VG Myths – Can You Beat Sly Cooper Without Stealing Any Coins?

Good morning
Everybody, and, welcome to VG myths the online internet video game TV show a reef forestry reality to conform with our will in Sly Cooper
And the Thievius Raccoonus you play as a morally upstanding
Citizen on a quest to cordially visit old family acquaintances and request the return of a book “borrowed” from your father.
Well at these friendly reunions, we’ll have to be mindful of the Golden Rule. Yes, I feel transgressed and violated
Cooper, stealing is wrong!
Can you beat Sly Cooper
without stealing any coins the rules are thus…
Scrapping coins is completely banned. If we collect a single coin. We must reload a prior save additionally
There’s a glitch in the ps2 release that would
potentially allow us to collect tons of coins load game then grab a key before the loading screen transition completes,
resulting in a save file with 0 coins on the counter.
But the key we just grabbed in our possession use of this glitch to roll back
The coin counter is banned since come on if I let that slide the semantics police would hound me for life
with the rule set
Let’s start the run we could break into the police HQ while dodging the coins in our path
But that would be rude and I feel like showing off by jumping on the building’s edge
We can fall from the beginning to the end of the Paris tutorial completely skipping the indoor segments
I hope you like sequence breaks because we’ve got way more
Where that one came from the tide of terror intro level doesn’t have any road blocks
But we’re going to grab all the clue bottles and get the dive technique at the stages vault
We don’t actually need the dive itself
but techniques are learned in linear order and we are going to need a later technique in Raleigh’s main hub the game tells us we’re
Going to want Raleigh’s treasure Keys from the first level set in order to break this generator
But playing the game might be hard
So we’re not gonna do that
Instead climb up to the guard above the generator get him to spot you and immediately walk off the ledge
He’ll fire an explosive homing blast at the ground
This explosive glass will destroy anything in its radius
Including the generator opening the second level set right away if you’re familiar with this game, though
You’re normally required to have every key from every level in order to unlock the stage boss, so skipping
The first set isn’t going to help us unless we can skip the second set to which of course
We can there’s a trigger inside this cannon that will load the cutscene to initiate the Raliegh boss fight
The game doesn’t actually check the cannon has been unlocked
All it cares about is that sly is in the cannon. So instead of unlocking it
we just need to figure out how to get slide a phase through solid matter and it just so happens whenever sly falls out of
The play area with a horseshoe on hand the game will automatically send him to the last solid ground
He was standing on ignoring and clipping through all solid objects in his path and it just so happened sly is capable of jumping
Slightly before he’s identified as grounded
So all we need to do is set slice last grounded position behind the cannon then jump all the way around
Into water on the opposite side without letting sly the ground sly automatically jumps to his last grounded position
Which ever so coincidentally passes him through the cannon and sends us to Raleigh after a scrumptious meal with Raleigh
We head to mug shot site out for sunset Snake Eyes during the intro level
There are no major roadblocks
but we’re once again going to grab all the clue bottles and unlocks lies rollability in the hub we come up to a little
Problem in order to reach the second level set. We have to unlock this car
Unfortunately, even if we hypothetically got the necessary keys the unlocking cutscene trigger just so happens to be covered in coins
I tried to approach it from every angle
But there doesn’t seem to be any possible way to get this key throwing scene to trigger without grabbing at least one coin sadly
There’s no way to continue the game without unlocking the scar and thus this is the end of our coinless run on
The ps3 version but if we start to run again on the PlayStation 2 version we can throw that car in the trash
Exclusive to the ps2 release is a catapult glitch in this little corner
Which can spit you out ultra high in the air
land on top of the casino entrance and clip into it by using the roll move and
Mugshots first level set is skipped like last time skipping
The first set is meaningless, unless we skip the second set, too
Which of course we can do once again with the horseshoe trick get up to this balconies corner
Then jump down and around to the water if done right?
