Visit Galveston! | Stella Mare RV Resort Review

it is currently December 12th 2017 and I
have spent the last 30 days of my life
at Stella mare RV Resort ohshe in
Galveston Texas this is the first thing
you see when you enter the park giant sign Road by
the way I will be filming this entire
video on my g7 with the Takstar microphone just the microphone mounted
on top with a wind guard and I’m gonna
do that because I want you guys to see
all the sounds in the campground and I
want to have an accurate depiction of
what it’s like as you can see it is very
windy here
it’s been windy the entire time I’ve
been here that’s to be expected next to
the water so here’s the campground and
there’s the main road sadly there’s no
beach access directly across from the
park because it’s like some sort of lake
or something over there but there is
Beach access one block that way as well
as one block that way so it’s not a huge
deal but it makes it harder to walk to
the beach and here’s the dog park this
one is for dogs over 25 pounds this side
is for dogs under 25 pounds
the pool is super nice it’s uh it’s big
it’s got a shallow side it doesn’t get
really deep but it’s a lot of space a
lot of chairs a lot of room for people
which is good because it’s a pretty good
size apart the pool however is not
needed so if you’re coming at a time of
year like like right now December it is
not super nice to be in I have swam but
it’s not amazing there they are putting
in a hot tub though really soon it’s
been being put in the whole time I’ve
been here though so uh I don’t know how
likely it is it will be here on your
visit unless you’re coming in like three
you can see the whole RV park over here
and then on this side you get a lovely
view of this blank thingy that you’re
not allowed to fish in sadly but it’s
they also have quite a view
and then this porch outside of the
Seabreeze room right here has a gorgeous
view overlooking the entire campground
let’s take a look
and have you seen any of my other videos
this is the room where I’m always eating
those free Donuts love the free donuts
and now we’re gonna go down to that
playground come on I assume this is
probably a lot cooler if you have kids
but even if you don’t makes for a good
and who doesn’t like slides I like slides
and then this bar is under the main
office if you saw me eating ice cream
this is where I did it they even serve
free beer here in the summertime I hear
and I ride
look at that view ice and vending
machines and here’s the back edges of
the park this road is like 30
mile-per-hour road that doesn’t stop people from going
like 70 on it this is also the road in
which I am located on I’m against the
backside of the park and the road noise
is pretty loud you also don’t get any
refuge from the wind because the sound
is over there so the wind’s coming from
both directions you’re gonna get wind no
matter where you are in the campground
now the other downsides as far as noise
go there’s a very small airport back
there they do like skydiving lessons and
stuff it’s a skydiving bar and driving
range all in one and the last noise if
you can hear it that right there
there it is again there it is again
on top of it there being a airport back
there there’s also a private shooting
range back here and they shoot all the
time like sometimes at 5 a.m. and
sometimes all the way as late as like 10
p.m. it’s pretty ridiculous and here is
the bathrooms equipped with elevator for
the disabled and elderly and here’s the
you’re probably not supposed to
skateboard here but they have a great
Floors for it and here it is equipped with
washing machines it looks like they
fixed the other one which is great two
stalls two urinals to pee in and two
showers as well as this magnificent
changing room and the bathrooms are
always nice and clean so I don’t even
feel that disgusting doing this I will
say that laundry is quite expensive two
dollars and fifty cents for a wash and two
dollars for a dry I think this one’s
broken though because it says it’s free
I’m definitely not allowed to review
that bathroom but I have talked to a few
women and they say it looks exactly the
alright the last thing I want to talk
about is prices can you see that
probably not 569 dollars per month is
what I paid for the monthly fee in the
wintertime I’m not sure what the monthly
fees are for the summer I know they’re
an increase because that is their
popular on season tourist season but here
they have three different types of sites
I think it’s called like premium premier
and something else doesn’t matter the
point is low medium high the lowest site
which is a back in site that I’m in with
nothing extra it’s a 30 amp service back
site and that is $54 per day or $60 per
day on the weekend and then it goes up
from there so the next site up would be
the back in 50 amp site like the one
right next to me and that is $58 per day
$66 for the weekend and then the
pullthru sites over there are 72 dollars
per day and 82 dollars on the weekend
for the wintertime rates the summertime
everything goes about 5 bucks the site
that I’m in 58 65 for a weekday weekend
60 to 68 for the 50 amp and 83 90 for
the polling and all of that is weekday
and then weekend as you can see the
sites are large they have tons of space
they’re in the process of building
picnic tables they don’t have picnic
tables for all the sites yet but they
will eventually there’s tons of space to
pull in one or possibly probably even
two vehicles in each site as well as
your camper and you just have tons of
space space is not an issue here you
have some grass no shade in this park
but that’s to be expected there aren’t
really that many trees here but the
awesome thing about those prices is that
everything is included they have cable
Wi-Fi electric water sewer all the all
the normal stuff
all right while I was here I did have
one issue it was an electrical issue I
was getting low voltage to my rig let me
fix this although it was irritating and
it does dock them a little bit they
communicated with me super well it was
really hard to get an electrician out
here because of all the hurricane damage
they have a huge shortage of contractors
and electricians and just things like
that so it’s understandable it still
sucks but it’s understandable but there
was one issue I have with this park one
huge issue
the only huge issue I have with this
park and that is that they contract
their Wi-Fi out to another service so
their internet is straight garbage it’s
so bad it’s so so bad and I just wish
you guys would fix it it docks this park
a lot for me I really like Wi-Fi I like
to have a good signal I don’t like to
battle with the Wi-Fi at all times it
was taking me 10 hours to upload a
YouTube video if you have a mobile
hotspot it’s really not an issue most of
the people at this campground I’ve
realized do I have one but it’s just
it’s not that fast so I was using the
campground internet for the most part
and yeah just super slow and then if you
wanted faster speeds you could pay like
a absurd amount of money like a hundred
dollars a month I think five megabytes
per second which is still extremely slow
I have no idea why it would cost that
much fix that guys fix it it’s so easy
it’s such an easy fix
just do it apart from other campgrounds
that I’ve been to is the people they
have amazing staff they’re setting up
super awesome events all the time
they’re amazingly friendly they are
willing to help at any moment they’re
constantly driving around on the golf
cart they pick up trash from your
driveway you just drop it at the end of
your driveway at any time of the day
and they will come pick it up super
super awesome people and that’s what
separates this park from the rest they
do the ice cream socials and and the
s’mores and wine sharing on the weekends
they do bingo for kids and during the
summer months they have even more
activities so they’re constantly doing
things they’re constantly creating a
sense of community within the park and
you instantly meet everybody at the
entire park the first weekend you’re
here which is just something that I
haven’t experienced at any other Park
they go above and beyond in so many
different ways it’s just absolutely
insane and you know I gotta say I really
feel like a family at this RV park all
right so I guess it’s time for me to
rate this park I would love to give this
park a 5 out of 5 a perfect rating but I
can’t and the reason that I can’t is
although they go above and beyond in so
many ways that one basic base is not
covered Internet and because of that I’m
going to have to give this park a four
out of five
sadly guys fix your internet I will come
back and rate you with five stars
you’ll be the number one place that I’ve
ever say that if you just fix your
internet but all in all if you don’t
care about Internet then this is the
perfect place for you if you need fast
internet however I gotta say this
probably isn’t the place for you or
maybe it’s only like a little bit the
place for you
because it is pretty freaking awesome
come on free s’mores free ice cream
come on you know the way to my heart so
thank you so much stella mare I had an
awesome month here and if you enjoyed
this video make sure you go ahead and
give it a big old thumbs up subscribe to
my channel I put out videos every single
day and until next time guys I’ll see
you later

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