Top 5 Family Resorts in Cancun and Riviera Maya

(jazzy music) – Hello and welcome to
Legacy Travel’s Top Five. Today we’re gonna look at the
top five all-inclusive resorts in Cancun Riviera Maya that allow kids. These aren’t necessarily focused on kids but at least they will let
them stay on the property and these are ones that are
probably a bit nicer resorts and adults will have a good
time along with the kids. So, okay if I lead off? – Yup, go for it. – And I’m Phillip, this is Terrah. – [Terrah] Hey!
– This is Hannah. Okay, number five. This is the only one on my list that I actually have not seen. Here at Legacy Travel, we get a benefit where we all share
information, so this is one that one of my agents stayed at. And we also look at the client
feedback so this is based on the recommendation of one of my agents and on client feedback,
but it’s the Finest. The Finest is a resort up in Playa Mujeres which is a little bit south of Cancun. And my agent who recommended
this one who liked it, stayed there, is Erin and Erin’s a foodie. She knows about food and she says that this was the best food she’s ever had at an all-inclusive and
that’s saying a lot. So this thing is part
of the Excellence Group, has a couple of sister
properties right near it, they’ve got Excellence
near it and Beloved by it. But I’m picking the
Finest for my number five. – That’s a good one. – How about you, what’s your number five? – My number five is gonna be
the Dreams Riviera Cancun. I love this resort, it’s
right in Puerto Morelos which is a charming town in between Cancun and Playa del Carmen. It’s about a 20 minute
drive south of Cancun. It’s an AM Resort, so it’s
gonna have all the trademarks of AM, no wristbands,
no reservations to eat, premium alcohol included for everyone, 24 hour en suite dining for everyone. And this resort’s kind of in a W shape, so a majority of the rooms
are gonna have somewhat of an ocean view and it’s
just easy to get around, excellent children’s program
called the Explorer’s Club. But yeah, that would have
to be my number five, Dreams Riviera Cancun. – Good one. How about you, what
you got as number five? – My number five is the
Hard Rock Riviera Maya. The reason that I picked this property is because they have their family section and they also have a side called Heaven which is for the adults. I like the fact that you
have the adults-only property and family-friendly property in one. It’s also in a great location. You’re just about a five minute cab ride from Playa del Carmen. They also have their own
man-made beach lagoon area, so it’s safe for kids. Adults and children can
have a really great time and it’s really great for teens. Of course, it’s all-inclusive
so you have premium beverages and things like that and (laughs) the nightclub in the Heaven
section actually has a pool in it which is really cool. So it’s a fun environment
for adults and families with children to be able to
both enjoy and have a good time. – Very good. We don’t compare lists before
this so we’re hearing them for the first time and that
one, I didn’t even think about Hard Rock, didn’t make my list, didn’t even think about it
and I probably should have. But anyways, that’s a good one. Number four, whatcha got? – My number four was your number five. – (laughs) Okay. – It’s the Finest in Playa Mujeres. It’s in that up and coming
area just north of Cancun called Playa Mujeres which
is famous for the snorkeling. So some of the best
snorkeling ever is up there. I also love how huge the rooms are here. The rooms start at 800 square
feet, so they’re very spacious and I think the Finest Playa
Mujeres has a healthy mix of adult entertainment,
family-friendly entertainment, and relaxation. They do a great job of making
sure everybody’s happy. It’s newer so it’s sexy-chic,
everything’s up to date and just gorgeous. My favorite thing about that
resort is their swim-up suites. They have their own private hammocks over their own little section of the pool. Absolutely beautiful. So yeah, my number four would have to be the Finest Playa Mujeres. – Nice. Your number four Miss Hannah. – My number four is
Generations Riviera Maya. While it is a family property,
the neighboring property El Dorado Royale and El
Dorado Casitas Royale are adults-only resorts. Adults have access to
Generations and adults at Generations have access
to the adults-only privileges at El Dorado Royale and Casitas. So it’s a happy mixture for everyone. Really great for weddings. It’s beachfront property and you also have the gourmet all-inclusive amenities so if you really like great quality food, it’s going to be a
top-notch property for you. And the rooms are huge. They also have two- and
