Trends & Talkers: Online Gambling

Is one day online
fantasy football just
a game of skill or is
it a game of
chance? Chance,
could make it
gambling here in
Hawaii. That’s what
has you talking
opponents are
urging lawmakers
as one-day fantasy
football leagues like
Draft Kings and
Fan Duel — gain
popularity. They
say there’s more
LUCK involved —
than skill. House
Speaker Joe Souki
says — the rules
should be
The attorney
general — has yet
to issue an opinion.
Mitchel Kagawa
says “Name one
reason why fantasy
football should be
gambling that
couldn’t also be
applied to people
playing the stock
Darren Nohara
writes, “No it
shouldn’t be illegal.
I play Draft Kingz
and feel that Hawaii
is just salty they
cannot tax it and
make money off of
it. Their fault for
approving the
money eating rail.”
But Eddie Mays
reasons, “If you pay
money to win
money it’s illegal”
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what you think of
this debate. Head
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share your
thoughts with us.

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