Top 10 Pubs at Disney World, Gluten Free Pub Food Review – UK Style Pubs Ranked

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Alright today we’re gonna be talking about the top 10 pubs at Walt Disney
World in Orlando Florida. And what we mean by pub is that they offer a full
restaurant menu or a fantastic lounge menu with of course great drinks, and as
always we’re looking for gluten free and allergy friendly menus. So be sure to check
ahead of time with the My Disney Experience App if the location is
eligible for the Disney Dining Plan. Not all of the fine dining, table service or
bar/lounge locations we talk about on this channel offer this prepaid food plan.
OK, we’re getting started at number 10 with Believe It or Not, Morimoto Asia’s
Forbidden Lounge at the landing at Disney
Springs it is a beautiful and romantic setting it is part of the restaurant so
it can get a little bit loud they offer a small bites menu and actually the
full restaurant menu as well. And it does change a little bit with the seasons and
drink changes you have the best of Morimoto’s cuisine offered now the
reason that it comes in at number 10 is then unfortunately it has discontinued
their gluten-free menu which is really unfortunate although obviously there’s
going to be vegetarian and vegan options and things like that and that’s it for
Morimoto Asia number 10 all right coming in at number 9 this is the abra-cadaver
at Disney’s boardwalk this is a sophisticated social club and stage
magician themed bar we really like the concept of theming of this bar there’s
they serve fun themed drinks in this lounge like
the conjure Rita which changes color and this is also the only place that you can
get an absinthe an actual absinthe on Disney property – please give
abra-cadaver a try throughout the disney boardwalk if you just grab a drink and
catch one of those cool contrary doesn’t actually change color so number nine
abracadabra are being in at number eight is river roost at Port Orleans Riverside
in the Disney Springs Resort area now this is a family-friendly bar and of
course they have the live show we have Bob Jackson and his wacky piano and
singing antics this has become a family staple for a lot of folks out there
really fun and entertain ate their food here is served from 5:00 until 11:00
p.m. seems like the prices for food and drinks are a good value for what you get
they also offer food like the river burger and fries they do serve and ab10
beer flight these are beer crafted in Louisiana for $8.25 unfortunately they
do not offer a gluten-free menu so that is why it’s coming in at number eight
but the best part of river roost besides of course yeehaw bob is that they offer
a traditional New Orleans hurricane and this is the only place on Disney
property where you can find one that’s it for River ruse next one we have is
number seven mrs. Jacques Lindsay’s hanger bar in the landing at Disney
Springs this is an Indiana Jones theme bar owned
by Jacques Lindsay himself Jacques Lindsay if you don’t know who he is is
the pilot in the very beginning of Indiana Jones done by Steven Spielberg
now it does have waterfront seating on the outside deck so inside the bar
there’s this amazing diving bell it can be a bit loud at night especially so
this is not gonna be a place where you can have a quiet conversation you’re
gonna be kind of yelling at each other at this bar
but it’s a fun amazing place and a great place to just grab a drink now they do
offer a happy hour here on both their food and reads which i think is
fantastic and you save about two or three dollars or so so you could grab an
appetizer grab a couple of beers check out John Lindsay’s bar
they have beer flights and a few specialty cocktails and they have one
special cockpit cocktail every week so ask your bartender what the specialty
cocktail is of the week that you’re they’re checking out jock Lindsay’s
unfortunately it is so low on our list because they offer no gluten-free menu
no allergy friendly menu no dedicated fryer and almost everything is fried in
this restaurant so that’s kinda lost for us so number seven
Jacques Lindsay’s hanger bar okay number six on our list is the Rose and Crown
pub and Epcot World Showcase at that you paint pavilion this is wonderful UK pub
theming it really looks like a classic public house and leaving and imagining a
really spot on here it does get a little bit crowded and loud and sometimes hard
to get a seat you can see the fireworks from the outside seating at the
restaurant now the Rose and Crown does offer some really yummy pub foods such
as the Scotch egg and the beer-battered Bayer and chips with traditional breaths
and Mayo unfortunately the pub does know
have the gluten-free menu from the restaurant which means no dedicated
fryer and want want no food for us allergy friendly or gluten-free people
Titian so we are starting a petition right here and now Rose and Crown please
we want a gluten-free pub menu from the restaurant which includes a dedicated
fryer how amazing drink menu what they call pub blends like the black and tan
golden fox and snake bite and of course a couple of wonderful specialty drinks
with souvenir cups like the Welsh dragon or the leaping leprechaun come on that’s
just fun to say leaping leprechaun my most favourite their 20 year old ports
overall a really fun location alright now we’re getting to some of the ones
that we really like here on the channel number 5 – to Gusteau’s wine cellar this
is also an Epcot in the Italian Pavilion this is attached to the tudo italiana
restaurant and it’s this amazing themed wine cellar it can be a little bit noisy
they do offer a full menu at the tutto italiana restaurant however they do not
have a gluten-free menu in the lounge and suffer over 200 Italian wines here
they don’t even bother to listen on the menu there’s so many of them girl here
