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Yeah, I’m going on a vacation. Well, it’s
time to take care of my hotel reservations.
So what are the words that are helpful when
we talk about hotels and accommodation? Well,
that’s what we are going to learn in today’s
Hi friends, thanks for clicking, I am Niharika.
Well in today’s lesson, we are gonna look
at some vocabulary related to hotels and accommodation.
So when you are ready to check in to a hotel,
it’s important for you to know what are the
words that can be useful when you are staying
in a hotel.
So the very first thing that we are gonna
look at is the types of hotels. So when you
are going on a vacation or may be a business
trip or you’re just going for a one night
stay, you accommodate yourself in a hotel,
right? So, what are the types of hotels that
we have?
Well, the first one is an all-inclusive resort.
Now an all-inclusive resort is a holiday resort
which includes like the package, includes
all three meals. So even the breakfast is
served to you and even lunch as well as the
dinner. So that’s like a complete package.
It’s an all-inclusive resort which people
usually book it for their holidays. So if
you wanna spend a good time with your family,
this is the best place to accommodate yourself.
So it’s a holiday resort wherein the package
includes your three meals.
Alright, the second type of hotel which we
have is bed and breakfast. Now when you go
online and you try to make a reservation,
a hotel reservation, you’ll always see these
options available. So what is bed and breakfast?
Well, bed and breakfast is, of course, a lodging
hotel, a lodging place where you can stay
and the breakfast is also served to you. So,
the morning breakfast is included in that
package. So that’s bed and breakfast. So,
it’s accommodation
and the breakfast is included. The third type
of hotel or the third type of accommodation
that we have for you is a hostel. Well, a
hostel is not very expensive. So it is perfect
for young travellers or for backpackers. So
a hostel is a set of rooms. Okay, it’s in
a dormitory-style wherein the bathrooms or
the toilets are shared and it is not a classy
place but it’s just perfect if you are like
all boys travelling together and you do not
want to spend too much on your hotel stay.
So, a hostel is just perfect. Okay, and as
I said, it’s not expensive, alright.
next type of hotel that we have is a motel.
A motel is again a lodging place which has
a series of rooms and usually a motel is located
on very famous highways. So when you are travelling
probably you are on a road trip and you are
really tired and exhausted and you wanna take
a break. You would like to stay the night
in a motel. So a motel is located near highways.
They have a set of rooms which are again not
very good looking, okay. Like a luxurious
hotel, you have beautiful rooms but a motel
has very basic rooms with basic amenities
and they are located on highways. Okay, so
that’s a motel for you.
Then another type of hotel that we have is
a guesthouse. A guesthouse is usually a private
home which is converted for guest lodging.
Okay so like for example, if I have a big,
huge house and I would like to convert a couple
of rooms of my house into a guest house, then,
of course, it is a profitable business for
me. Okay, so I will rent out the rooms as
a guesthouse for guests to stay with me. Okay,
again a guesthouse is not very expensive.
Like the hotels, luxurious hotels are super
expensive but not a guest house. So it’s quite
inexpensive. Okay, so these are inexpensive
rooms which are available in a private home.
Okay so these are the types of hotels and
accommodation and now let’s have a look
at types of rooms.
Now when you are booking a hotel for your
stay, you will always have options of different
types of rooms and if you’re confused what
exactly these rooms really mean, then I’m
sure this will clear your doubts. The first
type of room that we have is a single room.
A single room is perfect for one adult. So
it is a basic room with one may be a queen
size bed which is perfect for one adult. So
that’s a single room. Then we have a double
room. Double room is for double occupancy.
Okay, so it’s perfect for a couple. It usually
has a double bed or a king size bed.
The third type of room that we have a is twin
sharing. So twin sharing is a room with two
single beds. Okay, so don’t get confused between
a double room and a twin sharing. a double
room has a double bed or a king size bed which
is perfect for a couple whereas twin sharing
is like for example, you’ll are two boys or
two girls out on a trip and staying in a twin
sharing room, then the room has two single
Then the last one that we have is a suite.
