Vacation in Vietnam: InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort

In less than a week we’ll be moving to Tokyo, Japan
So we decided for this last Christmas, instead of buying each other presents
We decided to buy each other a vacation.. to Vietnam!
um.. so we are the only people on this entire glorious beach
yep.. this beach is for me
I love you girl
I love you too, Sunshine
Happy vacation
One of the best things about coming to a resort like this
is that you feel like you can really reconnect with nature
Oh my god, there’s fish coming
oh my god, there are fish coming!
ahhh… fishies.. huh.. shark [screaming]
I don’t want to be on vacation anymore!
Ahh.. yes. That’s more like it
I can see the ocean, but we don’t have the fear of impending death from sea creatures…
There’s a bee attacking me
I see that, he really is
He’s right on your butt
You see him? // No. // Right by your arm.
Why won’t you be friends with me??
Actually, on second thought, I’m going to stick to my comforts of city life.
Simon and Martina do extreme sports!
You got this girl!
ahhh.. motherf******
why me??
and.. she’s up!
Good job, girl!
Umm … what am I supposed to do now?
longboard ….
Oh! Here comes a ****ing wave! You’re wiping out!!!
Are you okay?


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