three-bedroom suites there, infinity pool suites, swim-up suites, so just very top-notch. – Nice. And for me, my number
four, and like I said, we do not compare lists so Terrah’s number four
was my number five, well my number five is
Terrah’s number four. (Terrah laughs) Mine is Dreams Riviera Cancun. (Terrah speaks inaudibly) I know! A lot of the reasons that Terrah said, and I did consider, I wanted
to get a Dreams in there, they’ve got a couple of them down there. And I almost went with a
different one that may make later, but I decided on going with this one. It is a great layout, we
get very good feedback on this property so echoing what she said,
Dreams Riviera Cancun. Number three, Hannah what
you got for number three? – My number three is the
Royalton Riviera Cancun. This is a newer, up-and-coming property. We are getting just
fantastic, positive feedback from our clients. It’s a great wedding resort. They have three sections
within the property, a family section, a Diamond Club section if you want upgraded
privileges such as the ability to make restaurant reservations
and private butler service, which is really awesome. They also have an
adults-only section as well. So it’s the best of all worlds. If you wanted a premium
service, if that’s something that you’re used to, you can get that. If you want an adults-only
section with no children, you can get that as well. So really great for
multi-generational families, especially for weddings that
maybe have more adult couples and just a few children attending. – Right, and they have
free wifi there too. – They do, yes. Free wifi and reservations
are not required for the restaurant which is similar to the AM Resorts properties. – And they have family suites there too. – They do. – So families of five or more can stay at the Royalton comfortably. – Yes and every room category has a pull-out queen sleeper
sofa which is awesome, that’s very rare. So you can actually comfortably
fit a family of four in one room if you have to. – Very good, and Royalton
made my short list, didn’t quite make the top five but it is an up-and-coming
one and just in general, the all-inclusive thing with families is so important because I’ve got two kids so we’ve gone through this. You go to a resort
that’s not all-inclusive down in the Caribbean, Mexico, wherever, and the kid orders the $15
chicken nuggets and gets them, but it doesn’t taste like MacDonald’s so he doesn’t want them. At an all-inclusive you
just have him go back and get something else,
find something he does like. So it’s just critical, the all-inclusive at these types of places. My number three was Hannah’s number four. I think we’re gonna have
a lot of crossover here. Generations. I love Generations. Like she said, being next
to a Royale and being able to use their restaurants
is very important. Generations itself only has
two or three restaurants but opening up over to
Royale for the adults anyway makes it a great, great property to have. A couple of magazines
have already written it’s the number one resort in Mexico. It is a wonderful, wonderful
property and actually, that’s one that they say
sometimes you should eat where chefs eat, you probably want to go where travel agents go, that’s
where we took a vacation. We’ve been there a couple of times and we’re going again this year. So we really are big on Generations. Number two I think is me again right? – Well I still haven’t
done my number three. – I’m sorry, go ahead. – It’s alright this time. (laughing) Okay so my number three
was the Azul Sensatori. – [Phillip] Azul Sensatori, really? – Yes. So just like my number five,
it’s also in Puertos Morelos. And it’s also in a similar layout as the Dreams Riviera Cancun. The Azul Sensatori is
kind of in a W shape. So it’s really easy access to everything and I love how it’s operated by Charisma, so the food is going to be amazing there. They have probably one of
the best children’s programs. Out of all the vacations
I’ve taken my kiddos on, this one was the one where
they would wake up early and want to go to the
kid’s club and they wanted to go to the splash park and
their entertainment stuff there for the kids, it’s definitely
the best I’ve seen. They do a wonderful job there. They also have an adults-only section, so it’s great for
multi-generational groups and wedding groups and things like that. But yeah, my number three
would be the Azul Sensatori. – I am not as big on it as Terrah is, but I’ll tell you one
thing about that place, they’re got, I think, Le
Chique’s adult-only right? – Mm hm. – They have this
restaurant called Le Chique and it’s voted constantly
in the top 10 restaurants in Mexico and this is one
of those wine-pairing, nine, 10, 12 course type restaurants. Very interesting. Up-charge for Le Chique or not? – Um yes.
