Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort Review: Meeting Expectations? | 2019

an extremely stylish yet
budget-conscious resort rights on the
doorstep of the universal parks, but is
it meeting people’s expectations? for
this video I’m going to go through the
key features of the Cabana Bay Resort
and I’ll give you a breakdown of both the
positive and negative reviews
and I’ll also provide some hopefully useful
tips to get the best out of any vacation
out of this hotel. Cabana Bay is located
right next door to Volcano Bay and is a
20-minute walk to Universal Studios
Florida and Islands of Adventure the
hotel costs roughly 170 dollars per
night it’s themed with American
mid-century nostalgia throughout the
resort which is delightfully kitschy. You
get early admission to either Islands of
Adventure or Universal Studios, and this
early admission alternates between the
two parks but applies to both during
busy times and separate to that you get
universals volcano bay early admission
every day and you get a private entrance
to this bar which is next door
the vast majority of the five-star
reviews are praising the location of
this resort as you’d expect so it’s
about 15 to 20 minutes walk to the parks
with a stunning walkway and that’s with
shuttle options as well
the pools get a lot of praise on
TripAdvisor, the slide is impressive, and
towels are provided upon entrance to the
pool area which is a very nice touch.
People are unsurprisingly very happy
with the amenities for this resort. The
general impression is that it would be
very hard to be bored in this complex.
Some obvious highlights for me are the
lazy river arcade rooms and its fitness
center. The family suites are said to be very
well equipped with a microwave,
refrigerator, coffeemaker, disposable
plates, silverware, and bowls all, useful
stuff to have around. So make no mistake
this is a highly reviewed hotel, however,
there have been some criticisms in
certain areas
none of them too concerning, so, number
one: no Unlimited Express Pass, and for
those of you that don’t know with this
you get to skip the line at most of the
big rides and attractions.
Unlike the deluxe hotels on site at
Universal which are the Portofino, the
Hard Rock and the Royal Pacific, you
don’t get unlimited Express passes at
Cabana Bay which is a bummer for some
people on TripAdvisor,
but at this price point I’m not entirely
sure this is a reasonable expectation.
Now hotel reviews on food can be quite
inconsistent from my experience but for
this hotel I was surprised to see
disproportionately unfavorable reviews
with the food there are a lot of people
who loved it but there’s clearly some
who had expectations for more upmarket
options and one described the main diner
as a college style cafeteria. From what
I’ve seen the food looks great but some
people have taken issue with it.
Parking at cabana bay costs $18 per day.
Now I get it that a lot of hotels are
charging this these days but it is a
sore point, especially for people coming
in overseas like myself who want to stay
for two weeks to get the most out of the
flights, so having to pay $18 a day is a
bit frustrating, and a lot of the
negative reviews reflect that. Over two
weeks that’s two hundred and fifty-two
dollars for parking at your own hotel,
ouch! It’s nice that there are no service
fees at this hotel but negative reviews
highlighting the parking fees are
completely understandable, I feel at
least that there should be a discount on
that if you stay for longer than seven
days. One of the highlights of this
resort is its lazy river, however ,you
can’t use it unless you pay for a tube,
which range between six and fifteen
dollars, that is unless you brought one
with you. In the round, it’s not really
something to die in a ditch over, but it
would be a bit of a pain to have to
remember to take it down to the pool
with you and, I think generally people
are just not used to paying for this
sort of thing which is why it’s hurting
the reviews of this hotel. I’m hearing
that the queues for the shuttle buses
are slower than you’d like at busy times
especially if it’s the last hour of park
closure, I would think this point would
really depend on the time of year that
you’re traveling. The reviews of the
rooms overall are fairly neutral they’re
fine for most people but some have said
they seem smaller than the pictures that
are advertised and smaller than you’d
expect for the price. Also a few reviews
have mentioned the sleeper sofa as not
being particularly comfortable
so in summary not the best value in
terms of the cost for a three-star
hotel. The resort is a big complex so be
prepared to walk a lot and after long
days of being in theme parks this may be
a bit of overwhelming for some. There are
so many cool things you can do at this
resort you you could have a holiday
within itself without leaving the hotel
grounds and that’s a huge selling point
for a lot of people. Ultimately I think
it really comes down to the proximity to
the universal parks and the early
admission if you value that which you
probably should, this is gonna be a
fantastic choice, it’s hard to argue it’s
not the best choice at this price point. However if the close
proximity and early admission is not
important, for example, if you’re staying
for two weeks and have a lot of time, or
you’re not really therefore the parks,
maybe you’re there for a conference or a
golf trip, in that case then I would
say there are slightly more luxurious
options at this price point.
Okay so tips for this hotel. Number one:
the view of volcano Bay is incredibly
cool but I’m hearing that it can be
extremely loud from around 7:00 a.m. up
to 10:00 p.m. so if that’s an issue
maybe avoid requesting a room around
that side of the hotel. One suggestion I
saw was to request a room in the
Continental building. This is the closest
building to the Food Court and lobby
areas. Levels 3 & 6 of continental
also have launcher facilities, if
that’s what you’re into. Number 2: loads
and loads of people are recommending the
refillable Cabana by mug if you’re
there for four days or longer which can
be used for soda, coffee, and tea etc,
apparently much cheaper than buying
drinks multiple times every day. Number
three: if you’re on a tight budget a
couple of people have recommend the
family suites if you’re willing to
prepare basic meals and save money.
Number four: okay this next one is
borderline cheap rather than frugal, but
here it is nevertheless, so you have to
buy the tubes for the lazy river, but,
once you’ve used them you can ask staff
to exchange it for a brand new packaged
one when you leave to take home which
apparently they are more than willing to
do. Number five: a good tip to get to the
universal parks would be to take the
water taxi from sapphire Falls resort
this is not going to be for everyone
because you have to cross a road which
isn’t the safest but basically you need
to cross adventure way and go to
sapphire Falls Hotel which is a
10-minute walk away and get the water
taxi from there and the key to this
route is that you get to clear through
security much quicker
for getting to city walk. Number six: make
use of the walking path to volcano Bay. I
saw a couple of one-star reviews because
of people not understanding this. This
obviously helps with the early admission
so you can go on most rides without the
crowds. Just remember to take your room key witht you
oh and also you can pick up cabana
Bay pool towels to take with you on your
way and then return them on your way
back. Number seven: pool hopping is an
option which is 100% allowed which you
can do by the water taxi. I’m hearing
that the Portofino is the best pool
hopping choice. So that’s it for my
first video thank you so much for
watching I hope it met your expectations
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on this channel but for now I’m going to
focus on the budget-conscious
hotels in Orlando. For my next video I
plan to look at the reviews for the
Rosen Inn Pointe Orlando


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