War Card Game : War Card Game Rules: Variations

You know what being a sort of a colloquial
game there are different rules amongst different
communities. So let’s look at a couple of
different options for how to wage war. You
know most of the videos that are in this series,
we’ve done this. We’ve done one, two, three,
and then put a card up. One, two, three, card
up. There’s also what we did in one of the
segments which is one, two, three, four, I
declare war. I declare war. That’s another
option. And here’s one that I find on the
internet which goes like this. One card down,
one card up. Thought that was very interesting.
I go my whole life and never heard of this
variation. Well, it’s important to decide
before you sit down to play which way you’re
going to play. I’m not so fond of the one
down one up variation, it doesn’t teach counting.
So I say either choose one, two, three, one
up, or one, two, three, four, I declare war.

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