– [Phillip] Okay. – I don’t know exactly
what it is right now, but I do know there’s a small surcharge. – Up-charge. And then it’s gonna be, if
you’re choosing a wine pairing, they’ll be an up-charge from that also. But this is a definite unique experience. You’re not gonna find– – Very. – Yeah, most all-inclusives so. I normally don’t like the
things where you pay additional for something all-inclusive. This one might be worth it just to do it because it’s very unusual, very cool. Now is it my turn? – Yes. It’s your turn now Phillip. – Sorry, didn’t mean to cut you off. – It’s okay. – Alright, number two. Number two for me is going to be Zoetry. Zoetry is a very small boutique property. They do allow kids. Now it is not kid-focused,
but they do allow kids. Very small property, really
good food, really great service. Again, part of AM Resorts
which is the same company that does Dreams and Secrets. This is gonna be probably,
Zoetry’s gonna be a step up from Secrets and Dreams. Smaller property, great
service, really good food, very laid-back, but again, if
you wanted to go somewhere, kind of a treat for the parents,
but the kids can go also, this is the place. – I would agree, I love the Zoetry. They have some upgraded things that normal resorts don’t have, like every single suite
there is beachfront and it’s decorated in
its own individual way. And they’re each called
something different. They also have a free catamaran cruise for every single guest, free massages for every single guest. And for families, I would
say this would be good for those who have well-traveled kids. They’re very– – Well-behaved kids. (laughing) – Well-behaved kids. Yeah, because they don’t really
have a children’s program. – No. – But somebody who enjoys
great food service, beautiful beach and pool,
they would be happy there. – Absolutely. Number two. – My number two is gonna be
the Generations Riviera Maya. – There we go, that’s the– – Woo hoo! – That’s the first one we’ve
had all three people have, right, Generations? – Yes. So the most important thing
about the Generations is every single room is a
beachfront penthouse suite. Every single room starts
at 770 square feet and it goes all the way up to,
I don’t know, a mansion-size. They’re enormous. Our dear friend Joe is
the owner of this resort and he’s there day in and
day out, him and his family, it’s owned and operated and you can sense that when you’re there. It’s got a homey, welcoming vibe to it. I also love how small it is. It’s under 200 rooms. And you can definitely feel
that when you’re there. You don’t have to be hiking
from point A to point B. It’s just very small and very intimate. – Again, I know I brought
this up about this hotel but I forgot to mention, the
way they have it configured is like she said, you can do
one room but they have it where you can do up to two or three
suites with this configuration and so if you’re needing
just one room of it, they can get it for you, but
if you have a lot of people coming together, they can
put three of these together, give you one access door
basically, and it’s great. It turns into a three-bedroom, a massive three-bedroom suite. – It can sleep comfortably up to 12 people in some of their rooms, so
you can go for two people or– – Three bedroom things. Very good. Number two. – My number two is also the Zoetry. And just to clarify, there’s
two Zoetry’s in Mexico. There’s the Zoetry Isla Mujeres
which is a newer property and it’s on the small
island of Isla Mujeres, just right off the coast of Mexico, and then the Zoetry Paraiso de la Bonita. – You’re correct, I
didn’t think about that but that would have counted
too, the Zoetry Isla Mujeres. – Yeah both of them are
fantastic, for sure. – Thank you for clarifying. – No worries. So mine’s also the Zoetry Paraiso, mostly because of the beachfront suites. The beach is gorgeous. But I did want to just kind of
throw of the Isla Mujeres one as well for transfers. It’s gonna be more of
your luxury experience, so definitely well-behaved
children because again, no kids club, but the
transfer is really cool because they will shuttle you to a pier and then they take you via
their private catamaran to the resort for your
in- and out-bound transfer which is really neat. So if you want an island
getaway for not what it’s going to cost you in the South
Pacific or something like that, it’d be a really cool experience. But both of the Zoetry’s
are going to be fantastic, especially for a more
adult-centered vacation where you happen to have children. – Yeah, she’s right, you’ve
got two Zoetry’s there. One of them on the island,
one of them on the mainland. Both of them would be great. That one on Isla Mujeres, the
food is really ridiculous, it’s really good food, very good. So now it is number one. – Oh and we’re starting with me? – I think so, didn’t I start number two? Yup. – Okay, what is my number one? My number one is the Grand
Velas in the Riviera Maya. We had the privilege of
staying there, when was it? Just this last October or November. – [Phillip] Yeah.
