VCGLR ‘Are you compliant?’ – bingo venues

[Montage of the Crown Casino fire display
and VCGLR inspectors conducting inspections at different types of venue.]
The VCGLR holistically treats risk within
the liquor and gambling industries.
We encourage compliance using an educative approach.
This is underpinned by enforcement action
when required.
In fulfilling this role, VCGLR inspectors
are at all times focused on harm minimisation
to individuals and communities.
[Two VCGLR inspectors enter bingo venue and
present themselves to the manager at the front desk.]
On arrival at the bingo centre, our compliance
inspectors will meet with the manager.
[VCGLR inspectors examine running sheets and
books with manager.]
Initially they’ll check the running sheets,
to ensure they match the number of books sold.
[VCGLR inspectors walk through bingo floor
as bingo is being played.]
On entering the centre, inspectors make sure
there are no minors present.
Inspectors will also count the number of books each patron is playing.
They’ll also review your permits and the visual display board of numbers.
[VCGLR inspectors examine electronic gaming
For raffles and lucky envelopes, inspectors
check to ensure the charity and public are protected and there’s no fraudulent activity.
Inspectors will need proof that you have declared charity status.
[VCGLR inspectors sit down with venue manager
to discuss findings of inspection.]
Following the inspection, they will complete
a report.
Inspection results are then discussed with the manager.
[A VCGLR inspector and the bingo venue manager
shake hands after discussing the report.]
We understand you are conducting a business
which helps support community charities.
However we also require compliance and will assist
you by providing education and advice
in your efforts to provide a safe and entertaining
environment for your customers.
[Montage of footage inside bingo venue.]
[Closing montage
of liquor and gambling-related footage.]
In fulfilling this role, VCGLR Compliance
is at all times focused on harm minimisation
to individuals and communities.

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