We Stayed in One of the Worlds Tallest Hotels | 5 Star Hotel in Seoul, Korea

oh my super nice this is amazing chair turns around then you go suck around in smile hey everyone welcome back to Korea if you’re only just tuning in we just spent the most amazing two days exploring here in Seoul and one of the stops we did was lunch at the tallest tower not just in the city but all of Korea when we were there we actually found out that there’s a hotel attached to the ladi Tower and we just knew we had one night spare and we had to book a stay there so you actually just arrived at the hotel or about to check-in it’s called signe oh yeah signal hotel and we are so excited I think this is gonna be like the highest that we’ve ever stayed in before guys the lobby is on the 79th floor wait what a view from the lobby and the lobby that’s this high up before you can literally see all of Seoul you know who it’s a high lobby when you have to like pop your ears when you were coming to the top so you can stay on floor 87 all the way up to 101 we’re on the 87th floor and it’s kind of cool because we actually booked a standing room and she just told us that he upgraded us so I’ve no idea what our rooms it’ll look like Oh super nice we’re the living room this is amazing no no no no no what have they done this is so nice so um room tour let’s just take this in first before we look at that view and this just shows you how high we are there is a skyscrapers down there like mini ones big ones we can see the river like nothing is that our level at all if you let me to see a plane coming past wow this is amazing oh my goodness all right sir here’s a bedroom room number one we have also cherry blossom decal on the wall which is a bit of a tease on why we’re still in South Korea huge TV I see we’ve got coffee like tell you guys how big that TV is it’s looking small in the camera but it is huge yes where you go on oh well like the shower of the box oh wow oh that’s the shower my mind waits at okay so it’s got like a double shower waterfall shower and then a handle shower also we’ve got a bath in there as well it looks like the bathroom opens up so’s an ensuite to go suck around into a living room I’m guessing welcome to you I really yeah a nice cute Oh what are those Oh little Korean snacks I kind of like shortbread yeah I want a tea please oh it’s real sweet and it smells like cinnamon okay guys that’s cool this is not what we were expecting our night to be honestly yeah she is Bob’s Circle in our little living room she has bombs we have like a little language that you can come to and they serve like champagne and snacks and as with any room in this hotel I need to show you guys I think this is a side we haven’t shown you yet this is pretty much where it splits soul and we will stained that side of the river so we currently come out to this side and the Sun is just set t actual tea bags that you put in the bar wait what yeah it looks like something from t2 or something he says state one or two tea bags in hot water ready I’m going with a barf and T is this Mentos deeper it smells like two years says you need to speak for one to two minutes so something is here coming up oh yeah all right I don’t know if you can tell but I’m about to there and have a steeped see yeah actually good green tea and a ton of off green why do you know that sounds just like amazing anyway [Music] Wow I can’t believe we have woken up to that [Music] funny guys that went for a beautiful walk around outside and then decided to go for a swim had to wear these caps I’ve never been to a pool where they make you swim with caps on good-morning bombs this is like the best Slifer clearest it’s been so far I actually see them melt by the way speaking of clear it was snowing this morning when I went for a little walk it was snowy yo are you getting ready it was snow falling down I know it was like a perfectly clear day but it did snow and I have footage of it guys we ended up having one of those days where we kind of just chilled by the pool in our swimming caps and enjoyed the hotel but I told Stephen it’s our last night here in Seoul we need to go out we need to try more serene food we absolutely love the street food scene here in Seoul we’re trying to find a new one is called Myeongdong Street markets and everyone says are the best ones to go to so hopefully they have a lot of the not actually so interested to see if you like this because you know the huge fan of like eggy Brady stop and it’s literally called free and egg bread it’s sweet it’s sweetie you’ll love it I love it sweet bread for the Reno to egg home tongue work for me Zuma Jess Korean pancakes with honey well it’s stuffed with money and cinnamon I think you understand Korean tornado potatoes we’re basically a gigantic potato and a tornado [Music] try three pancakes at a restaurant I’ve been trying to find it here on the street and I just found a place I have a feeling it’s like the only place in this market I got a seafood Korean pancake finally Lamine bye-bye but I’ve got chopsticks morning everybody it’s the next day and we’re leaving Seoul after spending an amazing three days here and we’re going to go check out more of the countryside now we’re finding the best way to get around is actually the train system we’ve come to the main Seoul train station you had here you pretty much go anywhere in Korea Jessa’s just jumping in line to pick up our tickets so today we’re going to be heading to the south to an area called Yeon Joo it’s around two hours on the train and I’m guessing these are fast trains just like your Japan super easy train one one nine actually Oh super son but we’re jumping off before Busan and yes cart number three plenty of space when taking up these compartments for our luggage but if you come through here there’s lots of space for your luggage we’re not even that early like our train leaves in ten minutes I think you should be fine and also when you get into the seats it’s like luggage storage at the top I feel like the trains reminded more of the Europe and UK trains rather than like the high speed rails in Taiwan and in Japan got our seats yeah they’re nice Chuck some bags up there super comfy [Music] alright guys were about ten minutes away just love train travel sickness relax sit down and pretty much just see the countryside as he heading down so we just arrived in kiln to station and rather than heading straight towards the city to check it out we thought we’d head somewhere a little bit outside of the city because we’re getting up to something really unique tonight you need to go get dressed yes guys we’ll explain everything that we are doing in the next vlog if you haven’t already make sure you click Subscribe give this video a thumbs up and we’ll see you guys in the next episode here in Korea we are doing something so unique here in Korea we’re actually doing a tempting stay oh my gosh that was absolutely incredible


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