Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas DETAILED Hotel Review

– A video review of the
Waldorf Astoria hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. I’m Chris, this is Topher,
this is special guest Monaco and this is Yellow Productions. We do travel guides that are fun, in form of entertaining and in this video, it’s part
of our series on Las Vegas. We’re gonna be telling you
everything you need to know if you’re considering
staying in this hotel, including the common areas of the hotel, with a ride around the hotel, and the inside of one of the rooms. The king room, this one right here. The Waldorf Astoria is located
in the city center complex, sort of an interesting situation. You enter here at this ground floor lobby and then you go through the
real lobby on the 23rd floor. All this lobby has is basically
a little desk, a sign, and some elevators. Up on the 23rd floor,
there’s the check-in desks, there’s a tea room, there’s a bar, there’s a restaurant up there. But being in the city center complex, there’s lots of stuff around here. It’s right next to the ARIA Hotel. You can see ARIA right up there. Vdara is just in the back. If you want to do self-parking, the closest self-parking is at ARIA, though that’s at the ARIA rates. All the parking here is valet parking. It’s $30 a day for valet parking right in front of the hotel. There’s another restaurant
if you head down to the third floor, that’s the cafe. It’s the Zen Cafe. It’s a restaurant, this is where you can get
breakfast in the morning, particularly if you got the dining credit. There’s also a little coffee
shop right next to it. They have complimentary
coffee and tea in the morning but they seem to get rid
of that by about 10 a.m.. The eighth floor is home to the spa, pool, and the fitness center. The pool, it’s an outdoor pool, open air. On the rooftop, there are two pools: the lower pool and the upper pool. The upper pool is adult only. There’s also a cafe out here which I assumed would be
opened in the summer time. The gym is a pretty nice gym. Open, airy, with impressive
views of The Strip down below from the workout equipment. I did not try any of the spa offerings, though I found it interesting
there is a Chinese foot spa. And of course, you can
get all of your spa gifts at the little spa gift shop. This is room 1002, a king
room on the 10th floor. Come on in, let me show you around. You passed the closet,
you passed the bathroom. We’ll check in on those in a little bit. Opens up into the main part of the room. One king bed here. This hotel used to be
The Mandarin Oriental and so there’s a lot of
oriental theming in it. A couple of interesting
lights on the wall, very dark theming. Over here, there’s a nice little sofa. In the corner, a chase where
I can tell my psychiatrist all of my problems or perhaps it has a foot stool right here. We’re on the 10th floor and
so if we come over here, this looks out on the Las Vegas Strip and what you can see at
night is The MGM Grand, The New York-New York, The
Park MGM, The Mandalay Bay, all on that direction. That is the south part of The Strip. And there’s a CVS
Pharmacy right down below. Just to the other side of that window, there’s a desk. I almost wish this desk
would face the other way. I guess I could move this
chair over to this side because it seems like if I
was working on this desk, I’d wanna sit here and
look out the window. Some more interesting oriental-type art. I think the Waldorf Astoria has said they’re gonna remodel the hotel but this is what the rooms look like right as they took it over. They took it over about two months ago, October, November, something like that. There’s a flat-panel television, there’s some Fiji water that costs $10. I don’t think I’ll be having any of those. If we come over here and take a look inside this set of stuff, this one’s just a drawer. Down here is the in-room minibar that has lots of fancy things. Ah, some cham-pag-ne, some champagne. In here, we have a little box that says complimentary tea and coffee. This is for the tea
and coffee in the room. English breakfast, peppermint leaves, steeped coffee, creamers all in there. And then in this drawer
is the teapot, some cups, and then over here in this little pullout, there’s the various glasses. They hide all this stuff away. And then another part of the minibar, all of the dried goods are right here. Now, if we look over this way, you can actually see the
bathroom through here and this is really kind of interesting. I’m like, hmm, that’s strange. And this slides to kinda close that up. And then it’s also funny that it reveals this little piece of
artwork underneath that. But I think really more
interesting to leave this open as we go into the bathroom so let’s head in to the bathroom this way! I’ll show it to you. This wall on this side,
it’s kind of see through but not as see through as the other side. You just see shadows and
things like that through here. So the first thing you’ll
notice in the bathroom is the big soaking tub. It has a big soaking tub
that also has a shower on it. One of the things I think is cool, there’s this little dish right here. It looks like you might eat out of this or something like that but what is it? It’s the bath salts with the little spoon to spoon the bath salts into the bathtub. And the soaps and everything in the room is Salvatore Ferragamo soaps. That smells pretty good. Alright, there’s a big sink in the room. There’s two big sinks in the room and there’s a little stool over here that you could sit on if
you were doing make up. There’s this extra mirror. And in this drawer, there’s a hairdryer. But something I’ve actually
never seen in a hotel before. In this silver case, there
is a Conair curling iron. Very interesting! Other parts of the bathroom
to take a look at over here is the in-room toilet behind
this little translucent door. Just a normal toilet, nothing to speak up. I would expect like a fancy
Toto toilet or something. Maybe when they do the remodel,
they’ll listen to that. And here is the shower. It’s a big walk-in shower. It has a fixed head up on top, it also has a handheld unit down here. There’s no rain head on
the top, just a light, and then it also has the
Salvatore Ferragamo body wash and things like that. The final part of the room I’m
