Truth or Drink is Now a Game! | Truth or Drink | Cut

– Is this Truth or Drink?
– [Crewman] This is Truth or Drink.
– Okay, thank god.
(upbeat music)
– This is a good question.
– Oh god!
– Oh hey.
You’ve all been asking.
And now.
That’s a beep.
We’re trying to film a Kickstarter video!
Everyone’s been asking for it,
and it’s finally here.
Truth or Drink is now a physical game.
(angelic voices)
– You kidding me bro?
– It’s not what you think though.
It’s a little different.
You can now play it with a group.
It’s pretty sweet.
– Have you ever cheated on anyone?
– Oh my god!
– Can you send a message back in time
to your teenage self about sex,
what do you say?
– To discover the clitoritis earlier.
– Bail from this question.
Everyone takes a drink.
No one gets a point.
Move on to a new card.
Let’s go!
– We’ve done a bunch of
testing in our office,
and it’s actually really
fun and different.
But don’t take my word for it,
let’s ask them.
– [Interviewer] What do you think
of the Truth or Drink game?
– It’s amazing!
– I think it’s great.
– It was fun to play.
I never thought I would
play Truth or Drink ever.
– Can I get the game?
– [Interviewer] No you have to pay for it.
– Why, I work here?
– [Interviewer] Support us.
– Dude!
– [Interviewer] You have
to support your company.
– That is some bull.
– Koji, our long haired beautiful designer
came up with a beautiful
look for the card game.
Koji, how much sleep
have you been getting?
– Not a ton this week.
– Truth or Drink will make you laugh.
It might make you cry.
– Hey do you wanna wipe our
tears away with alcohol?
– Yeah.
– Don’t cry!
– Sorry, I’m just.
– Oh!
– Bond with your friends.
– I’ve never been this close to you.
– This game will even reveal
some secrets about your friends
maybe you didn’t want to know.
– So you’re having sex
with my daughter’s butt?
– No!
– This game is for anybody who’s sick
of the same basic ass shit
and they wanna step out
of their comfort zone
and get drunk!
– People who don’t value
their personal relationships
with people they care about.
(upbeat music)
– People shouldn’t buy
this game that are cowards.
(upbeat music)
– We would never ask each
other those questions.
We are not millennials.
– If you really want to
know who your friends are,
I would definitely buy this game.
– Buy the game now on Kickstarter.
You definitely don’t
want to miss out on this.
It’s a fucking blast.
(upbeat music)
– Do you spit it out?
– Yes, I spit it!


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