Tricks with Blackjacks : Betting for Blackjack Tips & Tricks

Hi my name is Don Dangler on behalf of
In this clip we are going to talk about betting
on the blackjack table. When you buy chips
on the gaming table, you place them in front
of yourself, and to actually to make a bet
you would put your money in the circle, or
on insignia on the location were you are at,
before the cards are dealt. Once the cards
start coming out, you can’t touch your bet,
and you should never ever touch the cards.
The dealer has their own bank roll used to
play and to take there bet just as well as
extra cards that would be handheld or in a
shoe. Once the players are finished taking
their hits, dealer would turn their card.
The hand would play accordingly. The dealer
would take losing bets or you would play winners.
The dealer then gathers the cards. The hand
is over.


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