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>>STEVE BARNES: Virtual tours for hotels
and resorts from Barnes Creative Studios are
powerful tools for selling rooms,
suites and villas online.
These virtual tours are also very valuable
to a sales team as a tool to quickly sell
hotel buyouts or large group bookings.
We will use one of our hotel virtual tours
from the Four Seasons Punta Mita to
showcase some of the features available on
our virtual tours for hotels and resorts.
Starting on the start up screen –
you will have your logo front and center along
with text you can use to clearly display context
for the tour a potential
guest is about to view.
Now inside the tour– you will see that you
will also have your logo in the top right
This smaller logo will stay on screen during
the entire virtual tour.
All of our virtual tours for hotels and resorts
come with many advanced features but we can
also design specific features just for you.
There is no limit of options
that could be implemented inside our virtual
An example not shown here is a VR, or virtual
reality, version of
the virtual tour which is a free add-on that
we offer.
If you request VR versions of your tour you
will simply see a
VR icon on the screen either in the top left
or bottom left part of the screen.
On top of that you can also load offline
versions to an iPad which comes in very handy
for a sales team.
Let’s take a look at some of the options shown
on this tour which are represented by icons
in the bottom left corner of the screen.
This icon is a toggle button to
launch the tour in full screen.
The next icon we will focus on is the highlight
reel which is represented by this
filmstrip with a play button.
This will toggle highlights chosen by you
that will open up on the bottom right side
of the screen.
You can quickly jump to any part of the virtual
tour by clicking on the desired preview image.
The final virtual tour for hotels feature
we will show today is the floor plan view.
We can take your floor plan
and make it interactive.
We can add hot spots to areas you would like
guests to be able to quickly access.
simply click where they want to go and will
be put into that area of the virtual tour.
These virtual tours for
hotels and resorts are a very powerful sales
Contact us at Barnes Creative Studios dot
com for more information.

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