feel
like he only has a minute. Come on!
– Come on, Matt. – Okay, gotta go. I got the phone, I got the phone. – Come on! – Go, go, go, go.
– C’mon, hurry, hurry. – I cannot believe that we
escaped the hacker’s mansion. That was amazing. – Yeah, and we set up the hidden cameras which means we’ll be able to see what the Red Hood is
doing with the Quadrant. – But more importantly, we
got this little guy back. Blackjack is no longer missing. – Oh, thank you. Also, you guys remember the giant hole that I spent 48 hours in? Well, we have this phone,
we’ve used it once, but we have not looked at it. We think it might be Q’s camera roll, so we are going to search on it and see if we can find
out any clues about E3. – Exactly, we’re just waiting
for Daniel to come over, so that we can hack into it. – Yeah. Daniel!
– He’s here, Daniel. – Blackjack says, “Thank you.”
– Hey! – [Matt] Daniel.
– The phone. – [Matt] You know what you need to do. – Yeah, let’s get into this. Let’s see what’s in here. I really think that
this is Q’s phone, guys. – [Matt] Wait, you’re not
framing him again, are you? – You can’t trust that guy now, right? – I mean, I don’t know. What do you guys think? Do you trust Q? – Do you guys trust me? Sometimes the ZamFam doesn’t tru– – Daniel, I trust you. – Okay, good. – Blackjack wouldn’t have been rescued if it weren’t for Daniel. – If I can hack into this, we can sync it up to the computer. – Okay. – And that should– – [Matt] That computer right here? – Yeah.
– Okay, do you have a hacking wire? – I do.
– What? – In my hood.
– No! – Always. – What? If there’s photos, we’ll
definitely be able to know who’s phone that is. – Are you hacking in right now? – Yeah, I’m hacking in. Let me just run this
diagnostic check, ready? Here it goes. – I’ve never seen this before. – Whoa.
– Three, two, one. Great, there’s the phone! Okay, well we have access to the phone, but we need a password. – Okay.
– What do you think the password could be? – Password, password. – Q! – Q, yep.
– Just Q. – Just Q? Q, enter. Project Q?
– What about– Project Q, yes, exactly.
– Project Q. No, 24 hours. – You think that’s going to be one? – I don’t think so.
– I think 24 hours could be it – I don’t think so. – Okay, well, let’s try it. Let’s see what happens.
– Okay. – 24 hours. Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait. Wait, it’s saying we only
have two more chances. We’re trying too many times. – That happens, sometimes
you get locked out. – What do you think Q’s password would be? – If it is Q’s? We’re hoping, I think it’s Q’s. – Well, if it is Q’s or
someone from the Quadrant, what are things that they like? – Oh, no, no, no. I think I know what it is. We think Q is who? – Red Hood. – Red Hood. – Red Hood. – Okay, do you guys think it’s Red Hood? Smash a thumbs up if you think it is. – We only have two tries. – Okay, I think this is a good chance. Let’s see. Red Hood. – Three, two, one. – What if it’s something they like, or something they all have in common, like ninja skills or– – Hacking.
– Hacking. – Hacking, what else do they like? – Quadrant. – Gold.
– Gold – Gold, gold. Masks.
– Masks – Black sweatsuits.
– E3. – Event. – If we go back to the question
that the audience asked, what’s the favorite food of the Quadrant? – You’re right.
– Peanut butter. – Peanut butter.
– Peanut butter. – Do you guys think that might be it? Do you guys think peanut butter might be the password for this? – It’s too simple. – If it’s peanut butter, I guarantee this is gonna be Q’s phone. – Smash the thumbs up button, you guys, so we can get into this
phone and see what’s on it. – Peanut butter.
– Three, two, one. – We’re in!
– I can’t believe it was peanut butter.
– Peanut butter! Are you kidding?
– It was peanut butter. – Oh my gosh.
– I can’t believe that it was peanut butter.
– This is proof to me that it’s Q’s, but let’s go through
it and see what we find. – Okay, so now we have access
to see everything on it. – So what are we going to look at? – Photos!
– Photos, absolutely. – Let’s go through the camera roll. Okay, here we go. Camera roll, here we go. Let’s see the first photo. – That’s the mansion.
