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[MUSIC PLAYING] To err is human. Come and cry on my shoulders. To err on camera
is entertainment! Oops! They say you should
learn from your mistakes. Well, we put five big ones
from the expanded PokerStars archive, so maybe you can
learn from these guys’ mistakes instead. Sam, please, don’t bluff. When you’re convinced
you’re beat, it’s tempting to make
cards at showdown. But in the Barcelona
Main Event in 2010, Giuseppe Pantaleo learned
a valuable lesson. So two big stacks
go to the flop. And the flop is queen high. Nothing for either player. This is a fairly safe
flop to continuation bet. This only hits a queen
and the club flush draw. He can bet and take it down. Or he can think about
it and check back. The queen comes on the turn. There’s also a third club. And Lizano feels
like he can steal it. Giuseppe slowed
down on the flop. Jesus is going to take a stab. 230,000. Again, Giuseppe’s going
to think about this. We saw him happily float
against Chandler DeVries. Yup. And it looks like that’s
what’s going to go on here, Giuseppe has a
cunning plan in store. He’s going to float
this turn with nothing to try to win this
pot on the river. They both have the same hand. Queens and deuces
with a jack kicker. The aggressor will
probably win this pot. Lizano has not shut down,
he bets a second time. And Giuseppe’s
reaching for chips. It looks like his plan
is falling into place. He’s going to raise
Jesus off this chop-pot. Makes it 790,000. How much? Jesus thinks Pantaleo
is on the steal. Can he find the courage
to re-raise him? Well, Jesus can’t possibly
call this river raise. He could only be
good if Giuseppe was calling his turn bet
with a complete air ball to bluff the river. To win, he needs to re-raise. He’s called! Immediately! Well, it’s going
to be a chop-pot. Whoa! Pantaleo’s just mucked! Giuseppe just forfeited
the pot by mucking hand and it would have
been a chop-pot. Yeah, but you don’t
think someone’s going to be calling you
with the same hand, do you? That’s exactly why he mucked! I can’t believe Lizano
called there with jack high, and I can’t believe
he just mucked! I had the jack high, too. Yeah, I saw it. You saw it? Well if there’s one
lesson to be learned, never muck your cards
until your opponent’s hand has been revealed. Bluff called off a chop. Yes, that actually happened. At number 4, Neil Farrell blasts
off in full Farrell-do fashion on the bubble of the 2014
Barcelona Main Event. Olly Price calls out to
the big blind with jack-8. And we’re going
three-way to the flop. Top set for Lamprecht. Hey, all right,
you flopped a set, James Woods from The Hard Way. He checks. Price, who has nothing– And this is weird. –leads for 13,500. Most folks are never
leading anything here, but Olly’s no slouch. My guess is that this is part
of an overall strategy we’re not privy to yet. Farrell calls with ace high. Not surprising, Olly’s lead
usually isn’t very strong. Lamprecht it is going
to want to raise here, but I’m not sure he needs to. He’s basically got a lock on
this hand against even really strong ranges. He’s made it 36,500. Gets a fold from Price. I’d be far more surprised
to see Neil call now. He pretty much has
bottom of his calling range to the original
bet, let alone this one. Isn’t that right, James
Woods from Cat’s Eye? Call. Well, I guess we’re
going to turn. Now and James Woods
from Videodrome looks kind of sick about
it, I don’t know why. Ace of hearts on the turn. Puts a flush draw out there. Should be a pretty easy
shove for Lamprecht, he’s got about half pot. All in. There he goes. Ooh, piece of candy. And I guess Farrell feels
he’s getting a good price. He might think he has the
call and he probably hates it. Could just be dead. This could be fun. Calling on the flop was probably
the worst decision by a Farrell since the movie Phone Booth. But I like Phone Booth. This is not going to buy
this Farrell a new house. He calls. Do I have to show? Ha ha. I did not think you
would have that. It’s on TV. And Neil Farrell
is drawing dead. Lamprecht will double up here. I would’ve lost all this
stuff, you couldn’t even shove it anyway, that’s fine. Nice hand. And kind of lucky too. What a bizarre hand. Oh, bad news, Farrell-do. Gotcha! At number 3, it’s another
hand from Barcelona. Maybe it’s the heat. In the Super High
Roller in 2014, Martin Jacobson
did a Neil Farrell. We’re going three-way
