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[MUSIC PLAYING] To call or not to call. That is the question. If you’re wrong, you’ll
look like a chump. Oh, I’ll bet a
jack there any day. But if you’re right,
you’ll look like a champ. Nice call. Your call. All right then. Let’s count down our
top five hero calls. Number five comes from the
EPT4 Barcelona Final Table. Sander Lylloff’s
spidey sense must have been tingling during
this hand against Greg Dyer. Greg Dyer here deciding to
raise it up with eight, six. Maybe he’s learned
a trick or two from his favorite player
being Adam Junglen, who we just saw knocked
out of the table. Raises to $72,000. All cards. Sander Lylloff is
the chip leader. Call. And he will call
[INTERPOSING VOICES] And Dyer is checking back to
see, what did I have again? I knew it was crap. Eight, six? Oh, OK. That was it. It is nine of spades, jack
of diamonds, four of spades. And the question is, who’s
going to bet at this pot first? Sander checks. The answer is Greg Dyer. You would think that that
was enough to just take down this pot then. $11,000. Or, sorry, $110,000. He could very easily– 110. Have a jack, a nine, or
a pair higher than fives. You said $11,000. I said 11. It’s not a– So therefore you should have
to make the minimum bet. Oh. That’s the correct rules. OK. So he is playing the role
of tournament director. OK. Great. Well, what that,
in essence, means is that Sander Lylloff
gets a free card right now. 24 is the minimum, right? Yeah. That’s the bet. 24. 24. Unfortunately, Greg got
caught up in his words, and he’s been punished for it. Turn card is a
seven of diamonds. Well, now, Greg Dyer has
picked up a straight draw. And a five is sure to have
caused a lot of action on this river. That might be enough to get
Sander Lylloff to lay down the fives. He might put Greg on the draw. A couple of spades, a couple
of diamonds, the straight draw out there as well. And that’s probably
why he has called here. River card. Four of clubs. Greg Dyer misses on the river. This is an interesting
pot right now. I would not expect Lylloff to
make that call in the turn, but he has. And having made
that call the turn, he has to make the call
in the river as well. Well Greg Dyer can only
win this hand by betting. Can he make a big
enough bet to get Lylloff to lay down his hand? Well, right now, Dyer
is hoping, in a sense, that Lylloff was on a draw. Because if he wasn’t on a draw,
he’s already made up his mind. He called on turn. He’s going to call on river. And that’s what we see people
do so often here, getting called in these situations. But has Lylloff
experienced enough here? $330,000. That’s a big bet from Greg Dyer. And I’m not sure if
I was sitting there with a pair of fives,
staring at the board and playing the hand back in
my head I could make the call. But that’s what he does. That is an amazing call. But it’s not a good play by Dyer
because he knows that Lylloff made his choice on the turn. Which is eight high and
with a pair of fives. That’s a pot of $1.1 million. And that is a confidence pot. Sander’s instincts were correct. And instincts just
get better over time. Take Erik Seidel, for example. He’s played more poker
than you’ve had hot meals. And Erik ate Dzmitry
Urbanovich’s lunch in the EPT 11 Grand
Finals Super High Roller. We’re going to sweat with
Erik Seidel here, which means we’re only going
to see his hold cards. Sweating with one of
the best in the world. I love it. Urbanovich completes. Check. Seidel’s hand is jack,
four of diamonds. He’s checked his option. I like a free flop
with this hand. Sure. Only one diamond on the flop. Seidel has checked and
Urbanovich checks behind. Oh, there’s another diamond. Hello, flush draw. Finally. Here comes a bet from
Urbanovich. $300,000. Totally fine with a call here. There is the call. The river card is a heart. Seidel with just jack high. So now we just want
a free showdown. I don’t think Seidel
is going to get it. Urbanovich bet’s 525k. Well, for me personally,
this is an instant fold. I just don’t see how
we’re ever winning here. Yes, we know he tries
to win every single pot. But we’re losing to
some of his bluffs even. But Erik Seidel, not me. He’s a really good
poker player, and it looks like he’s thinking
about a heroing. Heroing with jack high? I still can’t quite believe he
is thinking about calling this. He’s called with jack high! Makes a call I wouldn’t make. And he’s right! And wins a pot I wouldn’t win. In a tournament I
would never be in. Wow! Behold the master at work! That is 5 and 0
for the old timer. Urbanovich is getting his
lunch eaten, and he knows it. Well, that heads up
battle against Seidel made Urbanovich rethink
his approach to the game. At number three, more
Super High Roller supremeness at the 2015 PCA. With the title on the
line, Steve O’Dwyer found himself facing
an audacious bluff from amateur Roger Sippl. Ace, 10 for Steve O’Dwyer. Uh-oh. Steve’s doing the
dominance dance. He calls. Plays it kind of slow. A flop. It’s queen, eight, eight. It’s gutshot for Sippl. O’Dwyer still ahead
with ace high. O’Dwyer is playing in-flow. He’s checked the
action to Sippl. And Steve can now
call a lot of c-bets because it’s a smaller pot. It’s a chunky c-bet
from Roger. $750k. And I don’t think Roger is going
to have much here very often. O’Dwyer calls. A pot of $2.4 million. The turn card is a deuce. It changes nothing. Can Roger– nope? Check, check on the turn. The river card? A three. It’s a brick. Sippl misses his draw. Ace high is the best hand. O’Dwyer checks for a third time. Oh my. And Sippl bluff