– That’s the mansion. – That is the mansion. – The Red Hood’s mansion. – Yeah, doesn’t it look like
a video game or something. – Cartoon or something. – You ever play that game Roblox? – Oh. – It kinda looks like that, where you can make you’re own game. – Okay, I have never played Roblox. If any of you guys have
played Roblox, comment below. – Okay, let’s go to the next photo. – What is that? – Schematics. – Like a blueprint almost. – Blueprint, yeah. It’s basically the layout of a place. – That is the mansion. – The hacker’s mansion. – So they have the
blueprints of the mansion, and then the video game
version of the mansion. – What? – And a photo. Do you guys think this might
be the Red Hood’s camera? – Hold on, cameras. – Cameras.
– Cameras! – We set up camera’s at the hacker’s mansion.
– We haven’t even looked at those yet. – Oh!
– Let’s pull it up. – Hold on, okay, hold on. Here’s the cameras. This is a live feed right now. – [Rebecca] That’s a Red Hood. – [Matt] There’s the Red Hood. – She’s talking to the Quadrant. Can you hear anything? – Yeah, let me just–
– Yeah, juice it up a little bit, yeah. – Turn it up. It’s kinda low, but I
think you can hear it. – [Quadrant] All the invitations
have been hand delivered. – Invitations delivered? – Matt, do you remember the envelopes? I grabbed an invitation! – I forgot that you did. – The Mrs. White, the thing, hold on. – Get it, get it, yeah. Oh, man.
– Here! Here it is. You guys remember, it said Mrs. White. I just wanted to see what these were, and there were six of them. I only grabbed one. – [Daniel] Is this a card? – [Matt] Like a greeting card, huh. – It’s an invite. “You are cordially invited
to a disguise party, “so bring your favorite spy gadget, “and use the envelope as clue, RH.” Red Hood is throwing a
disguise party, but why? – And when? – I see “spy gadget” is written in black. I’m not sure why. – Is it?
– Oh, yeah. – Clue is underlined. – [Daniel] Spy gadget and clue, huh? – You’re right. – Spy gadget… C’mon, we can’t spend our time on this. We have go over here with the camera roll. – [Daniel] Wait, hold on, Rebecca. – What? – We already have the cameras
set up in the mansion, so this is the perfect opportunity. What if it’s at the mansion? – I attend it? – [Daniel] Yeah! – And pretend to be Mrs. White? She’ll never fall for it. There’s no way! – [Daniel] But it’s a disguise party. – Disguise! – We have no idea what
date or time, or anything. There’s nothing else on this invitation. How’re we–
– Good point. – Yeah. – And we only have one invitation. – Wait, I forgot to shout you guys in the ZamFam out for merch. Oh my gosh, so shout out to you guys that have gotten my merch,
tagged me on Instagram. Go to rebeccazamolo.com, link
and description, for merch. And let me know about this– – Rebecca, don’t forget about
The Game Master Network. – You’re right, thegamemasternetwork.com. A ton of you guys have
been taking the quiz. We’re shouting out people that got 100%, so stick around. You guys, let me know if
you think I should go. I don’t know if I should go, you guys. That seems so risky. – I think it would be a good idea. – You have to go. – But we gotta plan that out. – Okay.
– We gotta plan it. We gotta be safe. But let’s focus on this.
– Yeah, we gotta figure this out. – Okay.
– Maybe there’s more clues. Maybe there’s something–
– Yeah, maybe there’s something on this
that will give us a clue for what that invitation is exactly about, and who’s going. – Oh. – A Tesla. – A red Tesla. – Remember the Red Hood–
– With the doors that open up. – Do you guys remember when
the Game Master had a Tesla? The Red Hood had hacked into it. – Yeah.
– Maybe– – The Game Master’s was
white, like his old mask, but this is red. – Red, maybe this is hers. – Wow. – Again, more evidence
that this could possibly be the Red Hood’s phone. – Yep. – Let’s see what the next photo is. – Oh! – What? – Daniel–
– No! – Matt, we’ve seen this photo. – I knew. – Where have you seen this photo? – When I looked at your camera roll, and remember, we asked
you if you were a ninja? – But that’s not me. – It is you, it’s your face!
– Yeah! – That’s my face, but this looks like it was
using Photoshop or something. That’s not even my hands. – Yeah.
– Oh, wait, hold on. – Look! – [Matt] Hands.
– [Daniel] Hands. Those aren’t even my hands. – [Rebecca] Well we can’t
see if there’s a ring there, so we don’t actually know.
