Visiting Vivacious Vegas

Las Vegas, a glimmering jewel shining in the
The lights of this improbable city are laser
bright and can be seen hundreds of miles in all directions.
The lights are a beacon summoning visitors
by the millions.
These visitors all seeking quick riches, romance,
entertainment and to escape reality.
Upon entering Las Vegas, one instantly will
notice that the sounds and the lights are
even more brilliant then could have been imagined.
Las Vegas visually stimulates perhaps better
than anywhere else.
Las Vegas is perhaps the ultimate vacation
Best known for gambling, that is However,
only the very tip of the iceberg.
Experiencing the sites, taking in the fantastic
shows, gorge on the great food and absorb
the hotels endless amainties and lavish spas.
Las Vegas is famous for its 24 hour glittering
The best food to be found anywhere.
Unbelievably dazzling shows.
World class golf, the top wedding destination,
and non stop nightlife.
All of the above has earned it its well deserved
moniker ‘Sin City.’
No mater what your tastes, desires or pleasures
Vegas will not disappoint.
Some people carefully plan every detail well
in advance while others choose to fly there
on a whim with no agenda in mind.
The one thing that every visitor has in common
is a strong desire to return.
Most will begin planning their next Vegas
visit even before they have finished their first.

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