Trump Facing MAJOR New Investigation Regarding His Hotel Chain

Well folks, there is another investigation
happening into Donald Trump and his potentially
corrupt business practices that’s actually
being carried out by Democrats on the House
Oversight Committee, and this particular investigation
involves Donald Trump’s hotels and the money
that Trump has making off of those hotels.
According to Democrats on the House Oversight
Committee, what’s happening right now is they
got word from several groups, including one
foreign country that they had been booking
large blocks of hotel rooms at Donald Trump’s
hotel properties, paying for them but never
actually using them, and the Democrats on
the House Oversight Committee rightly believe
that all of this was done as a way to indirectly
put money in Donald Trump’s pocket to Curry
favor with the president of the United States.
Maybe they thought they could get something
in return.
Maybe if we pay him a few thousand dollars
here, a few thousand dollars there at his
hotels, but never actually used the services
so they don’t have to incur any expenses off
our money, then yeah, maybe he’ll play ball
with us in the future.
Now, the oversight committee has not released
the names of the country or the groups here
in the United States that have been doing
This is an ongoing investigation, but it’s
an investigation that according to a representative
Jerry Connolly from the House Oversight Committee,
Nancy Pelosi is likely going to go ahead and
rope this into the overall impeachment inquiry
as well.
See, here’s the thing.
Pelosi had said that she kind of wants to
narrow the scope of the impeachment inquiry
into just the Ukraine phone call, but it turns
out behind the scenes it’s actually not what’s
She is allowing these other investigations
to move forward and if they bear fruit, they
will also be used in the impeachment inquiry.
So props to Nancy Pelosi for that.
That is a good move and it keeps Trump focused
on the Ukraine call instead of worrying about
all these other investigations happening,
like the one into a Deutsche bank, this one
into his hotel and the violation of the emoluments
clauses as well as the obstruction of justice,
uh, mentioned in the Mueller report.
But this one’s pretty big because this one
is a massive violation of the emoluments clause.
And it kind of confirms what we’ve been saying
since the very beginning because Donald Trump
did not divest from his businesses and he
does still receive a profit.
The profit by the way, goes into a blind trust
that he isn’t allowed to touch unless of course
the person in control of the blind trust says
it’s okay for him to do it, but we don’t have
anything to worry about there because the
person in charge is Donald Trump jr.
So literally Donald Trump Jr.’s the only gatekeeper
between Donald Trump, president and his billions
of dollars, allegedly billions.
Maybe it’s just millions.
Who knows?
We’ll find out if we ever get those tax returns.
But nonetheless, we have to trust Donald Trump
Jr. to prevent daddy Trump from using and
abusing his money.
So yeah, that, that, that should totally make
us feel secure.
But again, he didn’t divest.
He still gets the profits and these countries
and companies know how to manipulate him.
And again, we’ve been saying that since the
beginning, you give this man money, he will
take care of you.
That’s the bottom line, because that is the
only thing on this planet that Donald Trump
actually cares about.
This is a big investigation and it’s easy
enough to understand that.
Should they include it in the impeachment
This is one that the public will easily understand
is illegal.


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