hey guys it’s Ro i’m hanging out with my friend Justine today hi
we are hanging out with our two pups as well over here we’ve got little cookie and this is maddy
He is very sleepy he’s been running around all day with cookie yeah they have been playing all day
And maddys he’s so cute his hair’s grown out he looks like a little lamb
He does baby little a oh i went online and i got so many funny dog products so i thought today
let’s hang out and try a bunch of dog products you got a lot of stuff
The first dog product that i wanted to try it’s edible
bacon flavored bubbles
Like so can we try it oh
All right let’s take a smell
It smells a little smoky mady smell this maybe this will wake you up what do you think hmm all right cookie, oh
okay that didn’t i guess non-toxic bubbles aren’t as fun as toxic ones ah what’s that cookie
Wait oh she’s scared of them oh oh she ran away maybe maddy do you like a mani do you want, to see it?
what do you think
What do you think oh?
that was a good one
both, of our dogs have ran away
my hands like making great it’s disgusting
Gosh i don’t know but i don’t wash my hands okay so i guess the bubbles oh
That wasn’t quite the hit that we were hoping for not a hint maddie’s like no
but you can mention bubbles and he’s gone okay it is a
licky brush
It says lick your cat it’s a grooming product to help you bond with your animal so you know how like a mom
licks the babies too
so it is for a cat but on the back it also says bond with your fur baby you can bond with your cat or
puppy or a rabbit and you’re communicating in their language what’s supposed to deepen your bond i
like i just feel uncomfortable
this is hey hey you guys are bonding right now next product is a little dog fashion i found these online
cookies never had a pair of these apparently these are
Doggy glasses i don’t know they’re doggy
Sunglasses maybe it protects their eyes so i got one for maddie and one for cookie oh make it excited for fashion oh
what’s in here doggy fashion me my
guy is
amazing, oh, i’m so sorry cookie, okay this is really cute oh this is look at her
Wow she’s so cute look at that face we’ve got
To cool pups they’re ready for a day at the beach or a motorcycle ride protective eyewear
look at you guys
pretty rad
The dogs have been so patient so the next product that i got i think they’ll really like this is gonna be a treat for
So i heard manny has tried this once before but could he ever done it it’s called trixie well you put treats in here
And they may have to like open it up yeah there’s a couple of different levels to so there’s ones that a little bit more
difficult so how do you be able to do the sliding ones and then there’s the thing that you could just knock off and get
A treat but he doesn’t really want to be bothered with the flip one because it’s a little bit more difficult he’s like
i’m just gonna wait until mommy shows me how to do it okay you guys look at it maddie is an unboxing it is a
so we have a
Knock it off and there’s a tree underneath or you put a treat here and they have to slide it or a flip
the flips the challenge which this is the difficult one mm-hmm cookie pay attention oh she’s definitely in there dude i’m ready in
there and then rate for this one
it’s in there and then it’s in there and then
It’s in here okay okay why not yet hoodie dogs go get the treats man he’s like i’m gonna go, to the source
Did she do it cookies okay she got one crazy now this is interesting
maddy he just did the flip see you know why did the flood cuz he knows that if he doesn’t cookies gonna get it
cookie ready oh
Just, eat i have never been so proud how dog mom i am very proud no
So proud for you okay justine i found this online because cookie loves being held but she’s getting a lot
Heavier yeah she weighs like 20 pounds so i found that it’s a doggie
babybjorn like you know a bit to the front of you and put the dog in oh this is little figurines okay got
To make it fit me good
oh, this is incredible do you think you can get
Yeah, you could carry me in here oh oh it’s velcro yeah how you doing you can unzip the sides to take this off
okay let me put this down like this
Okay, so it’s just like a little ruinous oh and then you put her little feets in there yes but
You, know good girl she’s got a big booty come here girl okay mommy’s gonna carry you oh?
