We only Ate Rainbow Food for 24 Hours Challenge! (Rebecca Vs. Best Friend)

– Hi I’m Alice, I’m your new neighbor. – New neighbor? Oh, so you live here? – Yeah I actually just moved in. – Oh, where did you move to? – Next door. – Oh, like right next door? – Yeah, like right down the hall. – [Matt] Do you wanna come in? – I’d love to. These are for you. Blackjack, Peanut. – Oh, um here, yeah, these are our dogs, right? – Oh they’re so cute. – Yeah. – Wow, this place is really nice. Much bigger than I imagined. – Than you imagined? – Do you guys have a bathroom? – Yeah, yeah, you can definitely use it. It’s, if you go. – [Matt] Yeah it’s like. – There. Matt, did you see she tried
to pet Peanut and Blackjack? Here guys here, here’s a treat. – Welcome back to the
Matt and Rebecca channel. Right now Rebecca’s best
friend is in our bathroom. – Yeah and apparently
now she’s our neighbor. We share a wall with her. You guys know the GMI picked
her to be my best friend at the Dollhouse and we
spied on her for 24 hours and we saw that they gave her a list but we could not see what
exactly was on the list. – But you guys in the game master network were spies and saw at least
five things on the list. Dog treats, treasure
chest, a safe, a sim card. – And spy gadgets, and we think there might be more on the list but that’s all we saw so thank you to all you guys that saw that in the last video. – Okay, she’s in here right now. I think what we need to do is get that full list. We need to figure out what’s
going on in her backpack. – Yeah and we need to keep her around us and make sure she doesn’t take our dogs. We can’t have them go missing again. – Okay, if she’s our
new next door neighbor maybe we can do a challenge. – Wait, Matt we bought that cereal, right? It was rainbow colored. We were gonna do a challenge like that. What if we invite her to do a challenge like 24 hours eating only
rainbow colored food. – She brought a bunch of stuff. I didn’t look through it yet but it kind of looked rainbow as well. – Yeah I saw Skittles were in there. That’s a rainbow, it’s
like taste the rainbow. So ZamFam smash the thumbs up if you think this is a good idea and we keep her around so
we can get more information. Okay, she’s coming. – [Matt And Rebecca] Hey. – [Matt] Okay, hey so we had an idea. We saw you brought over some stuff. What’s in there? – It’s some of my favorite things. – [Matt] So you’re giving like
your favorite things to us? – Yes. – Oh, Skittles, I love Skittles. Rainbow Nerds, perfect, okay. – [Matt] You like rainbow’s, huh? – I love rainbows, have
you seen my backpack? – Yeah I did. – [Matt] Yeah, yeah. – Yeah I do, I saw all the rainbows. That actually leads me to what we wanted to ask you, right Matt? – Yeah, we wanted to do a fun challenge since you’re new to the neighborhood. We wanna do eating only
rainbow foods for 24 hours. – Oh I love that. Rainbows are my favorite. – Okay, I love rainbows too, honestly. – Are you doing anything today? Do you wanna hang out? – I don’t think I have anything planned. Let’s do it. – I think we should
like get into costumes. Like rainbow outfits, right Matt? – Yes, yes. I’m totally for it. – Okay, okay I have some outfits that we can change into.
– No. – Matt, find something rainbow. – I don’t have anything rainbow. – I think I have something rainbow. It’s in my apartment next door. – Okay, well let’s get you dressed and then we’ll see with Matt. Okay, here come on. – This took a turn. – Okay, so I have so many rainbow clothes. – [Matt] Rebecca. – I love this. It’s rainbow, can I wear this? – Um, my ZamFam merch? Sure, okay, yeah. – [Matt] It’s kind of rainbow. – Uh, I have some other rainbows that you can put on top of it too. Hold on, let me see. – What if you wore this one? – Maybe later I will but I have the perfect idea. I was thinking rainbow, you could wear this, right Alice? – I love this. – That was your name right? Alice? – Yeah. – I have this Romper that’s like rainbow. So I can wear this. – [Matt] Oh wow. – Oh, that’s perfect. – Yeah. – [Matt] Okay, you guys are kinda acting like best friends already. – Yeah, kind of. What about, you said you
might have something for Matt? – Yeah, it’s actually
over in my apartment. I think it’d look great on him. It’d be perfect. – Okay, well why don’t
you run and get that and then we’ll get changed
into our outfits, okay? – Sure, I’ll be back. – Yeah, okay. I mean Matt, you have to wear rainbow, you don’t have anything rainbow. – I don’t have to. You made up that rule. – Let’s just see where she goes. – Okay, okay. – [Rebecca] Matt, what are you doing? Watch her. – [Matt] Just making sure. Is this a little strange to you? – Matt it’s crazy. GMI who cast my best friend put her next door to us. She’s now not only my best
friend but my neighbor. – How do they know where we live? – I mean obviously they know Matt. They’re the GMI. – Okay. – I kind of like her. – What? No way.
