Utah’s Sundance Resort as told by Robert Redford

What’s the flame that started any of this? And I think for me, it’s about storytelling
I came from a storytelling family
My life, my career has been about storytelling
The labs, Sundance is about storytelling
There’s a history to Sundance that is about a story to be told
Once I get off Provo Canyon and come up this narrow road, I start to,
breathe differently, then when we come up and you open up to Sundance. It’s like,
That’s how I feel. It’s always been that way
It’s never been dull coming up this road
It always feels new, it always feels fresh and it sets in motion a different attitude
where I then slow down
and start to experience why I had that Ahhh
I came through this Canyon by mistake. I was on my way West.
I Saw Timpanogos and that really captivated me, so I took this little side road that brought me up here to what is now Sundance
You look into this majestic
landscape of a giant mountain, the second tallest mountain in Utah
And, that was my first memory of Utah and I liked it a lot
And I said, I’m gonna put a stake in the ground, So, I bought two acres of land
for $500
And then, built a cabin
Because that’s all I could afford. So, I went to acquire it
to protect it and not develop it. And I realized that if it got developed,
It would develop itself away from what my love was and that I felt it should be a place that should be protected
I saw preservation
and a future. It was tied to sustainability
When I bought the area in 1970, well you know, skiing was going to be a part of it
There was one ski lift. It was a little kind of a J bar ski lift that went way up the front mountain
That was all that was here
And beyond here was just, the road just didn’t go any further
That’s how it all started. I see that as a really fun time
It’s just fun you know? Seeing people skiing, coming off the hill. So for me, it was a joy because I love skiing
I like film. Trying to put those two things together was a joy
Favorite ski run? Well, I would think probably Bishop’s Bowl
Cause it’s wide open and you can really cruise and gain speed and do your GS turns and then it narrows down so you have
to start doing slalom turns and so forth
It’s a challenging run, but it’s being up top and cutting loose, it’s such a good feel
Let people find their own way with it, and you trust the fact that they will find what’s really good about it
You give them a hint
And if it’s a feeling that you feel like what I felt when I came up the canyon and went, “Ah, there’s that feeling!”
You want to give other people that same chance, so you just come here and see what you feel to see what your experience is


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