Well, that’s how you’re supposed to pronounce
this word. Many people do make a mistake while
pronouncing this. The correct pronunciation
is a suite. Now we have different types of
suites in hotels. We have an executive suite,
we have a honeymoon suite and we have a royal
suite which is like extremely luxurious and
way too good. So what is a suite? A suite
is a set of rooms, a set of different rooms
in a hotel. So a suite has probably a living
room and then it has a nice, huge kitchen
and then also have a nice, big balcony and
then you have two different rooms or probably
three different rooms. So it’s like a house,
a nice big, beautiful, luxurious house but
in a hotel. So that’s a suite for you. So
if you are on your honeymoon, then I would
suggest to book a nice honeymoon suite for
yourself. Okay so these are the types of rooms
that we have and now let’s have a look at
some more words that would be helpful for
you to talk about hotels and accommodation.
So here are some words that will be helpful
to you. the first one is check-in. now the
first thing that you do when you enter a hotel
is you walk towards the reception or the front
to check in. okay so when you go into a hotel,
you enter the hotel, you go towards the reception
desk or the front desk and then you say that,
hey, I have a reservation in the name of Niharika
and I would like to check in right now. Okay,
so that’s the check-in.
Then we have a mini bar. Now you go to your
hotel room and you spot a minibar. Mini bar
is a small refrigerator with tiny bottles
of alcohol and some snacks as well. Now make
sure that you look at the rate card before
using these bottles or snacks because they
are quite expensive. If you go to a grocery
store probably that’s not the price what the
hotel rates are. So make sure you be careful
before using stuff out of that mini bar. So
a mini bar is a small refrigerator, okay.
Then we have room service. Now, what’s room
service? Room service is where you can call
and you can order for food to your room. That’s
so cool. That’s amazing, right? You do not
have to take that effort to go down to a restaurant
and go eat. You can just call room service
and you can order your food. So that’s room
service for you. You can order food to your
room and then we have housekeeping.
Housekeeping is cleaning staff. So, if you
want your room to be cleaned. You want your
bed to be made, then the housekeeping people
would help you to do that. So if you are wanting
to see your room nice and clean, then you
can dial for housekeeping staff.
Then we also have, safe. Now a safe is something
which you will find in the closet, in the
wardrobe of a hotel room. Okay, it’s a small
safety locker. So if you are carrying a lot
of money or if you are carrying, of course,
your passport which is also a very important
document or probably a lot of jewellery and
you would like to keep it safe. Then you can
use the service that the hotel provides, which
is called as a safe, okay. Okay, so it ‘s
a safety locker. Now, remember that all not
all rooms or not all hotels provide these
things. So you have to check before making
Then we have different amenities. Okay, now
different amenities include a spa or a swimming
pool in the hotel or laundry service. Okay,
so these are the different amenities that
the hotels provide. Usually, when you make
a reservation online, these amenities are
listed, okay. So, like whether the hotel has
a pool, whether the hotel has a gym or if
the hotel has a spa or there are various things.
Even the internet connection or the internet
access which is Wi-Fi. Okay, so these are
the different amenities that you can talk
Then the last thing that you do is, you had
a wonderful stay and now it’s time to check
out. So check out is that you pack your bags
and then you leave your room and you head
towards the reception or the front desk for
checkout. So check out is basically when you
are leaving. So this is the time when you
will pay for your stay. Now it really depends.
Nowadays, hotels also take payments at the
check-in time but if you have any other more
expenses that need to be paid off, then you
would do that at the checkout time.
Okay, so these are the most common words that
are related to hotels and accommodation. So
the next time, you are staying in a hotel,
hope this lesson comes to your mind and you
do use these words in your vocabulary. I’ll
be back with a new lesson soon, till then
you take care.


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