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(upbeat rhythmic music) – [Devin] He’s five-two? – No, no, no, his boyfriend’s five-six, he’s seven-two. – Also, I mean, like, ouch. (laughing) Ouch. – [Bobby] Well, I mean, you never know if the [Devin] Yeah. – [Chantel] You never know.
(claps) – Might not be relative to his height. – But seventeen though. (clapping)
(laughing) (upbeat rhythmic music) – Devin, do you want to
explain or should I explain? Does it make more sense for me to explain since I’m standing now? – [Bobby] Are you ready, Freddie? (beep) – So we have the lovely
Bobby Berk with us. – Hi! – We are gonna do a rendition
of our beauty roulette game, but it is now called Bobby Roulette. – Bobby! (laughing) – I’m never ready, I’m never ready. (laughing) So round one is gonna
be the wheel of firsts and we’re gonna spin the wheel and there are a bunch of
different things on here and whoever’s spinning the wheel, whichever one they land on, they’re gonna talk about the
first time they did blank. Round two is gonna be the wheel of lasts, the same thing except the
last time that we did blank. – Now, we’re gonna get spicy today. – We’re gonna get real spicy.
– Yeah. – Do we have any wine to help supplement these conversations?
– Ooh. – I, you know (crickets chirping) – [Devin] Fred
(beep) – Spin that wheel! (upbeat music and clicking from wheel) – [Devin] It’s a sad one. – Awww. – Oh, nope! Ah, this wheel is rigged! – Wow.
– [Devin] Saved! – Wow, okay. The first time I got drunk, ooh. The first time I got tipsy
was New Year’s when I was 16. – What was it, what’d you get tipsy on? – It was gross. I think it was gin. I was not, I was not a fan but, I was like we’re drinkin’, I’m 16, I’m grown (laughing) and this is happening and we mixed it with orange juice, I remember that. – It’s so crazy that she can remember that from two years ago. (everyone laughing) – Wait, did you just say you
mixed it with orange juice? – [Freddie] Yes! – [Devin] That sounds disgusting. – [Chantel] Gin and orange juice? – Oh! – That’s how you know you’re too young to be drinking when you don’t know how to mix a proper cocktail. – Not even a screwdriver. – No. – A ginny j. (laughing) Bobby! – Spin that wheel! – Oh, was I supposed to wait? (laughing)
(wheel clicking) – Oh. – Oh my gosh, is this? – The first br-, oh. (sighs) Celine Dion. (record scratches) – Celine Dion? – What? (laughing) – What do you mean?
– Wait. – My first breakup happened right when “My Heart Will Go On” was out and I just laid in my room and I just cried to that. It was right when Titanic came out, Titanic was our first date, yeah. (Squeak noise) you, Patrick. (laughing) No, I actually like him now. Bobby! – I’m nervous, I’m sweaty. (laughing) – Spin that wheel! (cheering) – [Devin] In the theaters,
first movie in the theaters. – [Freddie] Yeah, first
movie you saw in theaters. – My first movie in the theaters, man. I don’t know. – Right? – How would you know? – I remember mine. – [Chantel] Really? – Yeah, it was Forest Gump. – Aww, Jenny. – I probably saw a movie
when I was a little baby, but the one that I most remember vividly was a birthday party and
so it was 102 Dalmatians. – Aw. – And so we went and saw
it and I remember trying to sit next to my crush. (everyone says ooh) And I think I did. (“oh yeah”) – Alright, well, I didn’t
get a little spicy. I was nervous and now I’m
like maybe I wanted spice. (laughing) – Wait a minute, mine’s spicy, you ready? – Had sex! (laughing) – [Chantel] Yay, Devin! Are you a virgin? (climactic music) – First time I had sex, I will tell you, ah, I can’t tell, I can’t say with who. – Just make up a name? – I made this playlist, right? Cause I was, I planned it. – Oh, I remember this story. – Yeah, and I was like, okay I’m gonna build the moment. I had been dating this guy for a while. I was like, it’s time and I remember I informed him that Friday
night we would be having sex. (laughing) And he came over like the
perfect gentlemen he is and penetrated me. – Oh!
– Oh my god. – At Netflix, they use the
word penetrate all the time, talking about different markets and every time I’m sitting
in a meeting with them, and some big executive’s talking about penetrating the
market, I’m like (giggles) (girls laughing) – And it hurt so bad. As it was happening,
I remember being like, how long can this go on for? I can’t do this. (laughing) And meanwhile, the soft rock of this stupid playlist is playing in the background and I think “Your Body is a Wonderland” was on my (everyone laughing) – ♪ Your body is a wonderland. ♪ – Meanwhile I’m like, ow! And finally I had to push him off and like – Out. – And I cried and he was felt so bad. – Aw! – It was not great, it was not great. The set up was nice. – Everything was planned,
it should’ve went great. – It should’ve went great. – Cause when you plan
sex, it always goes great. – You’re right.
– Absolutely. (laughing)
– [Bobby] Bobby! Sorry my apartment is in
the middle of getting redone and somehow a rug didn’t get ordered for a People Magazine shoot tomorrow and so they’re sending
me pictures of rugs. – Oh no. – I need to choose one.
(beep) – And that’s the first time I had sex. (laughing) – P and V type. That was spicy, I feel
like that was really spicy. So now we should go to the lasts. – Yes. (wheel clicking) – Oooh! (wheel clicking) (laughing) – Oh wait, oh wait, wait. – I mean I was definitely surprised at some of the things on this wheel! Bobby! – Freddie, spin the wheel! (clapping and laughing) (wheel clicking) – [Freddie] The last song
I sang in the shower was – I thought it was like
last time you took a shower. I’m like, I hope this morning. (laughing) – SWV “Weak”.
(gasping) – Who was in the shower with you? – Oh! – [Devin] Spicy! – Oh are we making this spicy? – Spicy. – Always. (wheel clicking) – Last thing you texted. – The last thing I
texted was oh (cat meow). (laughing)
– To who? – To who? – And context, context. – So I sent it to my friend, Amanda, because she just realized that she could do a meet and greet with a queer character on Jane the Virgin and so she’s like I have to meet her! And I was like oh (cat meow) (laughing) [Bobby] Bobby! – Spin that wheel! Ooh, cried. – Queer Eye. – Well, I was driving back from a wedding with my girlfriend. After you go to a wedding you talk about the things that you want in
your wedding a little bit. And she played a song that she wants to walk down the isle to and I just was imagining it and I cried. – Awww. – On this car trip.
(beep) – Oh, oh! (screaming) – Yes, Freddie! Yes, Freddie, yes! – The last time, it was
probably a week ago. – [Chantel] Ooh! – Or no, two weeks ago. – Who’d you kiss? – Oh, we’re going there? – Yes! – That wasn’t a, it just says, it doesn’t say who and what. – [Devin] Who? (laughing) – [Freddie] Who? – Yes, who? – Charles. (woman behind camera speaking) – [Freddie] Yep. (laughing) – Because I just wanna
make sure that (laughing) – Charles. – [Bobby] Bobby! – So Bobby Roulette. Lady tested, lady penetrated. – Ooh. (laughing) Ooh. (laughing) She’s like no, I need to poop! (laughing) Too much going on, Too much going on. – Ah! – I’m clenching. (laughing) – [Freddie] No, now I’m
starting to have to go. (laughing) [Devin] All this talk. Should we all go? [Chantel] Yeah, I think we should all go. [Bobby] Bye!
[Freddie] Woo! – Hey!
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