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Hey guys, today we are Tulemar Vacation Rentals and Sales. I’m with Brad who is in charge of guest services ad he’s going to tell us a little bit more about the property but first I want to say
thank you Brad for having us and can you tell us more about Tulemar Yes thank you for coming Samantha, Tulemar is a 33 acre gated private residential resort that’s located right in the heart of Manuel
Antonio. We offer everything from a one bedroom up to a 4 or 5 bedroom private villa. And can you tell us more about the amenities and services that guests can enjoy here at Tulemar Sure so even though most of the units are
vacation home rentals, we do have amenities of a traditional resort. We have a full service restaurant on site
as well as a tiki bar on the beach, this exclusive beach of Tulemar, four different pools, three family pools, and one adults only pool and a full service concierge team. What kind of activities can Tulemar guests enjoy on the property? Tulemar being right in the heart of Manuel
Antonio is very close to all the activities offered in the area such as ziplining, canyoning, waterfall tours but here on the grounds we have the Sloth institute of Costa Rica that
does a daily sloth walk except for Tuesdays. There’s also kayaking, boogie boarding and lounging at the beach as well. So Brad can you tell me some of the reasons why guests should choose to come to Tulemar for their stay in Manuel Antonio? Sure so Tulemar is very unique, I would say that the most important thing that we do provide guests is the unparalleled level of guest
service we have an awesome concierge staff that you’ll get to know like family and make sure your vacation is exactly what you want. Can you tell us more about the houses and the one bedroom bungalows that Tulemar has? Tulemar has a wide variety of accommodations we do offer the one bedroom bungalows which are the traditional original structures built
here about 20 years ago that allows an experience right in the jungle canopy it is like living
in the jungle with windows all around. Then we have the luxury private villas that
range between 2 all the way up to 5 bedrooms, they usually do come with a private pool and they are very great for families. We also have luxurious two bedroom and one bedroom units for couples looking for a romantic getaway Brad thank you so much for sharing all this information about Tulemar, where can guests go to get more information about booking a place? So for more information, guests please visit tulemar.com you can do a live chat and speak with one of our Costa Rica experts that are actually located here in Manuel Antonio. You can also call or email for inquiries. Great so if you guys are interested in learning more about Tulemar and this beautiful resort please click on the links below. We’ve been staying here the past few days and we’ve been having an amazing time thanks for watching and hope you guys enjoy

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