to the flop. And that flop has a 4 on it. A set for Colman. What’s Martin doing? He should be checking here. This is bad timing. He leads the flop for 77,000. I like a flat call from
Colman, because they think Martin’s donk leading
this flop with a bad hand way more often than a good one. So Dan raises, he
probably gets two folds way too often, which
you don’t want, you want Martin
to keep bluffing. Colman does just call. And Seidel folds. We’ll never know what he had. 10 on the turn. Jacobson now with a gut shot. Martin’s probably never
going to get a fold here unless the board runs out
so badly for 4’s that it makes his hand actually win. He’s betting again,
which is just 9% equity. 155,000. There’s not much
more reason for Dan to fold now than
there was on the flop. 7-8 out there. Once again, Colman just calls. 627,000 in the middle. One card to come. And that card is a king. A set of 4’s are good. Yeah, I don’t think
Dan’s ever folding. Hopefully Martin just gives up. All in. He bluff shoves! Or he just blasts off. Probably not going to work. Quick call from Colman. And Jacobson’s out! Yeah, you probably got me, huh? Let me just calmly take a
second before exiting this 50K tournament. Nice hand. Martin Jacobson, the
eternal bridesmaid on the European Poker Tour. Good luck, guys. He’ll be off to
Vegas in November to compete at the World Series
of Poker Main Event Final Table. Wow. That was [INAUDIBLE]. Huh? That was a gift. It was. Really. Say, I’ve never seen him
doing something like this. Yeah. That was ambitious. Huh? That was ambitious. You [INAUDIBLE] to
do stuff like that. Guess so. Only against you, kid. Only against you. Don’t cry for either
of those guys. Both won eight figure scores
at the WSOP that year. Now, guess what hand
number 2 is from? Yes, more Barcelona buffoonery! In 2012, the year
of the Filson Hats, Mikalai Pobal forgot
a cardinal rule at the final table
of the main event. You know, Pobal’s supposed
to be wearing the silver hat, but he didn’t want
to play the hat game. And he claims he likes to party. Flop is king high
with two hearts, top pair for Jouhkimainen,
nut flush draw for Pobal. That’s a flop
that’s usually going to generate a lot of action. Pobal should have no
problem seed betting here. Ace high is going to be
ahead plenty, and if not, he’s building a nice pot
towards the nut flush. Pobal does bet– 450,000. As you can see, even
against top pair, he’s not that big of a dog. Absolutely no
reason Jouhkimainen should be folding
top pair just yet. Maybe not even if
another heart hits. Joni will call. And we go to the turn. I bet he wishes
he had a hat now. 3 of diamonds. Pretty innocuous card. Jouhkimainen checks
top pair a second time, Pobal checks behind. Opts to take the free card. And it’s a heart on the river,
Pobal now with the stone cold nuts. Jouhkimainen checks to him. And he checks behind? You can’t do that! Up goes the nuts. Oh [BLEEP]! Wow, after playing for
five days and 12 hours, mistakes like that
can happen sometimes. What you have? Second nuts? No, he has the nuts. I don’t have second nuts. One hand? One round. One hour. One round. One hour. It’s actually against the
rules to check back the nuts. So he’ll– we’ll be playing the
next hand when he’s big blind. When he’s the big blind next,
he will be able to get back in. Mikalai Pobal gets
a one orbit penalty. And for right now, you
can just stand right here. It won’t take long. It’s three hands. Yep. Who in the [BLEEP] forgets that? Well, controversially,
we are leaving Barcelona for the
conclusion of our countdown. The biggest head
scratcher of all time comes from Poker After Dark. It takes a lot to make
Phil Ivey’s jaw drop, but that’s exactly what
happened during the first season of the show. She’s got low [INAUDIBLE]. Raise to 1,200. The [INAUDIBLE]. I think you would call
with this hand, Patrick. Button raise, there’s
never anything. Contrary to what Patrick might
think, Jennifer has a real hand and it just got better. She’s flopped top
set, Patrick flopped a pair of 10’s with a
gut shot straight draw. Bet 2,000. Check. Full house? I can’t beat that. I thought you had pocket kings. I was like. I almost thought I had you. Aww. Surrounded by that line, you
can’t help but feel for her. Well those are the
top five mistakes that hopefully you will repeat. Look out for more
countdowns at


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