Top 10 Things You Need To Know Before Buying Yoshi’s Crafted World

Announced back in 2017 at E3, Yoshi’s Crafted
World has been a long time coming, but it
is finally here — well almost!
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Buying Yoshi’s Crafted World.
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10 Where Can You Get It?
So, to begin, before we even discuss what
is in the game — or what the game is even
about — where can you buy the game?
Yoshi’s Crafted World will be available
on the Amazon Store as well as in the official
Nintendo Store, and on the website.
9 What Can You Play It On?
As of now, Yoshi’s Crafted World is only
available for the Nintendo Switch — and likely
will only even be available switch — but
— never say never.
8 Flipping Levels
Right off the bat, yes there are levels — but
they are away more intricate than we originally
Levels are designed on a three-dimensional
plane, with enemies in the foreground and
The big gimmick here is that Yoshi’s Crafted
World allows for the levels to be flipped.
Allowing you to flip the level backward and
play from the other side.
This is occasionally done throughout the regular
gameplay — but can also be done by the player,
allowing you to play any level from back to
front flipped over after you beat it forward.
However — this doesn’t just apply to the
game’s flip mechanics.
The game is a 2D platformers on a 3D plane,
so you will often find yourself moving forward
and back in a three-dimensional space to avoid
enemies and to collect coins.
7 Will All Ages Enjoy It?
As we know, Yoshi’s Crafted World is a children’s
game — but can all ages enjoy it?
And the answer is yes.
We all grew up on Nintendo characters — holding
them in our hearts.
And Yoshi is no different.
The game itself a simpler to a Mario game,
but still holds enjoyment for all players.
Even though the environment is aimed at kids,
however, the difference is — like our previously
number stated — the game allows you to flip
Adding an extra challenge for more experienced
players — making the game more enjoyable.
There’s puzzle solving and construction
abilities — however, some reviewers have
stated that the levels are somewhat fiddly
— it is certainly satisfying nonetheless.
6 Is It Actually Fun?
Much like our previous point summed up — YES
it is actually fun.The game is constructed
out of paper and cardboard, making the game
not only feel stylistically cool, but also
helps the game feel real.
Allowing you to imagine that you’re actually
their with Yoshi — bring a huge smile to
your face.
Not only that but every world is playable
in revere — allowing you to hop, skip, and
flutter jump through the same levels except
on the opposite side of the 2D plane.
The game feels cohesive — and allows you
to marvel at the everyday objects.
A train made out of a coke can, and a house
made out of old cereal boxes.
It is a game that it bursting at the seams
with joy.
What’s not to love?!
5 What’s The Release Date?
As of now, the release date for Crafted World
is March 29th of this year — so it’s coming
in hot.
It’s also expected to cost around 59.99.
4 Can You Play With Friends?
You CAN play with a friend.
Yoshi’s Crafted World includes the ability
to play with two players at once, each in
control of a Yoshi.
Allowing you to help one another get through
all the levels for a bit of extra assistance.
3 What Is Yoshi’s Crafted World?
So, I think it’s safe to say that before
you buy the game you need to know what the
heck it’s even about, right?!
Yoshi’s Crafted World follows Yoshi’s
Woolly World for Wii U, and Nintendo 3Ds — sharing
many similarities — the most obvious being
that it’s another action platformer.
Both games make sure of a craft-like aesthetics,
with Crafted World using paper items in the
style of a miniature diorama.
However, different to Woolly World, Crafted
World’s game and levels are entirely new.
2 How Do You Play?
In this platformers, you will need to use
Yoshi’s abilities –which as we know is
his flutter jump and ability to east enemies
and turn them into eggs — using these to
ross levels.
However, enemies will fly, run, and roll at
you as you go, forcing you to work your way
forward by eating them, and turning them into
eggs — and then using those eggs to throw
at other enemies or at spots on the map to
reveal hidden platforms.
1 Is There A Story?
There is a light story, like many previous
Yoshi games, guiding your adventures across
Yoshi’s island home.
Not only that, but Baby Bowser and Kamek appear
in the Yoshi’s Happy Home and steal the
coveted Sundream Stone, scattering the gems
across multiple worlds — forcing you to track
down the Stone and stop Baby Bowser and Kamek
minions along the way.
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