War Card Game : War Card Game Rules: If Player Runs Out of Cards

Alright, here’s a question for you. What do
you do if you get to a war situation where
you’ve thrown out the same value card as your
opponent but your opponent is short stacked
as far as the cards go? Well, there are three
options and I would suggest that you choose
the option that works for your game. Option
A, option number one is the game is over.
Your opponent doesn’t have enough cards to
play out the war. You take the cards and you
win. Now, if you’re playing with someone under
the age of say eight this will not work and
I don’t need to explain why. So, let’s go
on to another option and that is the option
that this card the up card is. Well, you play
like this. You play all cards down except
for the last one which is up and then that
card would be the opponent’s card that plays
until the war is decided. So, if you should
happen to also throw a three, then you would
throw out three cards again and the opponent’s
card would still play but in most cases, that’s
not going to happen. Only, one out of thirteen
times will it happen. Lastly, and this is
the option that my dear mommy played with
me is that you throw out let’s call it equal
force. I only have three cards left so I put
down two and throw one face up and then you
match equal force two cards down face up and
whoever has the highest value card wins the
packet and in this case, lucky you, you won
the game.


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