Underground Poker in Detroit

and we are packed let’s hop on a plane
and go somewhere different
let’s go to the home of Barry Sanders
Isiah Thomas cessful fielder Steve
Yzerman all the legends in the game
let’s go home
let’s go to Detroit
welcome to Detroit three one three the
dirty D beautiful sunset the land of Kid
Rock Eminem Madonna the Silverdome the
Palace of Auburn Hills Joe Louis Arena
Henry Ford Lee Iacocca Kwame Kilpatrick
it’s gonna be a great weekend and we
might go play at MGM Ville two five No
Limit action and we’re planning on going
to a Detroit Lions game on Sunday
throwback to the good old days when
Wayne Fonz was on the sidelines and
Barry Sanders was the most electrifying
man in football we might eat some good
food but we’re gonna see a lot of
friends I know that for sure
stay tuned it’s gonna be an epic journey
back in the suburbs of Detroit Michigan
let’s go to an underground home game
high stakes a little reunion in Vegas
there are no potholes
look at these roads it’s like a
third-world country here is the famous
Westland mall the city I grew up in the
only city that I know of that was named
after a mall the mall was here first
before the city crazy I know cartoons
where I got my two twelves amp speakers
tweeters CD player custom install oh we
were bumping in high school
good high-stakes home game
is the hand the secret underground
Detroit games what they don’t want you
to see they also do $20 foot massage for
a half hours
here we go I got a big draw guys you
gotta let out oh there it is hit them
both got them
don’t ever question those who’s man
you had this one brother what
we got a warm 5 all in all right oh shit
a skate classic 43% comes through
Holland go what would you do that for
Andy I put him on I’m not a Saleem at
love pocket is like I got here I don’t
think he’s got any sevens that’s all you
know for this point
is inevitable waitresses love pocket
in for 120 big blinds out for 600 big
blinds crushing the home game really
nostalgic catching up with some friends
we used to play these home games you
know 10 to 15 years ago a couple times a
week and have the same repertoire same
humor it’s really something special
something pretty priceless glad I came
out here for this experience and the
weekend has just begun so let’s have a
good day tomorrow and continue our visit
to Michigan


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