– She’s really nice. Oh. – I got it. – [Matt] No, what is that? – Isn’t it perfect? – I’ve seen that before. – Yeah, it is. It’s rainbow. It’s perfect Matt. – Cool. – I’m gonna change next, yeah. – [Matt] Guess I’ll change too. – You can use the room back there. Matt this is from Candyland. – [Matt] She brought
candy and that’s my outfit from Candyland. – The giant Candyland game, remember? Someone set that up. We thought it was the Gamemaster but if it was the GMI, hello. – I don’t know if I’m more concerned that she has my outfit from Candyland or that I have to wear it again. – This is a 24 hour challenge. We have to go all in eating rainbow food and you might as well
be dressed like this. I gotta go get changed. I love Skittles too. Look we’re here. – [Matt] Oh, oh. Looks good guys. Oh, dog’s came to say hi. – Blackjack. – [Matt] Hey Blackjack. – Peanut. Oh, yeah he’s kind of moody so I’m just gonna hold him. Matt, you need to show
them your outfit too. – [Matt] Okay, there it is. – Looks pretty good. Nope, nope turn the camera around. Yes Matt, it’s a Romper. What’s a male Romper called you guys? I forget the name. – Romphim, yeah. – [Rebecca] Wow Matt, smile. 24 hours eating only rainbow food. – 24 hours in this outfit
now apparently too. – [Rebecca] Yes. – Okay, great. – What do we do for
this 24 hour challenge? – [Rebecca] I guess we could start with some of the food she brought. I saw Skittles. – Oh, okay. Have you ever done a 24
hour challenge before? – Uh, I don’t think so. – Okay, so the way this is gonna work is that we’re each gonna pick something from this basket right here. Did you buy this on purpose? All rainbow foods? – Yeah, I love rainbow. – [Rebecca] I mean
Skittles, that’s rainbow. These are rainbow, that counts. Nerds, it says rainbow Nerds. – This just looks awesome. Sour Golden Bears, I love these. – [Rebecca] It’s all rainbow tissue. – Whoa, yeah, tissue’s rainbow. – Rainbow everything. – You’re so rainbow. – [Rebecca] You’re so
ready for this challenge. – What item, I’m gonna let you pick first. You’re the guest. – [Rebecca] Yeah, yeah. – So why don’t you pick first? – I’ll do Nerds. – Great. – Cause they’re rainbow Nerds. – Great, Rebecca what do you want? – [Rebecca] I mean
obviously I’m doing these. – Skittles, okay. And then I think I’m
gonna go with these guys. Do you want me to hold your
backpack for a little bit? – Um no, no it’s fine. – We got, we can put it on the rack. – No I’m good, really it’s fine. – [Rebecca] Okay, let’s eat the food. Matt, get to know each other. – Get to know our next door neighbor. Welcome to the neighborhood. – [Rebecca] Here I’ll put the camera down so we can all eat. – Okay. – I’m so excited. – You guys already eating? – Yeah. What? I thought we started the challenge. It’s a 24 hour challenge. – You guys are like twins. Where you from? – I’m from Florida. – Yeah, that’s right remember? I mean it’s right. It’s right because Disney
World’s over at Florida. – Yeah. – It seems like if you like– – That’s what’s so right about it. – Yep, you like rainbows. – So many rainbows at Disney. – Exactly.