– Something like that. And I always knew I was gonna love it but it’s exceeded my expectations so much. It’s the only resort
that we have mentioned that has made the AAA Five
Diamond Award every year and it’s also part of
a very exclusive group called the Leading Luxury
Hotels of the World. That’s an extremely difficult
task in the hotel industry to make both of those
lists, let alone one. But they make it every
single year on both. And everywhere you turn at that resort, it’s just absolutely
gorgeous from the pools, the lush walkways, it’s amazing. And the suites there
start at 1100 square feet so they’re extremely big. And can we talk about the
spa, just for a second. I wanna talk about the spa. – Go for it. – It is known as the best spa in the world and I would have to
agree, I would have to say it is the best spa I’ve ever seen. It’s in this massive cenote, the water circuit, the
hydrotherapy room alone, is worth a visit to this resort. But yes, Grand Velas
Riviera Maya would have to be my number one. – How about you? – My number one is actually
Dreams Riviera Cancun. – Okay. – The reason I chose
this as my number one is, year after year, time
after time, I have a lot of adults-only attending weddings and they choose Dreams Riviera, even though it’s a family resort. So many adult weddings are held there because it is going to be more
of a laid-back atmosphere, the kids club is completely
separated from most of the rest of the rooms on the property. So it’s just a very relaxing vacation. Just to echo what Terrah
and Phillip have said, the layout is perfect. The rooms are beautiful,
they’re very large as well. And I just, I love that resort, I mean. – I do too!
– [Hannah] It’s so great. – Very nice. – And a lot of rooms have
their own private plunge pools there, which is beautiful. – [Hannah] Yeah.
– Very good. Before I do mine, let
me throw out a couple of honorable mentions that I thought about that did not quite make the list. You say Azul Sensatori,
my favorite Azul is Beach. I love Azul Beach.
– [Terrah] I know! – Smaller. – That’s definitely on my top eight! – One of our best family
vacations was at Azul Beach, I just really, really enjoy that one. – And that one’s great for small kids. They cater to kids like
under the age of six. – This one might be a
little bit controversial but Iberostar, I like
Iberostar, I know they’re big. – My favorite Iberostar
is on Paraiso Beach. Probably one of the best
beaches on the Riviera Maya. – What do you think
about Iberostar Cancun, would that be a good one for families? – That one’s a good one too. – It’s a good one. They have a gorgeous beach. Iberostar Cancun. But the Iberostar Maya and
Lindo have that wave pool, the only wave pool. – [Phillip] Right.
– In the Caribbean. – And a lazy river, yup. – But the Iberostar Maya,
I do like it and Lindo, but they are big, they are really big. A long way to go from room to beach but I do like that resort. We mentioned Beloved. The other one that didn’t get brought up, I’m a little bit surprised, but probably because it wasn’t open yet
but Dreams Playa Mujeres is gonna be really great. It’s opening September, October, November? Something in there, but it’s gonna be– – Not quite open yet. – It’s gonna be a really good one I think. It may end up being the best
Dreams there, maybe, we’ll see. – It’ll be right next door
to the Secrets Playa Mujeres. – Right. My number one though is Grand
Velas, just like Terrah. – Oh! – I don’t know if the spa
is the best in the world, but it’s certainly the best one I’ve seen. Also, I’ve been doing this since 1989 and I have stayed at a
lot of all-inclusives, but it is the best food I’ve
ever had at an all-inclusive. It was really, really great food. Service was great, bar was great, just everything about it was first rate. It was obviously very nice resort. You’re gonna pay, it’s gonna be expensive, probably the most expensive
one on any of our lists, is that right, that one is more
than Zoetry, is that right? But probably, it’s gonna be worth it. At the same time, while it’s expensive, I didn’t get the feeling of stuffiness or of, that kind of feel. Everybody was very nice, you
know kids are welcome there, probably more so than some of
the other ones on the list. They’ve got kids programs and stuff so Grand Velas is my
number one so thank you all for watching. – Yay! (clapping) – And we will be coming back
soon with another top five. – Thank you! – Bye you guys! (funky guitar music)


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