War Card Game : War Card Game Rules: When to Wage War

Let’s make sure we know when you go to war
when you’re playing the card game war. Well,
it all starts with I throw out a card and
you throw out a card and the highest one takes
it. Now aces are high in war. So an ace beats
a queen. You take that. You have one more
card than you did before. Now we each throw
out a card. You threw a two. I throw a nine.
Nine beats a two. Good show. We’re even again.
Now I throw a card and you throw a card and
they’re each kings. So we tie. So what do
we do? We go to war. That’s how this game
works. Now we’ll discuss the finer points
of this portion of the game in the next segment
or two. I hope you will enjoy that. It’s good
to know how the rules should go for when you
are the person in charge of the game of war.

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