– Yeah. – What made you come to Los Angeles? – I do a lot of acting out here. – She’s an actress? How’s that working out for you? – It’s been very fun. – Sounds fun. How’s the new place coming? – It’s coming. I don’t really have a lot of stuff yet. I still have to go get
a bunch of furniture. – Yeah.
– Don’t really have a lot of– – Didn’t decorate it at all? – Not really? – It’s like an empty apartment? – Yeah, basically. – So what would you say is the worst part about moving? Cause I mean literally you were in Florida and now you’re in California. – I’m so far away from my best friend. Guess I’ll have to find a new best friend. – You have to find a new best friend? – Yeah, cause now mine’s like
three thousand miles away. – You can say you’re actively looking for a best friend right now? – Mm hmm. – These Skittles are really good. – Get out. – I have some really important details for Matt and Rebecca. I just found out some information about the best friend. I think the best friend
is activated from the GMI. Hey guys, hey guys. – Oh. – Guys, hey I have info
about the best friend from– – Hey Daniel. – Why do you look like you do? – This is our new neighbor. Neighbor Alice. – [Matt] Next door neighbor. – Next door? – [Matt And Rebecca] Yeah. – Yeah, okay. – Right, yeah. – Okay, great. So now you’re doing a challenge? – Well, not us. All of us. – [Matt] Yeah. – You have to do it too. – You’re not wearing anything rainbow. – I don’t own a lot of rainbow. – It’s cause a hack, he’s– – [Matt] Hackey sacker. – Actually you know what, this is kind of rainbow. – Kinda, one of the colors of the rainbow. – Yeah, I think it’ll do. – We should probably get some
more food for the challenge. – Okay. – [Matt] Yeah, Daniel, do
you want anything over here? Rebecca, do you wanna see if
we have anything in the fridge? – Sure. – [Matt] Alice, do you
wanna go with Rebecca? Check out, yeah. – More rainbow foods? – [Matt] Yeah, more rainbow, yeah. – We might actually have some that you would like. Come here, let’s see what we have. – What is she doing at you guys place? – I know, she just moved in next door. We had no idea that was happening. I think she’s been activated
as Rebecca’s best friend. – That’s exactly what I was
coming to tell you guys. I found out that GMI had
activated the best friend. Okay, well you guys already
know the information, so now what do we do? – We’re trying to keep her
here as long as possible. She has a backpack right now. – [Daniel] Okay. – Inside that backpack is a list. We think that the list will give us information as to what is going on
with the GMI right now. – Oh, okay, okay. – It’s very important. Also something about a necklace. But one thing I wanna point out. You remember when Rebecca
was like fainting? – Yeah, I think something
with one of the things in her backpack is the necklace. We can’t leave them alone. Daniel, we can’t. – No, no, no, no. Hey. – [Matt] What are you guys doing? – Well we were thinking
about doing some cereal. Look what we have. – Fruity Pebbles. – We have Lucky Charms that are rainbow and they’re like unicorn. – You don’t get much more
rainbow than a unicorn. – [Matt] Super excited. – Who’s not excited for rainbows? – Exactly. See, Alice knows what I’m talking about. – [Matt] Go try to get it. – Four bowls, four people. Four people doing this challenge. – [Matt] Hey Alice, do you wanna put your backpack away now? It’s getting a little warm. – Actually I’m fine. – Cool backpack, what’s it? – It’s got rainbows. – Oh yeah. – Yeah, let’s keep going. We have two cereals right now for this rainbow colored
24 hour challenge. Would you want Lucky Charms with unicorns or Fruity Pebbles? – Well I have Fruity Pebbles all the time because they’re obviously
the best rainbow food. – Right. – But let’s try Lucky
Charms with unicorns. – Wait, I wanna do that too. – Really? – I’ve been wanting to try this. That’s why I got it. I’ve never had it before. – I like it too. I’ll eat that too. – Okay, so Matt Fruity Pebbles? – [Matt] Yeah. – Oo. – [Alice] Oh, look at all the colors. It’s perfect. – I know. Comment below what your favorite cereal is and have you tried the Lucky Charms that are unicorn Lucky Charms? – I love Lucky Charms. – Yeah, me too.