Oh, i get ready okay one two three oh?
my gosh oh
yes, oh
is this what it would feel like if i was pregnant
she’s 20 pounds so this is what it would be like if i was fully pregnant like eight months pregnant with twins
seriously that’s what it would be like that’s unbelievable look at this oh
I think she likes it it was a little too small for cookie
So it definitely won’t fit maddie because maddie’s
longer you’re gonna really love this though we just need a little bigger leg holes she seemed pretty
relaxed but i was so worried cuz it was just real tight around her legs and she’s just like her i’m making a little
looser we’ll give it a go again because she’s got it she’s got it
hello we’ll talk about your b feel a yeah you got thick legs girl
I ordered a doggy baby viewing for the front and then i thought well that doesn’t work i got a dog backpack
oh, my goodness
So let’s try this
Okay this is called a canine sport sack but this is pretty heavy-duty you guys oh wow look at this
Justine is that weird look at the picture so here’s here’s a picture i’m unsure that a dog
Heavy-duty backpack so you can come with mommy
To the store or something i cannot believe she’s like okay with us she’s like this is so awesome
right your arm okay i got my arm oh
She’s being pretty good i just i met you too long yeah i can’t see what it looks like, oh?
Okay you sit down there you go okay there you go honey
Hold on hold on hold on let’s get your arms out it there you go freedom
Okay are you girl here come here come on here’s your drink good girl sit?
can you sit for me yes good girl look at you are you so much proud of you you’re just hanging out having fun
You’re, oh!
the next dog product we just tried a dog backpack
but i ordered dog backpacks now these are backpacks that dogs wear i
Did not know they made backpacks for dogs okay there’s one that’s camo
and it matches my body right now anything there’s one that’s a little pig
So perfect look he’s loving this matt is like
seola i’m telling you jesse she loves outfits she loves going on adventures
anything you got she wants to be a part of
danny come to the party come on oh my gosh oh my gosh rookie justine she has chosen this
that was kind of perfect because cookie makes pig noises like
she makes those little snort noises so cookie this is your backpack
okay little piggy her backpack fits with one strap while it’s not attached on the other side because
wasn’t sized for a french bulldog i feel like this would have fit her
but, she definitely chose that one like there was no taping that off i love this little pig we look very beautiful and maddy you
Look good as well yes he does time for school timers go cody here’s a treat goody treat oh?
The next
To dog products that i have we should try outside i have a treat?
Launcher so you load it with treats and then you watch them and i heard it can go almost up to ten feet wow
so this is gonna be fun cookie you are gonna love this i also found this product in los angeles we may not use it
A lot because we don’t have a lot of rainy days but i grew up in seattle where almost
every day was a rainy day and it’s an umbrella for dogs we need a little bit more room
To use these so let’s go outside okay cookie. Huh you wanna go outside let’s go oh
So we’re outside we are gonna try the treat
launcher first we have loaded the treats in here and then you hit the button and it launches
Okay let’s try it i don’t aim it at yourself oh my god okay here we go hey couldn’t you read oh shoot
oh it just fell out everybody
did not
See anything come out of it i didn’t, see anything come out but but there’s nothing in there let’s try again now coming?
To watch really closely that’s really good okay leave there watch that close okay ready yeah one two three oh?
okay that worked oh
girl cookies
okay i’ll just catch it in my mouth and these are proteins okay they’re gluten-free 1 2 3 oh
I caught on my hand let’s try to get us i can definitely catch this, okay here we go rhea set go
justine you know we could do we could put candy in this and launch it
time for our umbrella my idea what to expect but this looks really cool it’s actually a great idea oh wow it’s
seriously just like an umbrella but backwards yeah cookie look at this
Cookie don’t worry this is normal okay now let me all go get a hold okay and see if it’ll work okay
my gosh she doesn’t like the water she’s a california girl
she’s literally running away from me cookie look at me oh, oh
Oh cookie come back if you plan on trying to go through tight corners this is not gonna work out
come back i
tried to test it with a hose but cookie just ended up running away from the water
So that wasn’t real it wasn’t what we were going for all right that does it for all of the dog products a big thank
To justine thank you for coming over and trying all of these silly things with me also a big thank you to cookie and maddy
those were great sports was so impressed with how
well-behaved cookie was like you were such a good girl did you have a favorite out of anything we tried whoo
i think the favorite was that puzzle
yeah that manny has played before yeah those are so fun because you can just set it out and they can just entertain themselves
For well probably like four minutes i would say a close second was the doggie sunglasses those were so cute too
though these are uv these are sunglass i mean this is very tight around
Is actually very comfortable amide are starting to fog up now alright thanks again you guys bye-bye
And if you’d like, to see anywhere fun videos you can click up here or up here?
we wore her out but i know she’s so tired


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