for the wine go here for the theming this is number 5 Gusteau’s a wine cellar
at Epcot door is the Ale and Compass lounge located in the Disney Yacht Club
Resort at the Epcot resort area this lounge is newly renovated and it has a
lovely kind of trendy art deco inspired look really fresh it has lovely soft
lighting which can be romantic if you catch it at the right time one of the
things that we really loved is that they offer the full menu from the Ale and
Prentiss restaurants has a wonderful allergy-friendly menu
lots of options so it doesn’t feel like an afterthought and of course they have
hard to find things like the bacon Vermont cheddar burger on a gluten-free
bun really yummy stuff their drinks are very East Coast kind of Manhattan
inspired drinks menu a few of their top drinks are things like the Big Apple the
dark and stormy and the ultimate Long Island iced tea
the surprising thing it was a really nice surprises they also have a
wonderful wine selection from all over the world so that was really fun and
this is all why we’ve brought a line compass in at number four on our list
number three the Edison this is at Disney Springs the land date it seems
like the landing is a jump in place here at Disney Springs after 10 p.m. now at
this restaurant and nightclub location after 10 p.m. it’s 21 and up only during
busy times they also could have a $10 cover charge so just be sure to know
about that you’ll also they will also want you to dress up a bit for this the
building itself has a great little history it actually once served as the
power station for the Disney Springs area before that big renovation happened
a few years ago it has a very industrial and goth or steampunk feel to it and all
of these pieces are actually real pieces they’re not done by Imagineers these are
real actual antiques all over the bar that the owner actually collected over
time this is a dinner show they’re all are all kinds of performers aerial
performers showgirls it has a very twenties feel but it’s not
that many the music this is gonna be current so it’s just this great adult
friendly show down into the audience it’s an amazing thing the food and
drinks are very innovative and at times can be a bit heroness now
the food can be a little bit expensive for what you get we felt they have a
great selection especially drinks they have an amazing
wine selection and another amazing thing for you gluten-free people out here they
have a dedicated gluten-free fryer so all the fried foods here are going to be
having a gluten-free option this is a perfect setting for adults and number
three this is the Edison at Disney Springs the landing coming in at number
two is known as lounge this is connected to Tiffin’s located in the animal
kingdom park this is an adult Oasis great atmosphere throughout
wonderfully warmed lighting at night and definitely a little more than a little
romantic they go all out here including festive banners which hang in the center
of the lounge each of these posing a different
question about traveling the world over all the Disney Imagineers have create an
environment that transports you to a world explorers tent with the exotic and
beautiful jungles of Pandora as our backdrop all of the food comes from the
tippin’s restaurants their lounge menu is as a sophisticated African flavor
palate with freshly prepared cuisine such as the chicken satay pork ribs and
vegetarian pad thai they have the best gluten free and allergy friendly menu
options of any restaurant or lounge so far and serve you guessed it gluten free
churros this is again only place you can find gluten free churros on Disney Park
Rick’s menu is imagined like you’re really a world explorers journal and
they offer drinks from around the world such as the tempting Tigris and the snow
leopard salvation as well as freshly ground coffee like espresso and
cappuccino this location is perfect for any couple or world wanderer again we’re
coming in at number two nomads lounge you probably have guessed what number
one is but if you haven’t number one is Raglan Road at Disney Springs
Raglan Road has actually been there since Disney Springs was known as
Downtown Disney in this exact spot this is an award-winning restaurant they have
won awards from places like TripAdvisor hotspot Orlando Magazine and open table
to name a few owned by three Irishman as well as
well-known celebrity Irish chef Kevin Dunn Don fantastic theming and amazing
pub atmosphere any time of day this is a fantastic place – for adults to come or
for you to bring your older kit the building itself was actually built in
Ireland and shipped over lock stock and beer barrel as they say installed again
including all of the millwork the lighting the glass and even the multiple
bars in in the actual pub some of which are over a hundred and thirty years old
they have live music all the time here during the day and even at night they
have an amazing 90 minute live virus dancing show something unique about
unique about this pub is that all of the performers are actually from Ireland
they have excellent food very allergy friendly menu a dedicated gluten-free
fryer and this is the place to go if you want some gluten-free fish and chips
until our petition for Rosen crown of course goes through haha people say that
the gluten-free fish and chips here at Raglan Road are actually better than
their normal fish and chips so you’ve got to check that out
plenty of really amazing specialty drinks here as well such as the Dublin
donkey a salted caramel Bailey’s coffee and my personal favorite the Bailey’s
shake come for the food come for the drinks come from the live entertainment
this is number one Raglan Road at Disney spring that is our Hopkin Cubs from Walt
Disney World in Orlando Florida this is Lisa and tres from Disney for adults
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