you’ll punch straight mug shots a Grima allowing you to in a completely fair and balanced match between
Punch mug shots real ugly mug and move on to miss Ruby’s hideout for vicious voodoo at this point in the game
We have a rail walking move
Which is bad news railways are often the only path and are littered with coins
We’ll need to do some pretty tricky jumps around them. But the intro level is still totally doable with enough patience
We could technically do a sequence break past most of this level
But I went the long way around to grab every glue bottle for dev Cooper rindas slow-motion jump technique
Sorry to disappoint if you wanted me to beat this entire game without you know, playing it
But we can’t clip into Miss Ruby’s mas fight meaning we have to visit every individual level and get every key
That’s not to say well actually
You know be playing
individual level we can skip layer of the beast by jumping up this wall near the beginning of the level then following it along a
While until the levels goal in descent into danger were normally forced to climb sideways along these poles that are littered with coins
but abusing horseshoe and vulnerability frames
we can jump on the spiked platform instead then jump up to a wooden beam to skip a
Huge portion of the level from there on it’s a cakewalk
The other levels either don’t have any major roadblocks or don’t even have coins to begin with letting us share our favorite
Musical selections with in is Ruby and move on to Panda kingside out for fire in the sky
The intro level features this coin littered tower that we normally need to sneak around to hit the fireworks on the second floor
But there’s nothing stopping us from just jumping up and hitting them from below
Once again, we can’t clip into the Panda King boss fight
So we’ll have to play every level here and obtain every key the good news is that’s all we have left
Once we reach Panda King, the rest of the game is almost entirely pointless
We’d have to actively go out of your way to grab any so these six levels are our final roadblocks
But they just so happen to be our biggest roadblocks yet meet the flaming temple of flame
Otherwise known as scrooge mcduck
Swimming pool right at the beginning of the level is a grind rare
with four coins in a row you’d think we’d be able to just jump over all four coins at once but the game
Disagrees, if we try to jump over this rail, the game will believe we’ve entered a death barrier forcing us back
I tried jumping in between the coins which might be doable
But would take crazy
precise timing to avoid the death barrier and still managed not to land too close to a coin but what if I told you we
Could grind along the entire rail without jumping off and without touching a single coin
Impossible right? Not quite you see when slide rinds are rail. He doesn’t always land in exactly the same position
I’m not sure why it happens
but if we grab the nearby pipe then immediately
Jump over to the rail sly will abandon the laws of physics and grind on the air instead
zooming right past all four coins a bit further in the level is this cliffside which looks
Slightly more impossible than I’m willing to risk my life on backtracking a bit though
We come to these hooks which just happen to be attached to a ceiling littered with holes
Swing just right and you can jump through these holes skipping the entire temple soon
After are these poles littered with coins rather than climbing them?
We can take the side path that normally leads to a dead end with some bottles
But with some careful jumping we can walk on top of the level boundary letting us jump down past the earlier ledge
We’re almost to the end of the level
We just need to do some careful jumps around this cliff edge and greeting us on the other side is the physical embodiment
suffering two poles covered in coins when sly climbs a pole
He’ll position himself on whatever side the dead set as the poles front which just so happens to be decide
These coins are on there’s no alternate path up
No sequence breaks as far as the laws of physics as we understand them are known in order to beat this level the player
Must climb these coin littered poles. Sorry everybody with a sly one
upstanding citizen run
Isn’t over yet
See sly is capable of jumping while climbing poles
Starting from the exact moment his cane latches on you don’t need to wait until he’s pulled over to the side
And climbs from this means it’s technically possible with ludicrous divine timing to latch onto the pole jump off
Then latch on again over and over
Ascending the pole without touching the coins and remember that third ability
We got the slo-mo jump mash ex, press triangle and circle
Simultaneously repeat repeat repeat all the while controlling your position to be just close enough to the pole to latch on
Immediately, but just far enough. You don’t get pulled into the coins using this super tricky technique
We climb up both poles in one go without touching a single coin
finishing the flaming temple of flame once and for all there’s just one more panda Kinki left but to get to it we’ll have to
Beat the final boss of the coinless run inspector Carmelita Fox. Would you believe she’s trying to arrest the
Absolutely honest Sly Cooper for the bogus charge of theft, but I have half a mind to lodge a formal complaint
But we don’t have time for that right now
Carmelita fires a shock pistol that destroys panels on the ground raining coins all around us and forcing us not to retrace our steps
Along the way is this pit with two fireworks fires the devs intend on a spire jumping across
But both spires have coins on top unlike the coins on poles
We can’t jump before touching the coins on these spires
So our only hope is finding an alternate method across this wooden beam on the left side looks promising
But sly doesn’t like the idea of standing on it there is however one more path only accessible if we take the right approach
When we approach there’s a wall next to the lanterns, but Carmelita destroys it as soon as we pass a certain threshold
But Carmelita has a wine down animation whenever she fires her gun. Wait for the exact moment
She fires to pass the threshold you’ll have just enough time to reach the wall at which point she decides to take the approach of
Yelling at you until you die
It doesn’t work with a bit more tricky platforming and one more slow-mo pulic line
We can reach the end of the stage calmly clear up the misunderstanding
enjoy a firework show with Andy King casually walk through the minigame onslaught and burn clockwork alive in an
excruciatingly, ly painful but ultimately polite lava bath the Sly Cooper
Upstanding citizen run is mission complete before we head out
Credit ghosts the world record sly one any percent speedrunner
Smoothy whose run was used for reference as well as another slice speedrunner surreal made a few
Tutorial videos about the early tricks a couple years ago and finally shout out to all my patreon samurai
Including eric flynn Lesle and hyper strum co r beat rock-solid Oh, mr. Harry Wonka mrs
Eckman and drew ciphers K Gordon Alexander
Bucket on you mason to k JD. Robert b broschi air Ross Clarke codec so that one guy
28-acre ehre Salieri J’s meta 64 Zana Bane citrus. Lush King Tom Nook and cool monkey
666 you come to my video tell me how much it sucks in my comments. I feel transgressed and violated
get out of my


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