TVN’s PSATS Roulette | Members’ 2020 Wishes (3:20)

It’s time once again for the PSATS Roulette. Let’s spin the wheel and see what comes up. Will it be funny? Will it be weird? Will it be G-rated? We have absolutely no idea. We have absolutely no idea. Happy New Years everyone? Have you made any resolutions yet? At our recent standing committee meetings, we approached a few of our members. Here’s what they are hoping for in 2020. You know that it’s resolved that here in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania that we actually get funding for some of the unfunded mandates Springettsbury Township is really challenged with an MS4 burden and it would be great to have some assistance for that. Generating more revenue without putting a burden on the taxpayers, residents, businesses within my community so that would certainly be a goal that I would have in a wonderful New Year. Continue to work with legislators to reduce the unfunded mandates that we are always faced with That kills our budget. And also something that’s near and dear to me is how do we encourage more volunteerism when it comes to fire companies and firefighters and so forth I’d like to see something done with legislators that we could maybe offer tax incentives, tax spaces to help these volunteer firefighters out. And maybe that would encourage the volunteerism. Fire departments. Getting more volunteers involved in it. Not have any issues with them and have you know all the funding they could possibly need to do good for the townships. Our roads in the state. Roads are in deplorable conditions and see more being done to fix that. New trucks and for our residents to all remain safe. To have the staff of North Lebanon Township to bless and prosper them and to have our those staff members continue to provide the excellent service that they do for our township residents To continue the good safety record that we’ve had for several years. I think one of the biggest issues for us is stormwater drainage with all the rain in the last two years we’ve been getting we do get a lot of drainage complaints, so really working toward the water, stormwater without taxing the residents. Try to keep our roads up the way they are. They’re in nice shape right now Keep the equipment going. I would have to say the same things and just to look at ways that we could maybe be a little more efficient at what we do. It’s going to be increase resident engagement and communications as well as the transparency that exists between our townships and our residents Be sure to tune in next week for Training Tuesday, A snapshot of upcoming PSATS’ workshops, webinars and forums. And remember, if you like what you’re seeing, follow the association’s Youtube channel, and other social media pages for more Township Video News content.

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