We are ‘Luv’ Pub Part-Timers | Luv Pub | Season 1 – EP.10 (Click CC for ENG sub)

This feels nice. Wait… Ga Yeong. Jae Hyuk. Yes? Look at me. -What?
-Huh? Look at me. (Episode 10,
Luv Pub) I sent the address
where he works. Everyone is waiting, so you have to go
and bring Jae Hyuk back. Okay. Hey… He, Hello? It’s me. I have something to say to you, so I’m leaving a voice message. At first, I didn’t understand you well. You worked like the weight of
the world was on your shoulders. You were even boring. But after you left like that, something came to my mind. You’re just… a lot different from me. Honestly, I still can’t
understand fully… how you can live like that. But still, I think Luv Pub needs you. I just wanted to say this. So I’m leaving this
voice message. I’m sorry, Jae Hyuk. Since when were you waiting? I’m sorry I concerned
all of you. Why did you come now? Si Hwan was standing in front
of your locker like a sinner. Do you know how annoying
that was? Why are you mentioning that? Hey, do you know how hard it was
for me without you? Ga Yeong wiped all the spoons
instead of you. That’s right. You wipe
all the spoons from now on. You should go and change. I knew it. A straight approach
always works. Jae Hyuk, hold up your shoe. They look pretty. Why do you keep looking at
your watch? What? Oh… I didn’t look at my watch. Where do we go now? I was joking. You have to go to work now. I’m sorry. Then… give me a hug before you leave. Hey! There are so many people
around here. There’s no one around. Give me a hug! Come on, give me a hug
before you leave. Huh? You were going to hug me anyway. Good boy. Jae Hyuk. -Yes?
-Look at me. -What?
-Huh? Look at me. Ga Yeong. Yes? -Good.
-Okay, good. Okay, good. Like a combination
of winter and summer. Okay, good! Try looking like a fairy
in the wind. Wow, that’s perfect!
“I am this bag,” “and this bag is me.
I was born from this bag!” Something seems strange.
Is everything okay? Don’t worry, sir. Wow! It’s because my money is
on the line. Okay, wow! Amazing! Perfect! Sorry for being late. No, it’s fine. Who is this? She’s our designer. Say hi to our boss. -Hello.
-Hello. Oh, yes. -Go and check the outfits.
-Sure. -Thank you.
-No problem. She has a boyfriend. Hey, why aren’t you reading
my text messages? Why do you keep bothering me
during work? Why are you avoiding me? am I? I wasn’t avoiding you. You don’t even want to pay
the interest, do you? Besides that, I have something else to say. Send me a text.
I have to get going. Hey… What’s wrong? Don’t you have something to say
to me? No. This is your chance. Anything you want to say? Let me think about it. What did Ga Yeong mean
when she said that? -What?
-Were you really jealous? Is that why you fought
with Jae Hyuk? Probably. You know that dating is… a waste for me, right? I’m… going in the army. Wait. This is the money I saved up. It’s not much. How much is all this? It’s been years since
I started working. You’re the one who’s been
wasting money all that long. So, anyway… if I save up a little more, I can rent myself
a proper house and can pay for my
college tuition for about another year. So? Why are you showing this to me
right now? If I save up a little more, dating might become… something that I don’t consider
as a waste anymore. When… do you think that’ll happen? In about… two years? After I come back from the army? Well, that…. could also be possible. Hey. Hey, Si Hwan! It’s nice to meet you. (Japanese for Beginners) Let’s have a good time. Terry. What are you doing? It’s nice to meet… Are you going to Japan? Let’s have… a good time. Love makes… a frightened cub into a courageous lion. Aya, I’m the master of dating
at Luv Pub, Terry. Hello. My name is Bong Nam Kang. Hello. My name is Aya.

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