– Me too. Enjoy. I have a question for you guys. If you had to eat one rainbow food for the rest of your life, like you’re stranded on an island, what would it be? – I’ve never tried this before and I’ve always wanted to do it but I’ve never had a
friend who wanted to try it but I kind of want to do
rainbow grilled cheese. – I’ve done it before. – [Alice] No way. – It’s so good. – That exists? – Yeah, no it seriously does. There’s a restaurant but like honestly if you make it yourself
it’s so much better. We have all the stuff here. – [Matt] Yeah I think we do. – Yeah. – [Matt] Keep on eating, I’m gonna go see. – Okay, yeah. – [Matt] Rainbow grilled cheese day. Um, I’ll be in the kitchen, okay? – I love cheese. – Looks like it’s going okay. Nothing’s happening yet. Daniel’s kinda staying in
between Alice and Rebecca which is good. Let me see if we have anything
for rainbow grilled cheese. Bread, we need bread. Oh no, only have a couple slices. Guys, we don’t have the stuff for rainbow grilled cheese. We can’t do rainbow grilled cheese. – What? – We can’t do it. – You know what, we have to. I’ll take Alice to the store and we’ll get the ingredients and we’ll come back and make it. I’m taking you to the store. – Um, we’ll go with, we’ll go with. Road trip. – No, no we don’t have to take the Tesla. I can take my car. – We’re all doing the challenge. – Yeah, we gotta do it together. – You guys, you don’t have to do this. – We’ve got to do it together. – So we’re all doing it. It was your idea Rebecca, good job. Great idea. – Okay, yeah I guess you guys can come. – All right, so we’re
here at the grocery store. We need to go get all the stuff. – Yes, we need to get
cheese, color dye, and bread and that’s it. So why don’t we split up? The girls, we’ll get the cheese and then you guys get the
color dye and the bread and then we’ll meet back up here, okay? – Let’s do this quicker, look it, look it. I think it’d be quicker, the
three of you guys split up and then I’ll go by myself. I’ll get the cheese and the bread. – No, we’ll get the cheese. – Okay, so I’ll get the
color food dye and some oil. – So we got cheese and bread, three of us, you got the oil. – Okay, but why doesn’t
Daniel just go with you so it’s even, two and two. – I got a camera. – Oh. – Exactly. – Oh. Okay, all right, let’s go. – Can’t believe I’m wearing
this in public again. – Was it this one? – On the other side. – Okay, I don’t go to the
grocery store very often. So, technically I’m not
supposed to have cheese cause I’m you know– – Lactose intolerant. – Yeah. I think this would be the best one to get cause it’s light so then
when we add the coloring it’ll like soak into the cheese. – Looks like I got everything
that I need to get. I wonder how they’re doing. Hopefully Daniel is staying
with both Rebecca and Alice. – Let’s check out and hopefully Matt is getting the
color dye and the bread and we’re gonna make some rainbow
grilled cheese sandwiches. – All right. – Where’s Matt? – Hey, you’re wearing a ZamFam shirt? – Yeah. – I gave it to her to put under the jacket in case she was hot. Yeah, she wanted to wear
it and it’s pretty hot. Oh, here’s Matt. – Oh, hey I got the other stuff. – All right let’s eat some grilled cheese. – Yep. Okay, so we are back and I’m going to teach
you guys how to make– – Wait, you said that you’d
change into the ZamFam shirt. – Oh, yeah, yeah. So I’m gonna teach you guys how to make a rainbow
colored grilled cheese. You’re gonna learn how to make it but I did say I was gonna
change into a ZamFam shirt so I’m gonna do that now and then we’re gonna have
some grilled cheese rainbow. – Yes. – Okay, I’ll be quick you guys. – Daniel, come on. Rebecca, don’t you feel
like you’re going along with this a little too much? – What do you mean? – [Matt] Rebecca. – I told her I would wear this. I said I would. It’s fun. Maybe she just wants to match. – Did you find out any
information whatsoever? What’s in her backpack? What’s on the list? – I didn’t see anything new on the list. You guys, she’s so nice. I’m not gonna be mean to her. – Rebecca. – This is just a fun challenge. We’re trying to get to know her. – Okay, but like you’re