– It kind of looks like there is a little bit– – I don’t know. That’s not me. I’m not even that good at karate. – All right, you guys let us know if you think that’s actually Daniel. You’re right though, the
skin is two different colors. – The bigger question though is, why is a fake image of me on this phone? All right, here we go. More images. – Okay. – It’s like a quote. – Don’t be afraid to– – Wait, Dwayne Johnson, The Rock. – Okay, that doesn’t seem bad. – Why would Q need something like this if this is Q’s phone. – Good point.
– This is kinda strange, right? “You have to be odd to be number one.” – And “odd” is in red. – Red!
– Oh, like Red Hood. – Q was a little bit odd. – Okay. – He was kind of funny. But that doesn’t mean this is his phone. This could be the Red Hood’s, especially because
there’s red writing there. – True.
– Okay. – And she is wanting to be number one. – I still think its Q’s.
– But she is number one. – Is she?
– Right, so why would she need to be telling herself
that she’s number one if this is her phone? – You’re right. – Unless there’s somebody
else above the Red Hood. – That’s true, we never
even thought about that. – Yeah. – Let’s keep looking. – “I think you should just “go for it.”
– Just go for it. Do you think this has
something to do with E3? I’m confused. Do you guys think that Q is the Red Hood, or do you think, what if Q
works below the Red Hood? Oh. – Okay, I think this is Q’s phone. Why would the Red Hood just have a random picture of herself? – And it’s not even a front
shot, it’s a back shot. – Yeah, have we seen this image of the Red Hood before, Rebecca? – You’re right, it’s like the silhouette of the body behind the cape. If you guys have seen this,
I know we saw this somewhere, let me know what video you saw this on. That’s my cousin’s pool! That’s where we did the
three marker challenge, you guys, remember. – Oh.
– Oh. – And they told me that a
Quadrant member was there. It might have been Q. – It looks like there’s
one more photo on here. – Oh it’s a video. – Oh.
– Huh. – That looks like… That’s our floor. – That’s your room, Matt. – What?
– No. – That’s our… That’s… – That’s a black glove. – The remote, the remote. – That’s our remote! – E3!
– E3 on the back. That’s the remote! – That’s our remote, Matt. That’s my room.
– Were we here? – My room.
– Oh my gosh. – My room.
– Was somebody here while we were–
– Some one was in our, someone broke into our place, Matt. – When did this happen? When was this? – [Matt] The remote guys. – The remote. – [Matt] Okay, this is
right where the remote was. That’s not the remote. Guys, the remote’s gone. The remote’s gone. – What?
– It’s not there. – How would they have a
chance to get in here? – [Matt] We went to Rocky’s, remember! – Oh yeah, we left.
– You guys, I told you that this was a trick. – He’s tricking us.
– I knew it. I knew the Red Hood would do that. – But we had to save Blackjack. I saw the remote at the mansion, I just didn’t know it was ours. – Wait, do you hear that? – [Matt] What? Is that your phone? – It’s the Game Master. – [Matt] What? – It says, “I need you’re help “getting the final pieces to my mask, “but you’ll need to split
up to get it in time. “Look under your couch.” – [Matt] What did the last part say? – It said, “Look under the couch.” – [Matt] Look under the couch? – What is this? – [Matt] What? – Darts, an easel, and a map. It’s the US. – [Matt] It’s a map, it just
says, “GM Network” everywhere. – Wait, wait, guys, look at this. One says, “GM”. – [Matt] Game Master. – Game Master.
– Game Master. And then there’s M and R. – Matt and Rebecca! – Yes!
– R and F. – [Matt] Rocky and Flip. – Oh!
– For the Game Master Network. – And then R. – That’s me! – And then D, me! – [Matt] Daniel! Those are all the initials to the people in the Game Master Network. – So we each throw these, so maybe I get to throw one. – Okay.
– And then Rebecca, that’s yours, right? So you through for Rocky,
Flip and for yourself, and Matt, you get to throw
for the Game Master Network, and the Matt and Rebecca channel. – [Matt] Perfect! – I think I’m gonna go for the pink one. I don’t know. I don’t even know what these emojis mean? – Yeah.
– I mean, the Game Master wants us to find the pieces to his mask, but there’s no other information. – [Matt] Three, two, one. – [Daniel] She got it – I got it!
– What?! – We are gonna go and get the pieces to the Game Master’s new mask
so he will do a face reveal. Make sure to check out
the video right here, and shout out to these people
in The Game Master Network that scored 100%. Go and take today’s quiz… Hold on. There’s instructions on here.


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