TRAPPED at The Wynn!

a company reached out to me on Twitter
said sorry you had a horrible experience
getting a professional shave we’re gonna
show you what a professional shave is
all about come to Elliot & Co and we’ll take
care of you for free you know I love
free so I guess I’ll give it one more
chance I forgot to mention the biggest
fear of why hadn’t gotten a shave in 36
years was fear of someone just slitting
my throat but Here I am today meeting an
unknown person that invited me to come
to their barber shop to slice me up
let’s hope it goes well let’s root for
no blood no irritation a soothing
sensation let’s gamble
and the shave is complete one hour later
much different this time the attention
to detail the care the towels the sense
the massages I can see why this shave is
fifty-five or sixty dollars I really
appreciate them for hooking it up and I
bought some moisturizer he said my skin
is a little dry so you gotta moisturize
and this concludes the barbershop review
I would highly recommend Elliot & Co on
Eastern Street in Henderson Nevada give
him a try tell him Jeff sent you the win
two hundred and thirty dollar Saturday
rebuy event thirty thousand dollars
guaranteed but it was probably gonna
double that we’re looking at close to
twenty thousand dollars for first last
time I played this I chopped it heads up
for $16,000 what a rush it’s gotta end
around 4:00 in the morning so it’s all
about that stamina slow and steady wins
the race
fifteen thousand starting stack around
first break with twenty five thousand
picking up some small pots here and
there and just playing my opponents have
to not give them credit for putting it
any crazy bluff so we’re gonna play as
ABC as possible put out a lot of feeler
bets blocker bets thinned value bets
it’s really pinpoint their range tables
good a guy my race from Vancouver knows
all about the vlogs we’ve been talking
about fossil and all their things so
it’s two o’clock let’s make it another
14 hours Jeff from Denver here shout out
to me
but blinds at 100 300 300 I’m under the
gun with 9 8 of clubs pretty close but
the table’s pretty soft it’s placed in
pots and make it 800 to go action folds
to middle position elderly Caucasian
male who makes it 2,000 they usually
don’t 3 bet very light so we can put
them on a range of Ace King maybe Jack’s
plus small blind fun player puts in the
flat call and its back to us we started
the hand with 25,000 chips 1200 more to
call let’s see what happens we put in
the call Bob comes queen jack three two
hearts one club check to the raiser who
bets 2,000 small blind calls and not
loving it we got back to our clubs ten
might not even be a clean out if one of
them has ace king but we put in a bad
call let’s see if we can get rewarded
the turns of three of Hearts pairing the
board and the action checks through so
I’m putting original RAZR on something
like ace king ace Queen
I think he’s gonna bet Jack’s or Queens
to get value from flushes so when the
river brings a deuce the small blind
checks and and that’s the green light to
bluff we got nine high we’re never
winning it showdown we smell weakness so
we’re gonna go for it original three
better has 14,000 in his stack so I bet
15,000 I get snap called and the small
blindfolds I show my nine high and it’s
no good against pocket queens nice trap
my poor player was compounded and we
lose a big one
we now have 75 hundred ships I fold for
about five orbits five orbits
my short stack of 7,500 goes down to
2,500 very very frustrating to say the
and I eventually get it in with King
high forced in the big blind and lose to
pocket tens and weary by rebuy wait
with blinds at 300 600 600 under the gun
opens to 1600 I’m in middle position
with pocket aces
I love pocket aces fresh off a rebuy
we’re in for four hundred and thirty
dollars we have 14,000 chips in our
stack it’s time to go for that three bet
I’m making four thousand to go action
folds around so under the gun who puts
them to call the fob comes nine high two
action checks to me I want to size down
to induce some action and set up a turn
jam so I bet three thousand ships under
the gun check raises to eight thousand I
have about ten thousand total so easy
Jam he doesn’t like it and he eventually
puts in the call he has to blank eats
and we hold we get the double and we
have about twenty eight thousand chips
feels good man
it’s 4:23 buys her over we did the
hundred dollar add on we’re in for five
hundred and thirty dollars just like
when I chopped this baby for sixteen
thousand and we have thirty three
thousand ships so let’s do some work
with blinds at four hundred eight
hundred we pick up King Queen off suit
under the gun thirty two thousand ships
tack I make it eighteen hundred to go
action folds to a seemingly recreational
player from possibly India on the button
he puts in the call we’re heads up to
the flop of Queen ten seven rainbow good
flop for our hand we’re gonna slightly
down bet to sixteen hundred he puts in
the call the turns a nine giving us a
gutter and still top hair so let’s go
forth in value once again he could have
some two pair of combinations maybe a
few slow played sets but he’s gonna have
a lot of hands like Queen Jack King ten
ace Jack he’s ten
I bet three thousand and he puts in the
call the river is an ace normally a
scare card but what east is does he
really have in this situation
probably not flatting ace king ace Queen
might be three betting ace Jack’s the
small possibility floating the flop
turning and open-ended so we go for the
blocker value bet putting his hands like
king ten Queen Jack etc into a tough
spot I bet thirty five hundred and he
puts in the call let me show our King
Queen and he shows ace Jack offsuit nice
river and we lose a decent sized pot
the very next hand under the gun plus
two opens to 1800 action folds to us in
the big blind I have Jack 9 offsuit
pretty easy defend here Bob comes Jack 7
6 I believe we check he bets 2500 this
player has been playing pretty wild he’s
isolated some limps with 10 7 off he’s
open to a tax-free sometimes when he
bets 2500 our decision is to call or Jam
if we jam we can represent a lot of
draws like flush draws 8 9 so we go for
the J I’m just over 20,000 ships and he
snapped calls he shows pocket queens and
we’re gonna need some help and we got
video straight
horrible call
and I’m out of the wind two thirty five
hundred and thirty dollars gone and as
I’m doing the walk of shame to the drive
of shame I get a message on Instagram
from a female fan making poker vlogs
does have its perks sometimes but she’s
here with her boyfriend another bad beat
welcome visitors from Houston Texas are
you doing love the blog love Jeff Bosque
subscribe hit the subscribe button and a
little sunshine amongst the darkness of
busting a tournament once again stay
tuned we’ll be back love playing at the
wind tell’em boesky sent you


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