becoming her best friend. – What? – In real life. – I’m just trying to be nice to her and I said I’d wear,
this is the ZamFam merch, by the way shout out to you guys that wore my merch and
tagged me on Instagram. No, you guys she’s fine. – You guys okay? – Matt’s saying like he’s mad at me because I’m just going
along with this challenge but it’s just for the challenge. – [Matt] Daniel. – Well I wasn’t gonna say anything but you kinda are. This is who you saw in the Dollhouse. – Rebecca are you okay? Daniel do you think she still has the? – What? You guys let’s get out there. She’s fine. I think we can trust her. Alice, oh Alice. – [Matt] Hey. – Wait, what are you doing? – [Matt] Peanut. – I got a rainbow outfit. – Oh, you know– – [Matt] He’s not a fan of rainbows. – He’s not. Blackjack. Blackjack, baby. It’s a little tight on him. – [Matt] It’s probably more Peanut size. – He loves. – I love it. – Yeah, but he loves rainbows. – You don’t think that it
would fit Peanut better? – No, Blackjack’s the rainbow guy. Go, taste the rainbow. – [Matt] Okay, grilled
cheese, grilled cheese. – Okay, yeah, okay. I’m not a great cook. Sprinkle like a little
bit of cheese in each. We don’t have to do a lot. Do you wanna do the blue and purple? – Okay. – Do a few drops and then
there’s spoons here Alice. Look at that. – [Daniel] So you’re mixing in dye? – Food dye, yeah. – That’s how it works Rebecca? – Yeah. I did it a long, long time ago. So I’m just baking. – Baking grilled cheese. – It’s so fun. – Rainbow grilled cheese. – Oh yeah, yeah. – It’s gonna be so yummy in my tummy. – In my tummy. – [Daniel] Was that a planned dance? – No, Matt you gotta get the pan out. We gotta make the grilled cheese. I think we’re out of spray. – I’ll get the butter. – Parental supervision. Parents like me. Someone as good at baking as me. – [Daniel] Have you ever
made a grilled cheese while in a rainbow outfit? – No. – First times for everything. – You have to toast one
side before you butter it. – [Daniel] Yeah, but you
gotta put the butter first. – Rebecca never cooks guys. – No, I do cook. – Okay, now you can start
putting in your stuff, okay? – Okay, so now– now it’s time to eat the
rainbow grilled cheese. – Cheese. – [Daniel] What accent was that? – Wisconsin? – [Everyone] Whoa. – Cheers. To rainbow grilled cheese and this 24 hour challenge. – Makes your hands all dirty. – Got food coming out my fingers. I should go wash my hands. – Okay. – [Daniel] Was your hands. – Guys, she’s totally nice. I told you it was fine and she likes grilled cheese. – [Matt] She said wash my hands but she’s not washing her hands. – What? – [Matt] Alice? – Hey, hey, the sink’s over here. What are you doing? – What are these? How do they work? – Hold on, the key was here. It was either here or in the cover. – [Matt] Peanut, what are you doing bud. Thank you, thank you,
thank you, thank you. – Hold on, hold on, hold on. It was like right, no no this isn’t it. Hold on the key was somewhere around here. – [Matt] Yeah I think
it might be inside the– – Wait, no, no, no. – [Matt] What? – No, no, no we, the key. The key’s missing Matt. I don’t, you guys. – I’m gonna look for the key. – [Matt] Yeah, yeah, yeah. – The key is here, wait, wait, wait. I think it’s in the cupboard right there. – [Matt] Over here, yeah. – I don’t think I could get my hand out. – Maybe we could do like a
new 24 hour challenge, right? – Uh, no, no, no I think
we’re gonna find the key. – [Matt] Daniel get the key, Daniel. All right guys, we’re gonna try to figure out what’s going on right now. – We’re gonna get this off. – Check out the video right over here where we spied on her. Okay, um guys. – Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt
you need to help me. – [Matt] We gotta get the Keys. – Help me, help me. – [Matt] Daniel you got the key? – Suntan. – [Matt] That’s not it. – No, come on Daniel, please get the key.


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