shoves the river! Roger. Roger, what are you doing to me? This is really tricky. Last time Roger did
this, he was stronger than the drinks at
the player’s party. This is not how most players
are going to play their bluffs. And that is certainly
the kind of thing a player of Steve O’Dwyer’s
caliber is going to notice. We can see he has the best hand. A lot of players are going
to fold in this spot. And if Steve does fold,
he’ll still have a two to one chip lead over Roger. But considering he
has the best hand, if he heroes with ace high,
he will win the tournament. Father time is going
to need some time. Your call. He calls! It’s over. Good call. Incredible call. Ace high. With that hand,
Steve O’Dwyer wins! Wow. I didn’t have you on a pair,
and you didn’t have one. I didn’t think you were
going to make that call. I was worried I had a 10, and
you blocked me your gutshot, so. At number two we revisit
the EPT8 Berlin Main Event and Davidi Kitai’s quest
for the third jewel of the Triple Crown. Jack, 7, 5 flop. Ace high still good. Kitai checks. Checking to the
pre-flop aggressor. Chen should continue. He does. $330,000. Ace high will often
be the best hand. Just like it is on this hand. Kitai calls. Nine of spades on the turn. Changes nothing. Kitai checks a second time. Let’s see if Chen
slows down as well. He does. He checks behind. Ten of clubs on the river. You would expect it to go check,
check, maybe check, bluff here. But it looks like we’re going
to see a bet from Davidi Kitai. Is this a value bet or a bluff? Pretty sure he
doesn’t want to call, so I’m guessing this
is a bluff to try to fold out a seven or a five. Chen should be ditching
this right about now. But he’s not. I know he’s not calling. Well, this is certainly a bluff. A raise to more
than $1.5 million. To be perfectly
honest, there are tons of hands Andrew could have
here that have ace, three beat. Tons. Kitai is not taking his
gaze off Chen at all. It’s like me with
a chubby redhead. This would be some kind of
absolute sick soul read. Awesome call alert! Agreed. I don’t know how
often ace, three is going to be good in that spot. But it’s infrequently
enough that I’m confident saying that is a
losing play in the long run. But Davidi Kitai
just made a soul read on par with Mystic Meg. Kitai went on to win
the title and earn that coveted Triple Crown. While talking to players who
have won a lot of tournaments, Jason Mercier is it number one. Before anyone knew his name,
he came to Italy in 2008 to play EPT4 Sanremo. And he made the call
that launched a career. OK. Five, nine there
for Jason Mercier. Wow. Now, he’s suddenly– This is not something
we’ve seen before, is it? No. Well, four-handed. You see, he’s going to
start opening up now that four-handed. The right thing to do. Good for him. He set up a table image. Yeah. Going to capitalize on that. $80,000. I can’t see him
getting called unless– Anthony pass, small pass. Eric calls. Eric is making a mistake here. He really is. He’s calling just to
try to outplay him. So if you’ve got aces– Two pairs. Eric check in the dark. Let’s see what happens here. I hate that. He is checked in the dark again. Yeah. Five, jack, six. Jason checks. Jason checks as well. It’s an eight. What is Koskas going to do now? 220. $220,000 from Eric. Betting $220,000 into
a pot of $187,000. $220,000. Did he say, call? Oh, he has picked
up a middle pin straight with his pair of fives. So he needs a seven or a nine. Actually, as it is. He doesn’t actually
need anything. But if he thinks he’s behind,
that’s what he thinks he needs. Exactly. Yeah. That’s what I’m thinking
in my head, too. Board is five, jack, six, eight. Koskas didn’t like that call. An eight. OK. I’m all in. Eric all in. Wow. Very great. Great, strong player there. If Mercier can
pick this up, this will be an incredible call. If he can. How much is he
going to call here? $700,000. And his stack is $2,244,000. So he’ll still be
left $1.3 million if he calls and gets it wrong. Has he got a jack in his hand? He got an eight. Think it through. He’s thinking it through. Checking out his body language. He’s looking at Eric out
of the corner of his eye. From what we’ve
seen of Jason, do we think he can make this call? I have no idea. Can he get a read
on Eric Koskas? I think he thinks his
two pair are good here. I think, instinctively, he
thinks his two pair are good. Remember that these guys
play hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hands online. They have a feel for
when they might be ahead. What’s he got? Ace, king? If he’s got no
pair, then I’m good. Could he be in
betting a flush draw? If his instinct is that
his two pairs are good, he’s just got to decide
whether trust his instincts and that’s what he does. What a great call. He’s made the call,
and Koskas will show he had absolutely nothing. That is an absolutely
excellent call. He went with his instincts,
he made the call, and he has eliminated
Eric Koskas. He has. It’s a brilliant call. It’s a brilliant,
brilliant call. Congratulations. Thank you. It’s wonderful. Jason now has more than $17
million in life winnings. And crucially, we now know how
to pronounce his last name. Well, those are our
top five hero calls. Keep watching
for more countdowns. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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