Top 10 Travel Apps to Book Hotels & Accommodation in 2019

In this video we’ll show you 10 best apps
to book your accommodation,
find best deals and other useful information.
And don’t forget to stick around till the
end because we’ll show you some apps that
you may not know and may save you some money.
We’ll cover different types of apps so
depending on the type of traveler you are
you’ll hopefully find your favorite one.
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So, let’s start with some
of the most commons ones:
Booking is one of the most popular
accommodation booking apps.
You can use it to search for hotels, motels,
apartments and more,
and search according to your preferences.
Many deals offer a free cancelation option
which comes in handy when you’re still exploring
where to stay but want to guarantee
an accommodation that you like.
Some other booking platforms
offer that option too
but Booking makes the cancellation
process fast and easy.
NUMBER 9: Airbnb
Who doesn’t know Airbnb, an app that lets
you book a room
or an apartment directly with
the owner?
Airbnb is a slick app with easy to use interface
and is a great app to use if you are looking
for a pristine experience compared to a hotel.
One of the Airbnb features are guest reviews
which can help you decide
if the place is right for you.
Airbnb hosts also rate you as a guest and
that’s what makes Airbnb different,
since both hosts and guests do their best.
NUMBER 8: TripAdvisor
TripAdvisor is a very useful app
when you want to see
how other travelers rated a specific hotel.
You’ll find a collection of travelers’
reviews including real photos from hotel
rooms, opinions, pros and cons
about a specific place, etc.
You can also book your stay directly in TripAdvisor.
NUMBER 7: HotelTonight
Are you travelling tonight
and need a good deal?
Then definitely download HotelTonight, an
increasingly popular app that searches for
last-minute deals when hotels give discounts
on their empty rooms.
And if you’re planning to travel in the
HotelTonight lets you search for deals
in advance, too.
NUMBER 6: Trivago
While Trivago might seem just like any other
booking app at the first sight, its main added
value is that it compares prices of other
booking sites.
Of course, you can book a room directly with
them as well.
NUMBER 5: HostelWorld
If you are planning to stay in a hostel,
then search for the hostel of your choice on HostelWorld
that also includes all the important information
on each hostel such as how good’s the location,
how friendly the staff is and the cleanliness.
NUMBER 4: Luxury Hotels Apps
Are you looking for luxury accommodation?
Then you might consider downloading the apps
of luxury hotel brands such as Four Seasons
or an app belonging to a large international
hotel chain like Marriot, Hilton, etc.
that include luxury hotels and resorts.
Plus, it’s always good to collect those
reward points if you stay loyal to one brand.
While other apps like or Airbnb
offer luxury accommodation, you’ll also
most likely find great deals directly with
the hotel chains.
We created a list of hotel chain apps offering
luxury accommodation.
Check the description.
NUMBER 3: World Packers
If you don’t mind helping out a few hours
a day in exchange for your accommodation,
download World Packers.
The platform offers different programs such
as work exchange, social impact and eco program.
And since World Packers is not the only platform
offering this concept,
check also other similar websites.
The links are in the description.
NUMBER 2: HomeExchange
Are you travelling somewhere and would like
to swap homes with someone for the
duration of your trip?
Then use HomeExchange.
Their unique search tool makes it possible
to find those looking to share their home
in exchange for a stay in yours.
NUMBER 1: Couchsurfing
Couchsurfing is an app connecting home owners
and travelers who are looking for free accommodation.
The hosts usually offer free accommodation
for experience
to meet new people
from around the world.
A great to way meet new friends, experience
the local culture
and, of course, get free accommodation.
There are many other great apps
with similar features as the ones we described
in this video such as,, Agoda, and others.
Do you have a favorite app to book your accommodation
or do you have experience using one of the
apps we described?
Share it in the comments below.
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