gonna show you is the closet so follow me as we go this
way back to the beginning. I will point out here, this room has the copiest
amount of light switches. There’s so many lights and
so many things to turn on. I think to turn on all
the lights in the room, we had to flip like 10 switches or buttons and it wasn’t obvious what all of them do. I won’t touch it ’cause I don’t
want to turn the lights off. Okay, the first notable
closet that I wanna point out is this thing, it’s the valet closet. What’s the valet closet? Well, you can open it from inside and they can open it from outside. You’ll notice there’s one hook in here so that if they were gonna
put like your dry cleaning or your newspaper, they’d
put it in from the outside then you can get it in from here. Up here, ooh, there’s a gift box! What’s in the gift box? What do you think? What do you think is in here? No really, what do you think is in here? I want to know. I’m gonna show you what’s in here but leave me a comment below and tell me what you think or what you thought was in this box. Well, it is a pillow! That’s where they hide the
extra pillow in the room. I’ve never had a pillow
in a fancy box like that. That’s kinda cute. What else is in these drawers? These drawers are empty,
this drawer has the safe. Down here was the iron and interesting, it comes with a bottle of water so that you can put not tap water but fancy purified water in the iron. And then finally, there’s
another big portion of the closet where you can hang all the stuff. They’d give you a couple of slippers and this little box to let you know that they have complimentary
shoe shine service. Shoe shine service, try to
say that three times fast. And they got a little brush
and this is a fancy thing to put your shoes on with black leather. That’s it, that’s the room! Wait, not so fast! I did miss one thing. Topher stopped me in the
bathroom there, some bamboo! Okay, Topher, you know what time it is? – [Topher] Topher Review Time! – It’s time review the hotel and we review hotels on a
scale of one to five Topher. So Topher, how many Tophers
does this hotel get? – [Topher] Four Tophers! – It gets Tophers! Alright, so let’s talk about
how why it got four Tophers. We’ll talk about the pros and the cons and why it didn’t get five Tophers. But first of all, just for a number, it’s currently four Tophers. It might be going to 4 1/2
because the Waldorf Astoria is planning to do a full property remodel within the next couple of years and so that might bring it up a little bit but right now, it’s four Tophers. But we’ll start with the pros. The pros: it’s a great location
in the city center complex. It’s right on The Strip. The rooms are big and comfortable. I could live in this room for a long time ’cause there’s a lot of space. Sofa, desk, bed, the bathroom is big, separate bathtub, separate
shower, beaded closet, the room was quiet, the
air conditioning was cold, the views are great,
the service was great. I also liked that it’s a
non-gaming and non-smoking property so you don’t have to walk through smoke. You walk right in to the lobby and you’re just to your
room pretty quickly. I mean, you do have to
take those two elevators. You take one up to the lobby and then one to your room but that’s still a lot
faster than slipping through the casinos of most
Las Vegas Strip hotels. Other pros: being right in The Strip, there’s a CVS right out front so you can get all your
necessities from CVS. You don’t have to buy them from some overpriced hotel gift shop. So on to the cons. The cons, why didn’t it get five Tophers? Well first of all, this
hotel being built in 2009, everything looks pretty original from 2009 and while it doesn’t look awful, there are some things that
are starting to get tired. The wood is starting to get nicked, there’s cracks and things like that. The minibar in our room
actually wasn’t cold. I think the refrigerator doesn’t work. So the property’s starting
to show some of this age. As I say, with that property remodel, I think that will be helped. The breakfast situation,
Hilton Gold and above members get a $50 dining credit per day which is good for maybe one
person but not for two people. The prices in the restaurant
are much higher than that. I would love to see some
sort of an executive lounge, concierge lounge, or just a benefit that says breakfast for two people. I would prefer that as
opposed to the dining credit which you’ll often end
up just breaking the bank and breaking the budget. And Topher, he really likes a nice bedding and it’s an okay comforter but I would expect a nicer comforter. Two nights ago, three nights ago, we were in the NoMad Hotel and that one had a fabulous
comforter on the bed. So we’d look for a better comforter. We’d look for more bathroom amenities, things like toothbrushes,
toothpaste, mouthwash. Maybe those are all things you can request but typically at hotels, they
get 4 1/2 or five Tophers, all those things are just right there. Also, the toilet. For a hotel that tonight
is going for $700 tonight, we are two days before New
Year’s Eve but it’s $700 tonight, we’d expect a fancier toilet, maybe like a Toto Toilet,
those sorts of things. And people always ask, so Chris, how much did you pay for this hotel? We booked it on Hilton Honors Point. It was 80,000 Hilton’s Honors Points. I mentioned that it was
going for $700 tonight but you can find this hotel as
low as $200 in the low season but if you look on New
Year’s Eve, it’s $1,000. So it ranges quite a bit. So depending upon when you’re coming, if you find this hotel in
the $200 to $300 night range, I think it’s a pretty
reasonable place to stay. $700, $800, $1,000, we would
expect just a little bit more. Well hey, we hoped you enjoyed this video. Definitely consider this if
you’re staying on The Strip and you find it for cheap. If you’re coming to Vegas, you might enjoy some more
of our Las Vegas videos. Maybe a review of that NoMad
Hotel that I just mentioned which is The Park MGM,
that’s a new hotel as well or we’ve got a video on
the five best luxury hotels on the Las Vegas Strip. You can check that out,
click it right here, find the link in the description below. Well, we won’t say goodbye because we’ll see you in the next video. – [Topher] See you soon!


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